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Aquamarine [Alice Hoffman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Best-selling author Alice Hoffman's luminous tale of nostalgia and. Aquamarine div Best selling author Alice Hoffman s luminous tale of nostalgia and enchantment, for readers both young and and Claire are spending. Aquamarine book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Hailey and Claire are spending their last summer together when they dis .

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Hailey and Claire are spending their last summer together when they discover something at the bottom of the murky pool at the Capri Beach Club. There in the depths is a mysterious and beautiful creature with a sharp tongue and a broken heart: a mermaid named Aquamarine who has. PDF - Aquamarine. This wide-eyed, magical tale by distinguished author Alice Hoffman reflects the pale blue hue of two year-old friends about to be parted at. Editorial Reviews. Review. This wide-eyed, magical tale by distinguished author Aquamarine - Kindle edition by Alice Hoffman. Download it once.

Two best friends share a mysterious secret: PW wrote, "Hoffman creates an apt metaphor for that twilight time between childhood and adolescence when magic still seems possible and friendships run deep and true. Copyright Cahners Business Information, Inc. Teens enjoy many of Hoffman's adult novels, which often focus on young women. Her first book for middle-graders is about year-old girls, Hailey and Claire, who have been neighbors and best friends forever. They don't want anything to change, but as the searing summer draws to a close, Claire has to move to Florida, and the bulldozers are closing in on the girls' beloved hangout near the ocean. Then they find a beautiful mermaid, Aquamarine, huddled in the beach pool.

You could probably finish this in a day, and I dare you not to remember your own summer days as a kid while lost in the pages.

Alice hoffman pdf aquamarine

And she does, but she needs to find her handsome man to love her back not necessarily to become a human. This is pretty much the only thing that describes Raymond. This is Raymond in a nutshell.


Though I do admire his love of reading. And can he please tell me his secret to reading two hundred books over the course of three months?

Pros:This was a super cute read Cons:All the characters were pretty much one dimensional and flat affect with no real defining characteristics. So it can make for a bit of a dull storyline. Love Triangle? A Little Romance? Conclusion:I definitely thought this was a cute mermaid story, and this would definitely appeal to younger readers guestimating Watch This!

The necessity of returning Aquamarine to the ocean is thus made more urgent. In order to persuade Aquamarine to return to her home, Hailey and Claire arrange that she will spend one evening with Raymond, after which she must leave.

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To compensate for her nudity and lack of legs, they plan to dress her in a long blue gown and place her in a wheelchair. Before the meeting, the two girls confide their story in Claire's grandfather, Maury.

He believes their story because of his own encounter with a mermaid once. He takes them to the Capri Beach Club, where they organize the table and food for Aquamarine and Raymond.

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They then lift Aquamarine out of the pool — an operation wherein Claire must overcome a hesitation to enter water — and introduce her to Raymond. To explain her acquaintance with them, they present her as a distant cousin.

Aquamarine (Water Tales, #1) by Alice Hoffman

Raymond is awestruck by Aquamarine, with whom he spends the evening happily. Meanwhile, Claire and Hailey begin to embrace their future and rekindle their hope. At 9 o'clock, they take Aquamarine back to the swimming pool. As she leaves, Aquamarine gives Raymond a seashell, by which to contact her by speaking her name into it; she will hear this call regardless of their relative positions. Hailey and Claire sleep together in Claire's soon-to-be-vacant house, which has been made empty of furniture.

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They have by now grown very fond of Aquamarine, and she of them. Hailey and Claire arrive to take Aquamarine back to the ocean.

Aquamarine and Indigo Discussion Guide

They meet Raymond, who regrets that he cannot bid Aquamarine farewell before he leaves for Florida. Just then, a boy named Arthur falls into the swimming pool.

Pdf hoffman aquamarine alice

Aquamarine rescues him, with the help of Raymond. Raymond, seeing her tail and thus realizing she is a mermaid, is utterly shocked, however, this discovery does nothing to impair his adoration of her.