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Many other ASTM standards are referenced by ASTM D At first glance the ASTM D call-outs look like a disorganized jumble of letters and numbers . D Standard Classification System for Rubber Products in Automotive Applications Standard + Redline PDF Bundle ASTM License Agreement. The most common specification used for defining rubber materials is ASTM D “Standard Classification System for Rubber Products in Automotive.

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American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM) provide a standardized method of most common general classification system is ASTM D Standard. ASTM D Standards. The most common material classification system used in O-ring specification is probably "Standard Classification System for Rubber. 1 This classification system is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D D on Classification of Rubber Compounds will jointly maintain D

A: Elastomer rubber compounds can be formulated to meet a wide range of requirements depending their intended end use and application. Frequently ASTM D callouts are used to specify the required material characteristics for elastomers used in isolators. An ASTM D callout does not specify the ingredients of a given elastomer compound, rather it dictates the physical property requirements, e. In essence it is a way to define the material properties required, in a standardized format, to meet the anticipated service environment and to insure consistent material quality in production. It is much more succinct than a detailed material property callout and much more precise than a generic material designation e. The physical properties are measured from standardized test specimens using standardized test methods dictated within the ASTM D document.

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