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Black Tattoo Art by Marisa Kakoulas, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. MARISA KAKOULAS's long-anticipated BLACK TATTOO ART 2 has just would not have books like this or a vibrant tattoo culture if it were not. “Black Tattoo Art 2” now includes a new section on Celtic and Nordic bizarre art brut, the book offers visual inspiration for a range of tastes.

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Black Tattoo Art (Illustrated) [Marisa Kakoulas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Text in English & German. This amazing book is a. Black Tattoo Art 2: Modern Expressions of the Tribal [Maria Kakoulas] on and spirit in presenting images of their tattoo and fine art work for this book. The book . Black Tattoo Art book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. d in English & German. This amazing book is a photographic journ.

Your eyes may light up at the artistry, as you scroll through your Instagram and Facebook feeds, click "Like," maybe even "Share" For me, when I want to really find inspiration, to spend time with a work of art, I want a book in my hands. That's why I continue to give birth to these monster tomes that are great big love letters to various genres of tattoos -- books that are meticulously crafted and published by Edition Reuss. I just thought that there wasn't really any comprehensive books on works created only with black ink, such as neotribal, ornamental and abstract work, and so Edition Reuss and I made one. What came out of it was a community. Artists and collectors from the book contacted each other, shared ideas, and had a few drinks.

High quality tribal tattoo reference.

The full title is "Black Tattoo Art: Modern Expressions of the Tribal. It is large format with good photography and printing quality.

Tattoo book black art

It focuses on individual artist in these styles and includes well written interviews and introductions to each style, in German and English. The Neotribal section is excellent, and includes an interesting interview with Leo Zulueta, the father of the style. The Dotwork section - tattoos constructed of tiny black dots - is amazing a sample is shown on the cover. The Art Brut section is interesting as it is a relatively new style and not previously well documented.

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Yet it feels out of place in a tribal study as it has literal subject maters and is often multi-color as opposed the black abstract decorate nature of traditional and neo tribal. All in all, an amazing collection of beautifully designed, expertly executed tattoos. Customer review at site. Overall Black Tattoo Art is a superb collection of esteemed black tattoo artists and striking designs not only tattoo enthusiasts, but anyone with eyes will enjoy.

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Urban Ink USA. Written with authority, love, and an unabated desire to bring exquisite Blackwork to the attention of the world, Marisa has unveiled one of the most exciting and comprehensive books on this suject to date.

An absolute instant classic and a must have to your library. There are also more hand poked and tapped tattoos represented, and an entirely new chapter has been added celebrating Nordic and Celtic-inspired art. Within the "Neotribal" genre, patterns from various cultures are melded and often infused with a modern, even punk rock, aesthetic.

In this volume, with the addition of the more expansive "Ornamental" label, the chapter also includes art featuring geometric elements, some representational forms, and big, bold swaths of black ink. The "Dotwork" chapter displays excellence in tattooing that utilizes the stippling technique in a painstaking process, creating sophisticated works out of small points to huge effect.

From Sacred Geometry and Eastern Iconography to pop culture portraiture and folk art imagery, the tattoos presented in this chapter depict a large range of subject matter created from a small mode of articulation: dots.

Black Tattoo Art : Modern Expressions of the Tribal

This section has been further opened to include "Abstract" tattoos that possess the same flow and feeling but stylized in different ways. The "Traditional Revival" section of this book is just a glimpse into the work of those carrying on the techniques, ceremony, and spirit of ancestral tattoo practices.

While the focus of this book may be the "modern expressions of the tribal," respect must be paid to the origins from which these works flowered.

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