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Although we strive to ensure that our rules are perfect, sometimes mistakes do creep in, or the intent of a rule isn't as clear as it might be. These documents. The ground shakes as the Imperial Knights march to war. Guided by a Noble pilot , an Imperial Knight moves with a speed and grace that should not be possible. Citadel, the Citadel Device, Codex: Imperial Knights and all associated marks, invulnerable Imperial Knight armour is piloted by a Noble, and wields enough.

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40k Knights 8th - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Codex: Imperial Knights, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K. Mechanicus stratagems in their respective codex, but several of them still work on Questor Mechanicus Knights. >Harlequins Codex PDF .. Any sign of a PDF of the Knight codex? .. People playing Codex: Imperial Knights shouldn't have to take allies.

Regardless of the influence of their alliesfthe manydifferent knightly houses each remained protectors of their own ancient customs and archaic rites, Even during the Great Crusade, the Nobles never welcomed the Imperium or the Adeptus Mechanicus as saviours, for in their own minds it was not they that needed saving. Since then, the Knights have time anci again answered. All of thc Nobles on a Knight. He rvastl,pically called a High King, but on different planets he might bc knorvn as Ritter, or patriarch, lvhile those Knight rvorlds most closelv aligned with the Adeptus Mechanicus used the title princeps. They tvarmed quickly, however, when they witnessed the Knights wade into combat, crushing foes with each powerful stride.

As he did, his audio receptors neural jacks in the base of his skull. Engage at will, my lady. High impact, dynamic and utterly destructive, their approach to war is as stirring a spectacle for their allies as it is terrifying for their enemies.

Whether they be Questor Imperialis or Questor Mechanicus, when To form the core of their battle lines, the Noble houses call upon the knightly houses go to war they adhere strictly to the tenets of the the hulking Dominus-class Knights. More bulky than those of the Code Chivalric and the martial structures of their worlds.

Though efficiency impossible to match by more sprawling Imperial armies. At the head of every knightly host marches its most senior Noble. It is a rare Noble who would risk the dishonour of refusing Instead of sitting the full Throne Mechanicum, Armiger pilots don a direct order from their liege. Providing they obey member of their household, and every Armiger is still a towering the Code and their liege, Knights are permitted to fight more like a engine of destruction.

Armigers typically fight in packs of two band of crusading heroes than an army of rank-and-file soldiers. By far the most common class of Knight is the Questoris, a tall and versatile chassis Most Knight armies consist of a core of Questoris Knights characterised by its comprehensive data-manifold, potent machine deployed in formations of three to five known as lances, supported spirit and versatile armament mounts — one at each arm coupling, by walking batteries of Dominus Knights and preceded by fleet- and an optional third atop its carapace.

Questoris-class Knights can footed packs of Armigers. Though some houses are famed for their be further categorised by their traditional armaments into Errant, specialist types of lance, or predispositions towards specific classes Paladin, Warden, Gallant, Crusader, Preceptor and various other of Knight, these tactics have brought the Nobles victory for many patterns, each of which has its own strategic strengths.

Thus, while the mainstay of most households is the Questoris-class Knight chassis, heavy fire support is offered by the hulking Dominus-class engines, while scouting and raiding duties often fall to the lighter Armiger-class Knights. Directly beneath the High Monarch that owe them tribute. All Barons owe for war, and can also be called upon directly by their High allegiance to their High Monarch, but not all Barons are Monarch or members of the Exalted Court.

Although each Knight world maintains their own rituals and hierarchy, the highest ranking Barons are those The Knights themselves fight individually or in formations the High Monarch has selected to join their Exalted Court.

These are often made up of the vassal These are the most loyal and veteran of their Nobles, and Knights of different Barons, constructed according to each typically rule the largest swathes of territory.

Knightly Great Houses aligned to the Adeptus Mechanicus Each Baron will have vassals beneath them, who are duty- are organised in a manner similar to their Imperialis cousins. The exact The ruler of the Great House is known as a Princeps, and their number and organisation of these vassals varies wildly, decree is final.

The rank below Princeps is that of Baron, and depending upon the size and power of the knightly Great positions within this rank are still hierarchical, based on the House in question. Exalted Court — the Princeps will promote four Barons.

Only in unusual circumstances will the Princeps, or one Known as Barons Prime, these individuals are second in acting in their stead, choose to select only from a single power only to the Princeps themself. Personal livery. Like many knightly houses, all members of this family have broadly similar personal heraldry — in this case, all include a laurel wreath.

Hawkshroud is unusual in that these personal designs feature the insignia of forces they have allied with, and often Herald Gatekeeper Master of Justice Kingsward campaign badges.

Battle honours, campaign markers and similar badges of prestige commemorate impressive kills as well as heroic actions performed upon the battlefield.

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Its Nobles have fought unswervingly in the name of Humanity since the household was founded in the 25th Millennium. The house derives its name from Maximilian Terryn, first ruler of the tropical world of Voltoris, a planet colonised at the start of the Age of Strife.

The practices and culture that Lord Terryn instituted are still honoured today. Indeed, each generation since has added to those ancient rituals, as they reaped their own battlefield triumphs worthy of remembrance. While much history has been lost over the long ages, the past glories of House Terryn have not been dimmed or been forgotten. In M25, Maximilian Terryn had In late M30, Lord Brutus Terryn It would be his descendent, Seuitonius visions of a mysterious white led his house against the Great Thucidides Terryn, who swore an oath of stallion that appeared to warn Kroktar, a beast that had plagued allegiance to the Emperor of Mankind, of danger.

Under his auspices, emblem of his house. He is fortified in mind, body and soul by his renegade artillery company, weathering their punishing salvoes unshakeable faith in the Emperor, and would gladly give his life long enough to annihilate them with its own fearsome array of in defence of the Imperium. This Such a pairing of resolute Noble and stalwart Knight has only Dominus-class war engine is infamously stubborn, its machine served to magnify the strengths of both, and Adamant Wrath is spirit refusing to yield no matter how much damage it suffers.

Her Helverin, Carnivore, known as Honour Intractable. To him falls the sacred honour of defending the responds swiftly to her commands. It is outfitted with the given not just to a superlative warrior, but to one whose loyalty twin Icarus autocannon known as Skydoom, which has brought is unquestionable. To earn the blue and red stripes that honour both House Terryn and the Imperium, a Knight must single- handedly slay a Titan-class foe.

Although still reckoned young, the Noble Alarbus has already done so twice, earning stripes for both his reaper chainsword and his thunderstrike gauntlet. He earned the first by felling a mountainous Gargant when his lance was sent to halt the rampages of Waaagh! For centuries only they protected the people of their world from the dark things that crawled, stalked and slithered through its arboreal forests. When the Imperium first made contact with the remote world they received a cold welcome from its Nobles, and it was many years before the first tentative alliances were formed.

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House Cadmus were equally resistant when forced to accept oaths with the forge world of Gryphonne IV, in return for skilled Sacristans and the technologies of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

In recent times, when the shadow of Hive Fleet Leviathan fell over Gryphonne IV, the Knights of Raisa fought ferociously in its ultimately doomed defence. Although their fighting strength suffered greatly in the process, the destruction of the forge world freed House Cadmus from their obligations to the Tech-Priests, resulting in a change of allegiance that has been embraced by the current High King, Baron Roland of Swinford Hall.

Indeed, the yearly Cull has been central to Raisan society for millennia, an event - Motto of House Cadmus in which the Nobles compete to eradicate the verminous abhumans that infest their home world and, in doing so, hone skills that they put to use against the greater threats facing the Imperium. It is event. Thus, Orlando is content as ruler of Patton Hall, a keep in a sound heard often enough, for Orlando is tasked with leading the most isolated province of Raisa.

As the legends go, before the STC Knight suits could be completed, the settlers were forced to fight the scaly beasts from horseback. The most accomplished of their number was Nathaniel Griffith, who slew three of the winged drakes with a dragonbone lance and eventually became the inaugural ruler of the newfound knightly house.

As part of their ancient traditions, the Nobles of House Griffith are raised on tales of daring valour and heroic deeds, and still ride horses and train with lance and blade. Disputes between Nobles are routinely settled with duels or jousts, while regular tournaments, such as the annual contest in the Field of Adamantium, see families compete for standing and prestige.

The result of these traditions is a knightly house of consummate bladesmen, each one seeking out the largest foes they can in battle and bringing them low with thundering charges and precise reaper blows. In this way the spirit of the first dragon hunters lives on in the - Motto of House Griffith heart of every House Griffith Noble.

Some rare surviving Thrones Mechanicum still hold memories from that time, filled with the ghostly whispers of long-dead heroes. Natanya herself is strong-willed Daemon Engines of the Heretic Astartes. Natanya has shared the field. Its Nobles have cultivated an impeccable reputation for honouring their debts and keeping their word regardless of the personal cost, and those that enter into oaths of allegiance with Hawkshroud know that when they call for support it will be forthcoming.

For this reason the Knights of Krastellan are often on campaign, fulfilling the promises of their lords and laying down their lives to uphold past alliances. An eerie, haunted place, its desolate moors and black hills stretch in all directions under skies heavy with freezing rain.

Wh40k Imperial Knights Codex - Fichier PDF

While other Knight worlds embrace a degree of technology, the Nobles of Krastellan see anything more than is required for the continued operation of their Knights as an extravagance and the first step on the road to weakness. So it is that much of Krastellan remains primitive, peasants farming the damp earth and herding cattle, while the Nobles live as their ancestors did ten thousand years before.

These serve as a sign of dedication to the cause of their allies, and also act to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between the Knights and those they fight alongside. After all, House Hawkshroud is proud to stand by those that have stood by them in the past. He is one of the Oathsworn, a warrior sub-culture unique to House Hawkshroud. These Nobles develop such strong bonds with the Imperial forces they fight alongside that they stay on campaign far beyond the length of service that was initially offered or requested of them.

In doing so the Oathsworn are, in essence, walking the path of the Freeblade Knight. A well- voyaged Baron, he has honoured debts across the galaxy, and fought alongside Astra Militarum regiments raised from over one hundred different planets, and no fewer than twelve Chapters of Space Marines.

It bears regalia from only the most memorable of his many campaigns, most notably the Brotherhood Honours presented to him by the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar of the Space Wolves himself. Because of his dedication to his duty, it has been many decades since Sir Barthannel stepped foot upon his home world, Krastellan.

Now, though, having received word of the peril facing his Noble house, Barthannel makes haste to return at last and lend his might to the battle. For millennia after the Great Crusade, the Black Pall lingered over Kimdaria and its star system — not until late M35 did the impenetrable shroud partially dissipate, letting in a few diffused rays of sunlight and allowing the long-lost planet to be rediscovered by Mankind.

What they found was a bleak and ritualistically ordered world, a place where soaring walls separated civilisation from the monster- haunted darkness that lay beyond. From heavy gates the black Knights of House Mortan would regularly emerge, their constant patrols keeping the encroaching predatory behemoths at bay. Despite — or perhaps because of — his lofty station, vehemence with which he destroys the enemy. Blasting rockets Sir Gerrolt is dour, even by the standards of his house.

Many claim into the distance, blazing away with his avenger gatling cannon the reason for this is the Throne Mechanicum Gerrolt bonded with and smiting foes with his thunderstrike gauntlet, Gerrolt steers the centuries ago — tragedy haunts this ancient artefact the way fell Pride of Blackcrag into the thick of the fighting, slaughtering all beasts lurk within the dark forests of Kimdaria.

Questor Mechanicus Knight. Although houses dedicated to the Machine God are less predisposed to tolerate personal heraldry, this does not, however, preclude individual differences. Questor Mechanicus houses follow several conventions in the markings on their banners; usually, these designs are black and white, and display the cog symbol of their allies above their battle honours.

The real power of the keep, though, lies in its Vault Transcendent. Dug into the bedrock, its heavily shielded halls house hundreds of Knight suits, each ready to stride out to battle as an unbreachable crimson wall.

The quantity of Knights House Raven can field is unmatched by any other household. Moreover, thanks to ongoing ambassadorial efforts, dozens of other households owe fealty to House Raven, swelling their might still further.

While the armies of most knightly houses shake the ground with their stride, when House Raven deploys in force, their relentless, grinding advance creates a rolling thunder that unnerves even the most resolute foes.

So honourable Order of Companions. In exchange for skilled basis of their heraldry. For millennia Blitz. Shortly after, the crossed blades Sacristans, the Knights of House Raven after, each new ruler of House Raven symbol of the order was incorporated into would fight beside the Legio Metalica.

Trial of the Companions to join the order. With such a wealth of auto-analysed information flowing sledgehammer tactics and weight of numbers to crush their through his mind, Sir Omnitros lays down pinpoint volleys to enemies underfoot. Whether attacking or defending, Pride the optimal strategic solution with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

The only external sign of this honour is the battlefield honours are asked to join the Exalted Court, and Daklorn crenelated marking upon the tilting plate of Tempered Fury. To the has proven himself in both regards many times over. Of late, he has faced — of the household Knights should the Iron Duke of Kolossi call. Like all the Companions, Unyielding Iron bears no mark to distinguish its elite status, for House Raven holds that such iconography only benefits their enemies.

Despite this, Raven are proud adherents of the chevron designs that mark many Knights. Originally chevrons were used to mark the age of a Knight suit: In time, the chevrons took on another meaning for House Raven, identifying the age and experience of its Nobles.

Ferrous Adamantium Throne of the Keep Inviolate. A single white stripe Maximus, however, is a Knight Warden. As the legend goes, its on his Knight suit, Ferrous Maximus, denotes him as Princeps. Ferrous Maximus can recall that ancient stored memory, spitting a His meteoric rise continued to the highest level, as befitted his rapid burst of impossibly accurate gatling cannon fire that shreds Noble ancestry. His peers Sir Karstin is a minor Noble who submits claim he is cursed, for each engagement ends with his Knight catastrophically willingly to the mental dominance of Sir damaged.

Krewald in return for greater standing. Their home world is Aurous IV, a mineral-rich planet nestled in a crowded star system. It was to exploit the planets of this system, and surrounding asteroid belts, that the forge world Bellus Prime was established nearby. The bonds between Aurous IV and Bellus Prime remain tight, with the same golden-plated servitor creatures working upon both worlds. The courts of House Vulker are singular places, full of Tech-Priests and servitors that speak in coded machine language and number sequences.

They enact mechanical ceremonies that are, for the uninitiated, disturbing to look upon, their meanings unclear and vaguely sinister. The Nobles of House Vulker hide every inch of their flesh with robes, sometimes even wearing masks of gold. Outsiders are not welcome within their steel-clad fortresses.

They place a premium upon well-coordinated plans - Motto of House Vulker for both attack and defence, always engaging the enemy at the optimal distance by utilising carefully cogitated trajectories. Not only does every Knight world have its own conventions, but even within the households of a single planet there may be multiple prefixes, suffixes and derivations that date back thousands of years. Complicating matters further, in many knightly cultures it is considered deeply offensive to address a Noble incorrectly.

Imperial authorities persist in their attempts to learn these archaic systems of name and title, however, as they are a vital part of communicating with the Knights in battle. Beyond the relatively straightforward titles of the High Monarch and their Exalted Court, the vast majority of Knight worlds tend towards sir or lady as a standard honour-prefix, although variations such as sire, sor and sirrah are not uncommon.

In many Exalted Courts, the Master of Vox commands a rearguard position, focusing upon communications and lending supporting fire. Not so for Baron Vroth. In typical Knight Gallant fashion, Baron Vroth wades into the thickest of the fighting, crushing all before him. Only the most ancient of machines bear gilded armour burnished to a sheen, and the Gilded Conqueror boasts a full helm-plate made of precious metal. The Lady and her Knight stood guard over their damaged comrades for a further eight hours, seeing off predatory waves of bio-beasts before relief finally reached the Gullet.

For this magnificent deed of valour, both Luxious and her steed were greatly honoured, their systems and panoply restored to full magnificence before the final push to liberate Tasmadar II. Founded on Mars, where the original Knight suit was created in the Age of Technology, House Taranis have never been forced to survive on a frontier world or build keeps against the dark void, and so remain more akin to the Legio Titanicus than their peers from the Knight worlds. Equally, they are not in thrall to the Thrones Mechanicum like other Nobles, the subliminal neural conditioning that creates the rigid traditions of the Knights absent from their own Thrones.

The civil war that erupted on Mars during the Horus Heresy saw House Taranis suffer near total losses. As the internecine conflict drew to a close, just two Knights remained.

This experience has stayed with the Knights of House Taranis; they believe the Omnissiah will always protect - Motto of House Taranis them, no matter how dark the hour, and it is this faith that has so emboldened them since the Great Rift yawned wide. This armoured keep Devastation Unbridled, hunting down and eliminating corrupted overlooks the southern reaches of the Mare Erythraeum on Mars, servitor-monsters the size of dropships.

Archimaxes stands his vigil alone, and is Archimaxes speaks little to his comrades. Yet they are ever grateful happy to do so, for he is a solitary being who prefers the company for his taciturn presence, for he is diligent in his efforts to shield of machines to that of living creatures. From atop shielded strongholds, its Nobles look with cold fury upon the toxic remains of their home world of Chrysis, knowing to whom they owe the blood-price for its death.

Where once existed continents thick with plants and oceans teeming with life, now only skeletal, petrified forests and vast open basins remain. On shorelines turned from wave-washed beaches into dry towering cliff faces, and on islands rising up above empty seas, the crumbling ruins of long-dead knightly houses serve as a constant reminder of treachery.

Chrysis was the first Knight world to be rediscovered during the Great Crusade. The treachery of the Horus Heresy took a fearsome toll on Chrysis, with the traitor Titans of Legio Mortis the chief culprits behind the utter ruination of the world. At that time, the surviving Nobles of House Krast swore two oaths: Their descendants maintain these oaths to this day, honouring Mars while seeking out the forces of Chaos above all others.

In House Krast, the rank of Baron is signified by the twin yellow stripes atop the carapace. Over long years of service, the Redemption of Adamant has weathered the worst battle damage the enemies of Mankind could inflict, yet always the Sacristans have repaired its adamantium armour; if anything, Lagos and the myriad memory-figments within his Throne Mechanicum come back stronger each time, eager to exact revenge. During the years of his service alongside the Cockatrices, Sir Forillus learned many strategies of mechanised war, including how to engage enemy war machines even larger and deadlier than his own, and how to evade their fury long enough to wear them down and destroy them.

These lessons proved invaluable when Forillus found himself fighting alongside the Vostroyan 87th against the vast war effigies of Waaagh! Such warriors are known as Freeblades, and must carve out their own path to glory. Many quickly meet their end upon a battlefield far from home and kin, their past deeds buried with them — yet some prove themselves worthy of legend. There is no one reason a Knight might become a Freeblade. Nobles Freeblade Knights tend to travel alone, or with only a small group who dishonour themselves, committing some unforgivable mistake, of retainers or Sacristans.

Often those Bondsmen who fought may be cast out of their household, or else decide themselves loyally beside a Noble while they were still part of a household that they cannot remain. Some Freeblades are forged by force of will continue to do after their master becomes a Freeblade, their circumstance; perhaps they were left stranded far from home, and Armigers supporting the larger Knight as they did in the past. It have fought so long across the stars that solitude is all they now is also not uncommon for Freeblades to band together — perhaps know.

In other cases, entire knightly houses are destroyed, leaving a having been drawn to the same war zones during campaigns — forsaken Noble to fight on for vengeance alone.

After So do lone Knights set off into the vast void of space. Rarely Freeblades will become reclusive, company for extended periods of time. Eventually, most previous lives. Thus, wherever their travels may take them, a are known only by the name of their Knight suit, as though the Freeblade Knight will fight to protect the citizens and soldiery of warrior inside is no longer a separate entity.

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Engulfed by the billowing madness of the maelstrom, the planet was beset by tides of mutants, Heretic Astartes and daemonic abominations.

Though the Knights of Kamador fought furiously to defend their world, in the end they could not prevail. Kalena did not willingly flee the death of Kamador. This, Lady Maxus has done with a burdened heart ever since. She haunts the fringes of the Great Rift, rallying Imperial forces wherever she finds them and leading them to fight back against the heretical foe. The arrival of the Stormwalker has turned the tide of many battles, Lady Maxus dedicating each hard-won victory to the memory of her slain kinsmen.

Silent and purposeful, the Knight never replies to hails, vox transmissions or other attempts to converse with him. However, during the Tiberius Wars it was observed that the Knight complied with the voxed tactics of those he fought alongside, avoiding firing lines and vanquishing foes as per incoming requests. It led the defenders to believe that though he did not speak, he was always listening. Only invitations to stay once the battle was won seemed to go unheeded.

The first recorded sighting came during the Damocles Gulf Crusade over two hundred years ago. Out of nowhere strode the dark behemoth, covered in fell symbols. Whether or not it was the same Knight is unknown, but it fought with the same zeal, annihilating entire cadres of the enemy. Yet later in that same campaign the Freeblade mysteriously retuned to the fight, as vehement as ever.

There is rumoured to be a vault of archeotech and lost lore there, over which he stands guard. Ancient and mysterious, Gerantius has defended the vault, and his world, since time immemorial.

Whenever the planet is threatened, the Green Knight will rise from his slumber and march upon the enemies of Alaric Prime. Rumours abound about the enigmatic figure, but the truth is that none know who or what the Green Knight is, as no one has ever spoken with the Noble that pilots it, if indeed there is anything inside to reply to their hails.

All that is certain is that in times of need, the Green Knight arises to drive back the enemies of Alaric Prime with reaper chainsword and thermal cannon. Gerantius was pivotal to the victory over the Orks of the Red Waaagh! The foundations of the largest and oldest of these sit upon the archeotech remains of the Long March ships themselves, deeply buried by the passing of millennia but still concealing secrets of ancient technology that the Noble houses guard jealously.

Within the throne room or audience chamber of each Noble house, its rulers hold court. Ranging from a single Baron and their direct courtiers, to vast assemblages of Nobles, Bondsmen, courtiers and more, these gatherings observe the endless rituals of their world, deal with matters of rulership for the common folk, and politick constantly amongst themselves.

The figures involved in such internecine intrigues are many and varied, from sages and advisors to Imperial preachers, tech-magi, Sacristan representatives, house militia officers and countless others. While marriage and the continuation of the Noble bloodlines is often regulated by formal arranged pacts, many Knights join themselves romantically and politically to a consort. What in the galaxy can stop him. Manifest Vengeance has tracked matters more than their origin is their incisive minds, their skill foes across entire sectors of the galaxy in order to land a at courtly politics, and their dedication to being a societal power killing blow with his chain-cleaver.

From whence the Knight came there is no clue, nor does its pilot ever emerge. As Imperial armies rallied to repel the foe, the Knight Paladin was a tower of firepower, and when eventually overrun, its reaper blade scythed down swarms of foes.

As the Tyranids pressed in upon the Ultramarines, the Chapter was forced back to its home world and Auric Arachnus travelled with them. There, the Freeblade earned great renown by slaying a Dominatrix. His Knight, the White Warden, was a symbol of the power and influence of his extended family. All of that was lost when the Red Waaagh! In the wake of this pyrrhic victory, the lord of House Degallio found himself made a scapegoat by lesser houses seeking political gains. After the mysterious disappearance of his consort, Neru turned Freeblade, taking the name of his Knight and leaving Alaric Prime far behind.

Since then, the White Warden has fought countless enemies of the Imperium, each time proving himself a superlative warrior and tactician. They have been the shield and the sword, defending Humanity and slaying the monsters that would threaten its reign. Though the darkness has closed in around them time and again, always the Knights drive it back, lighting the void with their courage and valour. Corrupted by the Dark Gods Taranis, Raven and Drakhs — send lances Standard Template Construct technology of Chaos, he leads fully half the Space to join the Adeptus Mechanicus push into is created, heralding an era of discovery, Marine Legions in open revolt.

Some the Mortuam Chain System. Their efforts innovation and expansion. Alongside the knightly houses join the rebels, either are highly successful, with ancient human development of warp travel, STCs enable compelled by unbreakable oaths of fealty or technologies being wrested from a clutch of star-faring ships to voyage enormous tainted by the touch of Chaos.

Many more xenos warlords across the system. The first winning one victory after another against Daemon Tide Knight worlds are established by the the turncoat forces.

On both sides, the Three Imperial sectors are overrun by a colonists of the Long March ships. Knights are at the Daemons through the shattered valleys of Omnissiah Regnum forefront of many such campaigns, venting Godsmote. As the warp-born creatures spill After centuries of isolation, Mars receives their disgust, hatred and outrage upon onto the Hollow Plain they are subjected a visitation from the Emperor.

Its peoples those Nobles that betrayed them. A higher to thunderous bombardment by two dozen believe him to be the Omnissiah, god of all number of Freeblades join the fighting, Knights Castellan.

It is Knights of House Taranis exacting revenge for houses lost and home are phenomenal, yet with no concept of fear that first bend the knee to this deity from worlds destroyed. Over the void, an honour they will not soon six hundred Questoris-class Knights storm forget.

Knight suits toppling in ruin. The First of Many With Queen Desmadara and her Exalted The Knight world of Chrysis is Court at the lance-point, the Knights rediscovered and brought back into the slam into the still-vast daemonic horde.

Many more They carve a path of annihilation to its soon follow. Its Noble houses At last, with reaper chainswords howling knightly households are with them. It fight with courage and honour, but are and thunderstrike gauntlets crackling, the is a time of restoration and glory, in hopelessly outnumbered, and no other Exalted Courts of three knightly houses which many houses form strong ties to Imperial forces can answer their call for aid engage the masters of the Daemon Tide.

Though they break the back of the of the Mechanicum. Others pledge their greenskin horde, the Knights of Vorinth The battle that follows is so grandiose and allegiance and strength to particular are utterly wiped out. When their loss is cataclysmic that it spawns a hundred songs, Primarchs or Imperial commanders. Several heroic Knights The Knights prove stalwart allies, the tolled twice. In a single night of fire and for the Daemon Tide, though they wreak from House Raven and many of the lesser violence, the cult cells are driven into the much more destruction before they finally houses that owe it fealty, fights in the open and exterminated like vermin by fade back into the warp.

The Red Waaagh! Though they suffer heavy casualties, the With the aid of the ferocious battle- Nobles of House Raven remain undaunted. Black Legion from Amethal for good. The knightly houses of Adrastapol launch Imperial Fists Captain Lynator calls upon a crusade to save the industrial world of the Knights of House Hawkshroud to lend Donatos from heretic forces.

Five Noble their aid. To his shock, they fail to answer, houses deploy their lances, led by High one of only three times in recorded history King Tolwyn of House Draconis, yet that such a thing has happened.

With the High King dead and the knightly Despite warnings from the Adeptus Terra forces in disarray, it falls to the young to cease this costly madness, the Knights Sire Danial Tan Draconis to rally Houses persist in their war, ignoring all the Draconis, Pegasson and Minotos. Uniting sanctions that the Imperium dare apply. Nobles and the Word Bearers both. Outraged at A tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan engulfs the intervention by Yannil and his ironclad the hive world of Phodiam.

Into Disaster on Nalibraxis II gunships and agile fighter-craft to eliminate the breach steps a company of Freeblades During the Yoladrian Crusade, lances of the impediment once and for all. Engaging calling themselves the Tarnished Shield, House Cadmus Knights land on the swamp his airborne tormentors as best he can, seven exiled warriors led by Ferrum world of Nalibraxis II. Through selfless sacrifice in support of Cadian infantry regiments for aid, then digs in and vows to hold his and heroic effort, the Freeblades hold the deployed to that fog-shrouded world, only ground until he is relieved.

Many It is a week later that Knights of House evacuate successfully. Nobles are slain and Knight suits lost as Derthos reach Tandosa. They find Tower of sorcerous constructs and Daemon Engines Strength still standing, ravaged by energy Storm of Shadows close in from all sides. In the wake of the blasts and explosives, its pilot clinging to Warp storms rage across the galaxy.

Dozens carnage, House Cadmus vows revenge, and life by a thread. Around him are scattered of Noble houses despatch Knights to help spends the next three decades exacting it. Bastion fleets Black Legion, Crimson Slaughter and Worm attempt to infiltrate the Noble are recalled to their parent Knight worlds, Word Bearers launch a concerted attack. They racing for safe anchorage before the storm Though their invasion is system-wide, the quickly learn the magnitude of their hits.

With stoic determination, the keeps of their home world, Glorifica, to As the Astronomican flares back to life, it the rulers of House Raven despatch launch a witch-hunting crusade across the illuminates a riven and beset Imperium. Primarch Guilliman declares his Indomitus Noble warriors out into the void aboard Crusade, setting out to pierce the darkness Mechanicus Explorator ships and war of the Imperium Nihilus and drive back the barges, many never to return.

House Taranis Sacristans cogitate that, at the current proudly pledges all but a fraction of its rate of deployment, Raven will have fully fighting strength to the endeavour, waking emptied the Vault Transcendent within their oldest Knight suits from slumber and one anno-cycle.

Ragrat to fall upon them, Amidst the darkness of the Imperium Storm. As the heretical hordes swell they the Knights of Mortan elect to hunt the Nihilus, the factory world of Drakkatoria spill across the land, destroying agriplexes greenskin horde as they would a single is struck by a reality disjunction.

Tides and settlements at will. Baron Roland monstrous beast. So begins a bloody war of horrifying shadow-spawn crawl from declares a cull to end all culls, marching across three systems, with lances of Mortan the nether-realm of Aelindrach and out from Swinford Hall at the head of Knights bolstering planetary garrisons and infest every city on the globe.

Perpetual his entire household. Weeks of slaughter attempting to bait, slow and divide the Orks night falls, and murderous Mandrakes follow, and the lives of many proud Knights until they can be wiped out once and for all. They Daemonic Vengeance fiendish Kheradruakh the Decapitator.

They strike at the do not go unanswered. Initially, the Terryn in orbit. Their heavy landers surge down offensive progresses well. The campaign that follows is a by the matriarchal huntresses of House rapid-manoeuvre tactics.

Forging steely chains of filth and black rain falls, rotting all that of Mandrakes into the guns of the larger allegiance and loyalty, the Iron Hands it touches.

From the sucking morass rise Knights. Hissing nightmares emerge and Tanikan Knights drive the heretic the Daemons of Nurgle, led by the bloated impossibly within the cockpits of Knight invaders back. In the vicious conflict that in frenzies of violence. Randoryn Alpha. Amidst the horrors of the blood relatives. The mauled Imperial it to sustained bombardment. Sensing the setting about rescuing as many enslaved forces stage a fighting retreat to their link to their dark dimension closing, those Randorynians as he can.

Sir Hekhtur and extraction point, battling droning plague shadow creatures still able to retreat do so, Canis Rex escape the world alive, and the creatures all the way. Those that cannot Noble vows to wage an endless war of to the frustrated Daemons, who waste no slink into the darkest depths they can find, vengeance against the forces of Chaos.

A Claim Denied When finally the Princeps and her much Aeldari raiders from Craftworld Alaitoc Against the Storm reduced knightly lances march back down launch a sudden, shocking assault upon Hastoria II faces a daemonic apocalypse as the mountainside, the Heldrakes are Voltoris, the home world of House Terryn. The cause of this aggression is unclear, but it. Morbid nihilists who worship the will of the Aeldari that breaks first.

Marching the knightly houses of Avarris launch a A Time for Vengeance out in Knight suits of sable and bone, stinging assault across the Vidar Sector to Far from being dismayed at the sudden singing dirges from beneath their chain relieve the heretical siege of forge world ascendancy of Chaos, House Krast relishes mail veils, the Knights of Houses Drudge, Triplex Phall. No less than six Crusades of long-foretold end. The Ancients Awaken Vengeance are launched from Chrysis, What begins as an isolated conflict spearing through the void towards the between the Adeptus Mechanicus and the forge worlds of Voss, Phaeton, Urdesh, Necrons on the quarry world of Amontep Stygies, Artemia Majoris and distant Graia.

II becomes a galaxy-wide war. On Voltoris, the recently healed peril as the Orks of Waaagh! Whether at the Knights in turn. Rippers slither in Many believe that the Necron awakening these reinforcements will arrive before rivers up the legs of Knight suits to gnaw has accelerated as a response to the coming the home world of House Hawkshroud is through hydraulic cables and clog workings of the Great Rift, but whatever the truth overrun remains to be seen.

The Questor Mechanicus world of Altevfor and claw, and then tear and stab at vital is ravaged by fire-breathing packs of systems. All across the battlefield Knights Renegades of Dharrovar Heldrakes that swoop through its polluted are lost, falling into an endless writhing sea Sir Drantar of House Taranis is sent to hunt atmosphere and wreak havoc amongst its of xenos creatures. Princeps Adalace orders known as Litany of Destruction.

Against all expectation, the surviving the Nachmund Gauntlet, and the contested Nobles find the Tyranid tide ebbing, then world of Dharrovar. The world is home to Princeps Adalace mobilises her Exalted drying up altogether. Just eighteen Nobles remain alive wars, that Red Might and the Litany of the slopes of the mountain. Though the pernicious aliens employed their most heretical technomantic trickery, and though one proud Imperial champion after another met a glorious end, still the Obsidian Knight fought tirelessly on.

On one arm they wield fearsome reaper chain-cleavers, their adamantium teeth whirring, their actuator motors roaring. A single shot from such a weapon can vaporise even the most heavily protected combatant, melt through the wall of a bunker or reduce a battle tank to a molten wreck. Atop their carapace, each Warglaive also carries a heavy stubber for reaping infantry, or else a meltagun that augments their already fearsome anti-armour capabilities.

Though they are the lightest class of Imperial Knight regularly deployed to the battlefields of the 41st Millennium, each Armiger is still an imposing war engine capable of butchering entire squads.

They possess exceptional speed, able to outpace most battle tanks and transport vehicles when moving at a flat-out run, and react almost as quickly as a flesh-and-blood warrior. Moreover, to compensate for their comparatively smaller size, Armiger-class Knights typically hunt in packs of two or three.

In the case of Warglaives, this involves rapidly outflanking and encircling their quarry like wolves on the prowl, before closing in on a rune-transmitted signal to trap and slaughter the enemy.

Imperial knight instructions

Unusually for Knights, Armigers are not fitted with a full Throne Mechanicum. Instead they are controlled using a more compact device known as a Helm Mechanicum. For this reason, the prestige of piloting an Armiger is significantly less than that attached to sitting a fully fledged Throne Mechanicum. This is compounded by the fact that, while Armigers can operate independently, it is traditional for their Helms Mechanicum to be neurally slaved to the command impulses of a larger Knight, rendering them subordinate.

To accept such mental serfdom is to possess the rank of Bondsman, and while this is certainly no mark of dishonour, it is far from glorious. It is for these reasons that the piloting of Armigers falls to those from the lower social strata of the Noble houses.

Some give this duty to distant relatives and minor offshoots of more established bloodlines, or the surviving Knights of a house that has fallen upon hard times. Still other Noble houses maintain specialist sub-orders of favoured retainers who are fated from birth to be Armiger pilots. These warriors are expert Armiger pilots who favour the close-quarters aggression of the Warglaive, and who stride into battle alongside their masters filled with dogged determination to do their betters proud.

In place of the close-ranged armaments of the Warglaive, each Helverin bears a pair of Armiger autocannons. Capable of firing hundreds of armour piercing shells per minute, even a single such weapon can swiftly whittle down infantry ranks or shred lightly armoured vehicles. Helverins also mount carapace weaponry in the same fashion as Warglaives. Through acceptance, obedience.

Through obedience, honour. Through honour, chivalry. Through chivalry, glory eternal. For many Armiger pilots, the mental imperatives transmitted through their neural bonds can feel unnatural and invasive. More than one Freeblade has been born from ruined manufactorum. They were firing furiously, directing bond-liege. The dutiful and heroic example set by the Knights a massive weight of fire against the Hawkshroud Knights Preceptor inspires Armiger pilots to accept their subservience to trying to forge a path up Conveyance Route Beta.

The two Armiger pilots flashed example set for them. Most Bondsmen begin lady. We await your command. Those who demonstrate a cool haughty voice of his bond-liege. Instead, Voss felt Helverin packs are able to serve a number of strategic roles upon a tingle through his Helm Mechanicum, and an overriding the field of battle.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Knights(8E)

From laying down enfilading fire and forcing desire to attack at once rose within his mind. Accelerating his Knight to a purposeful stride, Voss highly destructive war engines. Small wonder that they are popular flipped his targeters into place and roused the spirits of his throughout both Imperial and Adeptus Mechanicus Noble houses, autocannons. It was time to do his duty. It The reaper chainsword is a shorter-ranged armament still, built forms a mainstay of knightly forces across the Imperium, and has to be wielded at close quarters much as an armed man would remained an enduringly popular design for millennia.

Knights Errant are best used as aggressive, mid-to-close-range Its diamond-hard cutting teeth are driven by sanctified turbo- assault platforms. Pounding into battle at the vanguard, these war actuator engines, and can lop the arm from a combat walker or saw engines excel at hunting enemy tanks, walkers and monstrous a vehicle in half with ease. Any living victim luckless enough to be beasts, especially amidst the tangled terrain of cityscapes, jungles struck by this weapon comes apart with explosive force, reduced to and the like.

This is thanks in no small part to the hideously a blizzard of blood and gristle in the blink of an eye. Knights Errant often mount pintle heavy stubbers or meltaguns that allow them to rain down still more death from on high. The thermal cannon is amongst the largest melta weapons in use by Some augment their strategic versatility through the mounting of Imperial forces.

Powered by massive thermo-inductor coils, these secondary carapace weapon systems, while the most aggressive weapons project hissing columns of super-agitated microwaves Noble pilots may even insist their reaper is replaced with a that can reduce a tank to molten slag in a heartbeat or melt thunderstrike gauntlet.

These slab-like crackling fists can backhand clean through an enemy bastion. Whatever their that anything smaller than a Titan is likely to be obliterated with armaments, Knights Errant typically plunge into the fiercest front- a single shot. Even those not caught directly in the blast of these line fighting. Thus, after battle, it is common to see them swarming fearsome weapons fare little better, the air catching fire and swiftly with Sacristans, artisans labouring to repair the bellicose war reducing them to blazing husks.

This Knight is designed to provide a strategic backbone for any lance, and — though it may not be as specialised towards a certain form of combat in the manner of other Questoris patterns — the Paladin is a traditional favourite amongst nearly every Noble house. The signature weapon of the Knight Paladin is the rapid-fire battle cannon. So prevalent are the Knights Paladin amongst the Noble houses that it is a rare lance that does not include at least one.

Although Paladins are sometimes piloted by younger Knights just out of their Becoming, such novitiate pilots are more often entrusted with a simple and effective Knight Errant. Paladins, by comparison, are usually the steeds of seasoned Nobles whose experience allows them to get the most out of these adaptable and effective Knight suits. TO SAIL THE VOID When fighting to defend their own worlds, the speed and manoeuvrability of Knights is usually sufficient to get them to where they are needed, but when they take the fight to foes on other planets the Nobles must use transports to reach their designated war zone.

Some Knight worlds, especially those of an Imperial bent, maintain their own fleets of transport and combat cruisers, often former Imperial Navy craft. Others — including the vast majority of Questor Mechanicus Knight worlds — instead utilise Explorator craft and mass conveyance barges provided by an allied forge world.

These ships ferry Nobles, Knight suits, Sacristans, attendant household servants, courtiers, bondsmilitia or whoever else to war, often alongside the towering engines of the Legios Titanicus or massed maniples of cyborg Skitarii.

Different Knight worlds also approach combat drops in different ways. Though most Noble houses deploy their Knights using heavy haulers and mass transports, there are some that employ armoured drop-keeps for the task, which also allow them to maintain auxiliary air forces of Lightning and Thunderbolt fighters to clear landing zones, or — in the case of the Mechanicus-aligned House Faustiaris — make use of huge and ancient teleportariums that beam their Knight suits straight into battle amidst coronae of crackling lightning.

Its standard role, while also making it the bane of are reserved for the most accomplished ranged armament is the avenger gatling light, fast-moving vehicles such as bikes or pilots, often highly respected and veteran cannon, a dauntingly huge multi-barrelled transports. Wardens also mount a reaper Barons or members of the Exalted Court. Knights Warden can be given to sudden and impulsive acts of selfless aggression on the battlefield, especially when around human allies or defenceless civilians, and they must be kept on a tight mental leash in order for their pilots to get the best from them.

The comparative difficulty of piloting a Knight Warden makes them something of a status symbol amongst many Noble houses. Equally, the elite reputation of the Knight Warden is what makes the Avenger Lances of House Terryn — each consisting of a trio of Knights Warden armed with gatling cannons and thunderstrike gauntlets — appear especially impressive.

That, and the complete devastation they invariably leave in their wake. Ork warbands, Tyranid assault swarms and even the massed guerilla infantry of the Genestealer Cults — all melt away like tallow before a blowtorch when the Knights Warden open fire.

Not only has this led to the widespread use of these suits by houses whose territories lie in the path of xenos invasions, but it is also responsible for the large number of Freeblades piloting Knights Warden. Often the sole survivors of once-mighty Knight worlds, these scarred Nobles escaped the fate of their kinsmen thanks to the exceptional firepower of their Knight suits, and now turn that same martial might to never-ending quests for revenge.

Beyond bellicose. Meanwhile, a to describe Knights Gallant, for they are typically wielding a reaper chainsword and single good punch is all the thunderstrike considered by the majority of Nobles to a thunderstrike gauntlet. This combination gauntlet needs to kill almost anything be the most reckless and combative of all of weapons renders them especially smaller than a Titan, annihilating it in a Imperial Knights.

A Noble destined to pilot a Knight Gallant will learn three basic tenets when their Throne is installed within their steed. Depending upon the specific Knight household or the ancient heritage of the Throne, these commandments might be phrased in many different ways, but they all boil down to the same three truisms: Indeed, most foes will do anything they can in the hopes of preventing the Knights from reaching their front lines.

Since the Great Crusade there have been many tales of the devastation wrought by these aggressive Knights, for their bold and reckless attacks have made them famous across the galaxy. It was a trio of Knights Gallant that counter-attacked the Tyranid invasion of Grodisphere — ploughing headlong into a siege-breaking line of Carnifexes, blunting that xenos offensive in a spectacularly bloody fashion.

Indeed, the great conqueror Solar Macharius is said to have favoured the Gallant Lance formation above all others for breaking enemy lines and bringing a swift end to attritional battles. From its avenger gatling Those that are equipped with Icarus cannon it levels a fusillade of heavy shells, autocannons on their shoulders are sketching deadly patterns across the enemy given an additional duty: Its other weapon — a comrades from airborne attack.

Swivelling thermal cannon — causes the very air to in response to their predictive auto- sizzle as it fires blasts capable of reducing auguries, the Icarus cannons spit streams a squad of Chaos Terminators to bubbling of flakk fire into the skies, barrels recoiling slag with a single shot. With each section with each thumping shot. The priority for a Knight Crusader is to find wide-open fields of fire, and if the Alternatively, many Knights Crusader Noble pilot gives any concern to his own carry one of two types of missile rack shelter, it is but an afterthought.

Each such upon their carapace. The wide radius Should the enemy press forwards too and lethality of these munitions makes closely, the Knight Crusader bears a heavy the ironstorm an exceptional weapon for stubber to thin their ranks, in addition decimating ranks of light infantry through to the considerable crushing power of its sustained and merciless bombardment.

By comparison, the stormspear rocket pod is intended to provide a Knight with additional anti-armour capability. Perfect for slaughtering elite infantry or fast- moving battle tanks whose weapons may present a real threat to the Crusader or its fellows, stormspear rockets fire off in rapid volleys, emitting a distinctive, high- pitched scream before hitting home with hammerblow force.

Knights Crusader are typically piloted by especially dutiful and selfless Nobles. Though there are, of course, examples of high-ranking Barons and members of Exalted Courts piloting them, these Some Knights Crusader opt for a longer- machines are more often the steeds of ranged weapon, exchanging their thermal those vassals who are of an especially cannon for the rapid-fire battle cannon.

Rather than seek House Raven has been known to employ the glory of the close-quarters kill, these a formation of Knights equipped in this warriors look only to defend their kin, to manner, a deadly grouping known as an cover their glorious charge into battle and Eradicator Lance that can pulverise enemy ensure that unseen threats are annihilated battle lines at a great distance, saturating before they can besmirch the magnificence them with high explosives.

When deployed of their illustrious household. For this alongside one or more Knights Valiant, this reason, the pilots of Knights Crusader are combination can provide a Noble house well respected by those within their house with phenomenal ranged killing power, and without, seen as loyal and dependable easily equal to that of an Astra Militarum comrades who will never be derelict in artillery company.

Its design is intended to exemplify the core tenets of fear and respect by those of their house, with even Barons of the of the Code Chivalric in battle: To this end, the Knight Preceptor is armed with a It also falls to the arms-masters to recruit, train and mentally roaring reaper chainsword or crackling thunderstrike gauntlet, and prepare the Bondsmen who pilot Armigers, the better to ensure the rare and terrifying laser cannon known as the las-impulsor.

As part of these duties, Knights Preceptor often can look their enemy in the eye even as they slay them. Some precepts form such strong The las-impulsor is a ferociously powerful gun that, while neural choirs with their Bondsmen that they become permanent comparatively short ranged for such sizeable ordnance, is fighting units, acting as one with near-perfect synchronicity.

Yet more than capable of bringing a heretic fortress down in ruins even those Armiger pilots who only serve for a short while under or scything the leg from under an enemy Titan with a single a precept are inevitably inspired by their feats of heroism, finding concentrated salvo. The weapon works by building up an it easier to see the honour in their duty and submit willingly to the enormous charge of energy within capacitor shrines before neural imperatives of their betters.

The result is a lightning-fast and devastating volley of laser blasts Most Knight Preceptor pilots seek to set an example upon the that can strip force shields from enemy war engines one at a time, field of battle by hunting down and besting the largest and most and hammer their way through even the thickest armour or chitin fearsome enemies.

This is a role well suited to the close-ranged to annihilate the vital systems beneath. Grizzled veterans who have lived through decades of the screaming fury of its las-impulsor even as its flanking warfare, it is the job of these Nobles to set an example to their Armigers add their own firepower to the punishing salvo. Such fellows, and to train their lessers in the arts of war. When not in an attack is more than all but the most resilient of enemies can battle it is their duty to train young squires in the skills they will survive, and even they last only long enough for the Preceptor to require to pilot a Knight, and to instil the mental fortitude their draw back its melee armament and finish the fight with a single wards will need to endure the Ritual of Becoming.

High rate of fire weapons benefit from this the most, such as the gatling cannon which would deal 1.

Knights pdf imperial codex

Excellent against all targets, the mortal wounds bypass armour and invulnerability saves, but can also splash over into those annoying infantry swarms. The re-roll is nice, but the Command Point is what you really want this for. If you arent taking the Exalted Court stratagem, use it to give one of your knights this trait. Fearsome Reputation: -1 Leadership penalty for all enemy units within 12" of your warlord, and -2 if they are within 6".

Insufficient on its own, Imperial armies have a ton of different Ld debuffs that can stack with it, and it's not like you weren't bringing allied detachments. Canis Rex and Sir Hekthur both have this trait. These sources of debuffs can quickly arrive wherever you need them. Dark Angels -3Ld : Interrogator Chaplains have a natural -1Ld aura, they have the Eye of the Unseen relic for further -1Ld, and Interromancy's Mind Wipe inflicts -1Ld and will proc more often with your help , along with other Ld powers.

That's -3Ld from two characters with Jump Packs. Inquisition -1Ld : Psykers Terrify inflict -1Ld from 18" away, and disable overwatch. Armageddon Officers can also bring the Skull Mask of Acheron to spook nearby enemies. Bringing them in a Spearhead detachment grants you access to Russes with Objective Secured and Basilisks. Versatile, powerful and easy to use at range.

Complements your close-and-personal units. Adeptus Custodes -1Ld : Inspire Fear makes enemies add 1 to Morale tests, and Custodes have extra deepstrike gimmicks.

Oh well Still one of the better traits to take on your dominus class knights due to the firepower they attract. Give to your knight gallant with the correct keyword trait for a total of 7 attacks on the charge, allowing a knight to kill anything smaller than a reaver titan. Landstrider: All units with the same Household as the Warlord within 6" add 2 to Advance and Charge rolls.

Synergizes with packs of Warglaives, to all but guarantee a charge. Powerfull charge gimmicks, especially Turn One Charge with Terryn. Hysterical on a House Raven warlord. Basically adds 2" to the movement characteristic of all knights within 6", as they can advance every turn without penalty.

Great for playing keep away and quickly repositioning with your shooty Knights. Also great for a Gallant- watch as the four inches of additional total movement with the use of Full Tilt, of course means they charge directly into the heart of the enemy lines on the first turn. House Hawkshroud - Duty of Forsworn - Pick an enemy unit at the start of the game but before it began. Not always great, but put this on a Castellan and pick the biggest baddest thing they have and watch the look of fear on your opponents face as you tell him your Volcano Lance is hitting on 2's and you can overcharge your Plasma without any fear of mortal wounds.

RAW, can be used to choose units in deep strike of any kind. House Mortan - Legacy of the Black Pall - Enemies must substract 1 from thir hit rolls targeting your Warlord from Shooting attacks further than 18".

Useful, but only really on a backfield camping knight where they cannot be flanked by deepstriking foes. Couple with the Castellan's Oathbreaker Guidance System Stratagem to turn your Knight into a giant vindicare for a turn. House Vulker - Adamantium Knight: Wound rolls of 1, 2 and 3 made against the Warlord with this WT are auto-fails, even if the wound chart says otherwise.

A lot of armies do not have widespread access to strength 9 or higher weaponry, so this only really matters if you're up against Guard players lascannon swarms and shadowswords or against other superheavies and god emperor forbid Titans. In short, you usually won't need this trait, but when you do it will be a life-saver.

Tactical Objectives[ edit ] 11 - Yield No Ground 1 VP if there are no enemy units in your deployment zone which rises to D3 if there also no enemy units within 12" of the center of the map.

Can't be achieved on your first turn. If it controls an objective for two consecutive turns, score 1 VP. Score 1 VP if one of your Knights kills it this turn. It will at least eliminate all those in-game arguments on where exactly your "front" arc stops. Interestingly it makes a knight as tough as a hierophant in most cases, at only a fraction of the points cost. Heavy Stubber: Pop-gun, now not even needed for setting up charges. You never know when it'll kill the last model in a unit, though.

Well, probably not often. Meltagun: Can replace aforementioned pop-gun, but at a cost of 14 points or a 12 point upgrade. Given this was a take-it-or-leave-it option at 5 points last edition its probably not worth it. But then, a few more points isn't a big deal on such expensive models, and you can walk out of combat to fire it. A good choice for Gallants because you can fire the Meltagun even after advancing albeit you'll suffer -1 To Hit when doing so.

Twin Meltagun: Meltaguns at Assault 2. Nothing to shout about until you realize that the Dominus mounts two of these because fuck tanks am I right? Titanic Feet: Now we're talking. This is literally the equivalent of getting smacked by a Battle Cannon It beats the other cooler melee weapons against any 1- or 2-wound models, including terminators.

While it does have massive 72" range, if you're sitting back and sniping you're not really getting the best out of your knight. Overall, excels at very little it has a marginal advantage over the other weapons against T7 vehicles due to the wound math. Take one if you want more dakka on the crusader, and it still ok at dealing with medium vehicles, just don't expect it to be as good as it was in 7th. With House Raven the RFB has an effective range of 87" with no movement penalties , easily capable of hitting anything anywhere on the board.

If your dice get cold and your other knights leave some stragglers, you can use the cannon s to clean up. Another good use for it are the necron's Quantum Shielding as even when your rolling high, it will still be hard for it to stop the damage. Don't underestimate the battle cannon in 8th. Its combination of multiple shots, s8, decent ap and multiple damage means that it will perform reliably, if not spectacularly, against just about everything in the game.

In addition, the weapon ignores the penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons. Fantastic for how cheap a platform it is mounted on, it will do work for you.

Tears up light vehicles and can do useful work against the heavy stuff - out-shooting the RFBC even if it doesn't match the Inferno cannon. Always a good idea to pair with a Thermal Cannon on a Crusader Knight, as they share the same range and complement each other pretty well. Meltas and Flamers[ edit ] Thermal Cannon: What melta guns dream of being when they grow up. This is your heavy armour hunter, and now doing D6 shots to all targets thanks to a change in the new AdMech codex it far excels the other weapons in a vehicle-hunting role.

The number of shots is a good candidate for a CP re-roll. Also, the cheapest of the three big guns by almost 30 points. Surprisingly though, not your best choice against TEQ - it really needs to be targeting multi-wound models to make it count Terminators have 2 wounds, so the Avenger Gatling Cannon wins out. Considering Armigers have a movement of 14", the range on these is more like 44", which makes them really good. At full movement this gives your Knight a surprisingly scary 28" threat range.

The Traitor's Pyre, on the other hand, excels against Vehicle and Monster units. Like most plasma weapons, it can be overcharged for the boosted S and D, but it'll take a mortal wound for each hit roll of 1 it makes.

Range aside this is basically a Leman Russ Executioner Cannon on a sturdier platform. It's not bad per se, until you consider that Guard players can bring 4 of these bad motherfuckers for the same price and it suffers the same problem every plasma weapon has on a platform with a degrading staline, in that its low power version is underpowered compared to what else you can take, while overpowering isn't worthwhile unless you can re-roll ones hint: House Vulker lets you do exactly that.

Counter opinion: yes this gun is pretty average. But when overcharging you really only have to worry about mortal wounds. Which is not ideal of course, but on a model with so many wounds, it sort of does take a bit of the danger out of it. House Raven players using their house command benefit "order of companions" to re-roll all 1s, letting you overcharge this and by this i mean replace the plasma decimator with the cawls wrath relic and do 3 damage a shot with a little chance to self damage.

After a bit of experience with this weapon, it actually isn't that bad. It's like a more specialised version of the rfbc. Excels at murdering elite infantry, and whilst it does seem pretty lackluster, in reality if you are firing at the right target elite infantry with only one or two wounds 2d6 shots can really fucking hurt. Went up 40 points in the Big FAQ. This combined with the Volcano lance's increase makes the Knight Castellan roughly points more expensive than it used to be.

Basically a smaller Volcano Cannon , with slightly less range and Strength than its Shadowsword-mounted cousin. Went up to 60 points as of the Spring FAQ. Essentially a laser shotgun.

Has two firing modes. This perfectly supports both the long-range anti-infantry Helverin and the short-range anti-tank Warglaive, while still being able to mix it up if an enemy slips through.

This is the jack of all trades option, with the inevitable "master of none" downside. On the other hand, it's never going to be wasted on inappropriate targets and the d3 damage on the Dispersed mode gives it a little extra usefulness against 3-wound models like Grey Knight Paladins. But seriously, this thing is a monster. Given that you'll only get one or two shots with this thing over the course an entire game you need to beware of anything that can screw with your BS hit modifiers, damage tables, etc.

Also anything with an invulnerable save like, say, another Knight can still try to use that. Close Combat[ edit ] These guys have lost the big "D", and in exchange do a flat 6 damage per hit. As noted above, you're better off kicking most infantry to death instead. Best for light-medium vehicles and medium-sized gribblies. It's not bad against stuff like Land Raiders, but the gauntlet edges it out.

Chain-Cleaver: Has two attack options: Strike and Sweep. So this gives the Armiger some very nice added adaptability in their close combat. Plus, you get the lulzy spectacle of chucking a dead razorback at his warlord for extra mortal wounds. The choice between the two is pretty much a toss-up depending on your opponent - take the gauntlet vs. IG and the sword vs. Deldar, etc, but either one will do the job most of the time.

With the codex the Gauntlet gives you access to the Death Grip stratagem, which is a death sentence for any infantry warlord. Sure, he was probably already dead if you got into melee with him in the first place, but this is faster Maybe if it had twice the attacks for half the damage it would be worthwhile anti-horde, but as it stands the Stormspear does everything better. Still the budget option. Alternate opinion: it's basically a 72" range heavy flamer without the auto-hits that costs the same amount of points, so it's not that bad.

Stormspear Rocket Pod: Take this one, always. Sure it's 45 points, but it's effectively three krak missiles, and most armies pay more than 15 points a pop for a missile launcher on a platform that's not remotely as survivable.

This is better than the other carapace weapons against any target barring a few weird edge cases Inceptors. Use it to soften up light vehicles, pick off lone Crisis suits, or even kill a MEQ or two.

This is true, but is not enough to stop the Icarus being aggressively mediocre. Embarrassingly, the Stormspear will knock more wounds off flying vehicles due to its higher damage per shot, even counting the penalty to hit. It's not even particularly cheap. The only scenario where you would take this over Stormspear Rockets is against Necron flying vehicles with Quantum Shielding since D6 damage doesn't do so well against them.

It's not too bad, only 20 points as of Chapter Approved , and can put a dent into enemy flyers. Pretty much a bigger autocannon and works just as well as one.. Each missile can be fired only once per game and you can't fire more than one in a turn, like the Hunter-Killer Missile.