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P Q R S T U V W X Y Z · Book Shared · Contact us · Book Review · Policy & Terms · Site Map. Copyright © All right Reserved. Books shelved as burma-myanmar: Burmese Days by George Orwell, The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philipp Sendker. Originally published in , this nonfiction tale follows Lewis' personal explorations through Burma, documenting all the characters he met.

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Myanmar all book. likes. မြန်မာအောစာအုပ်. We hope that this Blue Book will give readers a better understanding of the relationship between the EU and in order to secure peace and prosperity for all of. Myanmar Love Story Books Myanmar Love Stories 2 - - Get a Free Blog Here A Thae Ta Chan Ma Khwe Sa Tam - Myanmar Love Story.

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The Perfect Hostage: Little Daughter: Everything Is Broken: Burmese Lessons: Golden Earth: Travels in Burma Paperback by Norman Lewis. Harp of Burma Paperback by Michio Takeyama.

Forgotten Armies: Nowhere to Be Home: Forgotten Wars: Under the Dragon: Elephant Run Hardcover by Roland Smith.

The Trouser People: The Native Tourist: India's War: Political Systems of Highland Burma: The Burman: King of Shaolin Soccer 2.

King of Shaolin Soccer 1. Shaolin Soccer with Love 2. The Terror of Rome. Shaolin Soccer with Love 1. Golden Dream.

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O Mar Sum Novels Thriller: Water Palace 2. Footprint of Love.

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Lin Pa Wadi Novels: Water Palace 1. The Haughty Dragon 2.

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The Haughty Dragon 1. Sunshine Love. Wai Wai Aung Novels: A Jade Hairpin 2. Thiha Aung Martial-Art Novels: Mya Pearl Khin Novels: A Jade Hairpin 1.

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Grey Clouds. Social Garden Magazine March, Many Writers Knowledge Magazine: Efforts to contact Kyaw Kyaw Oo for comment were unsuccessful. Examinations of some of the photographs employed Google Reverse Image Search and TinEye, tools commonly used by news organisations and others to identify images that have previously appeared online.

Checks were then made with the previously credited publishers to establish the origins of those images.

Of the 80 images in the book, most were recent pictures of army chief Min Aung Hlaing meeting foreign dignitaries or local officials visiting Rakhine. Several were screen grabs from videos posted by Rohingya militant group the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army.

10 Great Books That Capture Burma

Of eight photos presented as historical images, it was found the provenance of three to be faked and was unable to determine the provenance of the five others. One faded black-and-white image shows a crowd of men who appear to be on a long march with their backs bent over.

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Original news photo above, and the Myanmar army's misuse and below mislabelling of the same photo. The top, colour photo, is from the Pulitzer Prize website, and shows the migration of Rwandan Hutu refugees fleeing after the slaughter by the Tutsis.

The Myanmar army's version has changed the photo to black and white and claims to show 'Bengalis' i. Rohingya intruding into Myanmar during the days of British colonialist control. The photo is apparently intended to depict Rohingya arriving in Myanmar during the colonial era, which ended in It was determined the picture is in fact a distorted version of a colour image taken in of refugees fleeing the genocide in Rwanda.

The newspaper did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the use of its photo. Another picture, also printed in black-and-white, shows men aboard a rickety boat.