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Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Sep 19, , Miri Meyerhoff and others published Introducing Sociolinguistics. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics LEARNING ABOUT LANGUAGE General Editors: Geoffrey Leech & Mick Short, Lancaster University Already published. Get this from a library! Introducing Sociolinguistics.. [Miriam Meyerhoff] -- This second edition of Miriam Meyerhoff's highly successful textbook is supported by the.

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Introducing Sociolinguistics provides a solid, up-to-date appreciation of the Miriam Meyerhoff has lived and taught sociolinguistics in places as diverse as New. The Sociolinguistics of Sign Language. Ana Deumert. Introduction. . Some Aspects of the Structure of Sign Languages and other Sign. Andrew Spencer. Morphological Theory. 3. Helen Goodluck. Language Acquisition. 4. Ronald Wardhaugh. Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Fifth.

Introduction; What is sociolinguistics? Variation and language; Variables and variants; Regional dialectology: mapping speakers and places. Using regional dialect data to inform theoryStandards, norms and alternations from the norms; Martha's vineyard: a study of social dialects; Stereotypes, markers and indicators; Factors motivating variation; Chapter summary; Further reading; 3. Variation and style; Introduction; Studying variation in speakers' style; The new york City social dialect survey; Prestige of a variable; In search of the unknowable: the observer's paradox; Challenging style as attention to speech; Chapter summary; Further reading; 4. Language attitudes; Introduction; Language attitudes in language change.

It presents familiar or classic data in new ways, and supplements the familiar with fresh examples from a wide range of languages and social settings. It clearly explains the patterns and systems that underlie language variation in use, as well as the ways in which alternations.

Users will be inspired by the breadth and sweep of Meyerhoff's treatment.

Sociolinguistics pdf introducing

It embodies a passion for sociolinguistics that I hope many readers will embrace. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Be the first.

Pdf introducing sociolinguistics

Students are provided with rich information about a variety of contexts, deepening their knowledge of language situations worldwide. The numerous figures and maps are also excellent.

Hult, University of Texas at San Antonio Although it joins a distinguished set of textbooks designed to cover much of the same content published in recent years, IS stands outs as unique from other introductory-level sociolinguistics texts for two reasons.

First, it was developed by a team of co-authors currently situated in South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom, which means the book tends to focus on discussion and presentation drawn from a broader variety of research perspectives than other texts tend to use. Second, in defining the term sociolinguistics, the authors ultimately draw on a definition that includes aspects of both variationist sociolinguistics and the sociology of language.

Although other textbooks typically include one or two chapters dedicated to the sociology of language as a way of attempting to include material drawn from this research paradigm, IS utilizes this expanded definition throughout the text, and this joint perspective makes for a distinctive and novel presentation of the material Overall, IS is a wonderful introductory textbook, and one that will be a welcome addition to the syllabi of instructors teaching advanced undergraduate courses in sociolinguistics and the sociology of language.

Janet Holmes Wellington, New Zealand February Preface to Fourth Edition xv The third edition of my textbook has provided a further opportunity to respond to some of the many valuable suggestions that readers have sent to me over the last ten years.

I have added some new examples, up-dated the references and recommended readings once again, and in response to many requests, I have added a new chapter on approaches to the analysis of discourse.

I have also added some additional sociolinguistic concepts, and expanded the discussion of material in places. This book uses many examples from a range of sources.

Pdf introducing sociolinguistics

When no explicit source is pro- vided, the examples are based on my own experience, and especially on corpora of recorded materials that I have accumulated over many years of teaching and research.

I hope the new chapter proves useful and that the amendments and additions increase the value of the book both for students and teachers.