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Get this from a library! Twilight in Delhi a novel.. [Ahmed Ali]. PDF | The present paper intends to discuss binary oppositions in the characters In "Twilight in Delhi" Ahmed Ali has used descriptive method. It As in oR that Ahmed Ali's English novel Twilight in Delhi the reasons see Zeno, “Professor Ahmed Ali and the Progressive Writers' Movement” .

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Twilight in Delhi. byAhmed Ali. Topics Hind Swaraj. CollectionHindSwaraj; BharatZindabad. Digitizing TWILIGHT IN DELHI TWILIGHT IN DELHI A Novel By AHMED ALI Delhi wa«oiicc . He does not go to see his cousins often,” TWILIGHT IN DELHI 1 5 Mir Nihal. Twilight In Delhi is set around the early twentieth century before the British changed the landscape of the city. The main character in the novel is Mir Nihal, a man.

Open eBook Preview. Twilight In Delhi is set around the early twentieth century before the British changed the landscape of the city. The main character in the novel is Mir Nihal, a man looking into the twilight of his life. Nihal constantly looks up to the golden days of Indo-Islamic heritage. He is saddened by the influence of the British upon Delhi.

Asghar manages to marry Bilqees with the help of his mother.

Nihal too finally consents to the marriage. After their marriage, Asghar is disheartened by the traditional role his wife dons. No reviews were found.

Symbolism in “Twilight in Delhi”

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Book Review Twilight in Delhi by Ahmad Ali | Qindeel Zahra -

Much like himself and his family, the city slowly weans away, until the power of Lord be it the God, or the King, and that depends upon the reader and he stands as a hapless witness to the slow degradation of a country and a civilization. Unless someone has come to Twilight in Delhi through Dalrymple, I don't think one would understand the very importance of this book. It portrays the life and lifestyle of a lost civilization which was erased by the imperialism of the British.

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Bahadur Shah, the last of the Mughals, continues to be told as 'Their King, even after his death, by the then people of Delhi. The poems of Mir, Ghalib, Zauq fills the air and it continues to be breath of every living soul of the city.

The best part of the book is when Mir Nihal reluctantly attends the coronation of King George from Jamia Masjid amidst a jubilant crowd welcoming the King, the very place where he saw his own men butchered to death during the Mutiny to protect the city.

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The city has transmogrified, the crowd has forgotten, but Mir Nihal's pride and identity is much evoked by the sadness which engulfs him and his voicelessness to say the truth to the now forgotten people. The tone of the author is nostalgic and his unbridled admiration for the glory of the lost culture has the whimsical nature of a lover which longs for his lost love.

And, this almost came as a surprise when one learns that it was Ahmed Ali's anger which drove him to write this work. And, for all his lament for losing a culture to the imperialists from the west, it is quite ironical that he chose to bring attention to the destruction of his city by writing this work in the language of the enemies, English. It worked. This book was praised high during its period, and that it is another an important reason why it came back in circulation.

But, the old Delhi is not all poetry, romance and art.

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There are other glaring truth - unintended ones by the author - which comes to the knowledge of the 21st reader. Men, even those married ones, invariably have a mistress, women are pushed to household work and strict purdah, and a young girl as much as fourteen years old gets married to a sixty year old man only to die in the next six months.

There are palanquin bearers whose story and life we never know, and the tales prostitutes who serves their masters are never told. There is also a subtle communal tone lacing the narration.

Twilight in Delhi

Mughals and Mussalmans are portrayed as more patriotic of Hindustan than Hindus, and the author does make sly comments muffled under the grandeur voice and style. Sister of Ashwaq could remarry under the code of Quran but abstains from doing it because the Hindu morals and social code prevent it. Perhaps, the 21st century me is overlooking the nuances.