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Overview: Willow Aster is the author of True L̶o̶v̶e̶ Story (USA Today Bestseller), In the Fields, Maybe Maby, Fade to Red, and Lilith. Editorial Reviews. Review. "It isn't very often that I read a book like True Love Story. This is an epic love story, spanning years following the evolution of its two . True Love Story book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A USA Today Bestseller about reclaiming the love of a lifetime.

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True Love Story - Aster, KB. 2. Like Show likes. Share Show shared copies. K. VK © – Language:EnglishРусскийУкраїнськаall . Growing up in an idealistic home, Sparrow Fisher is sheltered and innocent. When she meets Ian Sterling, a musician who is rising in popularity. by Willow Aster on March 3, File; Original Title5, Miles; CreatorAster, True Love Story by Willow Aster.

Just a few things on that list:. But all the promises he made dissolved into dust, so when he comes around years later wanting to go live out our list, I want no part of it…or him. The universe seems to agree with me because everything we try is a disaster. Already have an account? Sign in. I remember, sign in.

I really loved how the author managed to describe all the emotions Sparrow went through, so well. It was an interesting process to see her change from a young, insecure girl into a well developed grown woman who knew exactly what she wanted. I absolutely loved reading the story from Sparrow's point of view, she's a very easy-to-relate-with character and some of her inner monologues literally made me laugh out loud.

I think the author Willow Aster did a wonderful job at describing this realistic story about love and everything that comes with it. To everyone who hasn't read this beautiful, captivating story yet, I would say READ IT , give it a try and hopefully you'll enjoy it just as much as I did!!!! I Saw Ian Sterling. I've been looking for him ever since.

If he'd just shown me his chest, we could have settled the matter much sooner. It's the only way it will be any good. You've found me now, I'm certain my eyes are saying. I drink him in and know my fate is sealed: I am his. View all comments. Mar 14, Dd rated it liked it. Hello Readers!! Let me tell you about a story! There was this girl And then one day she meets with the man of her dreams.

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And they live happily ever after Or do they??? Two years, ten months and five days since he broke my heart. Technically, he began breaking my heart the moment I met him, five years, eleven months, and one day ago. Sparrow is transforming. From a girl into a woman. Finally unleashing her wilder side. And it is then she meets with the man whose songs had touched her, owned her, and claimed her at a concert four years ago. Ian Sterling.

And then And the funny thing is that You've found me now,I'm certain my eyes are responding. Five years, eleven months, and one day ago. This story of Ian and Sparrow. Their LOVE story. I just don't know how to rate this book.

Aster true willow love epub story

I did not even like it for most of the parts. But I thoroughly enjoyed a few. For a long time I could not get the point of this story. At times I hated both Ian and Sparrow. But somewhere, somehow, this struck a chord within me. I don't know how,just that it did. And even though this book contains what I consider a deal breaker ,the feeling remains. Over the course of five years,they meet over and over again. And every time,they fall more and more in love. Sometimes it was sweet, sometimes maddening, sometimes irritating and sometimes lovely.

Sometimes I wanted to shake some sense into them. And then came the climax God, I hated it. How could he do that? Why did he do that? God damn it. So yes,I too was compelled to ask the question To forgive as well as forget?

View all 93 comments. New Adult Romance This Please please bare with me I have so much to say and all of my thoughts are hitting me at once. Honestly this is the closest I have come to giving a book 5 stars in It did something to me.. The authors style lit up my taste buds perfectly Her way with words The story itself The characters, oh dear lord the characters are embedded in my brain. I laughed, I cried both tears of joy and tears of sorrow.

The ones so deep you think it will never close, the ones that make you feel as if your at deaths door because the pain is unbearable. Two years, ten months, and five days since he broke my heart—well, since I knew that he had broken my heart. A hug for every heartache. Oh, I miss you. My body aches. My heart groans. Ian' Sparrow Fisher is the daughter of a preacher.

She wears what she is told to wear and says what she is suppose to say. A true all around good girl with her virtue still in tact. Soon all of her good girl wardrobe will be put to pasture; she recently graduated high school and will be leaving her California roots to move clear across the country and attend NYU. She's been in a comfortable 4 month relationship with Michael the youth pastor at her fathers church. She's grounded her future looks good from the view she sees.. Sparrow has no idea that her world is about to be lifted off its axis the second she meets Ian Sterling.

Sparrow attends a planned dinner with her boyfriend, her parents and family friends; a couple by the name of Jeff and Laila.

When she enters the restaurant she recognizes him immediately and alerts her mother of his presence. A singer, song writer and musician. Introductions are made and just like that she Conversation flow freely between her and Ian.

Scratch that, I am loving his audacity. In that gesture, I feel my childhood slip off of me like an old, worn-out cloak that has been barely hanging by a single thread. I know that something has shifted in me.

I want this man. In fact they come in and out of each others lives for some time. When Ian learns her age he puts the brakes on any budding relationship, Sparrow on the other hand assures him that age is nothing but a number. They've already proven how well they are together even with a 9 close to 10 year age gap. But the age difference is not the only thing working against them; with his busy career which includes tons of traveling and her in school the timing is just not right.

So their friendship remains just that "a friendship" for quite a while. They fall more in to a pattern not a relationship Coming together and linking up.. On top of not hearing from him every few months makes Sparrow question the reality of their on today off tomorrow relationship. We have these blissful times every couple of months, and then we both go live our lives apart. How long will this be enough for me? Everything is going good. And then just like that your reading and everything You read and you read until you reach that part where you slowly watch a horrific head on collision happen.

You know, you know it will be deadly, leaving no survivors. Well this scene that I read had to be one of THE most effectual scenes Not to many female characters are written with an intuition as intense as Sparrow's what's even more intense is that she's had it her whole life.

We read how she get's these dreams and feelings that she just doesn't quite understand. And then it happens, she naturally draws a conclusion from her gut. I already know, without him saying a thing, that this will change everything. Start from the beginning. And then alllll I could hear in my head was the song Resentment by Beyonce. Over and over and over I've been crying for too long What did you do to me?

I used to be so strong But now you took my soul I'm crying, can't stop crying Can't stop crying I know you didn't want to hurt me Look what you've done to me now I gotta look at her in her eyes And see she's had half of me How could you lie? They say time heals wounds.. Well, I'm not sure that's true. Love is enough. Meet my Sparrow and Ian My Thoughts Willow Aster has a way with words I was completely sucked in by her style it appealed to me in a way that not most authors are able to do.

Her characters just popped off the pages I couldn't seem to get enough! I fell so hard for these characters. The only thing that stopped me from giving this book 5 stars is the fact that I felt like I missed out on vital information. Mainly due to the fact we get everything from Sparrow's pov.

I wanted more details on how things went down between Ian and Laila the night he finally explains it readers don't get the grimly details. We don't get to know his thought process I don't know maybe that's just me wanting all the deets. I really enjoyed the secondary characters, which leads me to ask.. What I really want to know is Will Jeff and Laila get a book? Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! For more reviews got to http: This is how it begins. Are you really here?

Sparrow is young, very young, daughter of a preacher, on the verge of heading off to college in New York and everyone is hoping she will settle down with Michael — her nice, safe boyfriend. And in walks Ian Sterling. And everything changes.

I sure hope that hurt!! You deserved it!! I loved her humour and her quirkiness. Ian — I did love him despite the urge to cause him physical pain.

This was just such a beautiful and highly realistic love story. It takes place over several years and tells the simple tale of boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love and boy fucks up monumentally.

There was excitement, lust, anxiety, supreme happiness and the depths of despair. Highly accomplished and highly recommended debut novel from Willow Aster. View all 69 comments.

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Jan 28, Duchess Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to read a True Love Story? Here it is!!! It's heartbreaking and intense, gut churning and real. It hurt to read, it laid me out but kept me up all night.

I read this book in one sitting. Something, some elusive quality, grabbed me And it paid off. First off, the blurb is really misleadi Want to read a True Love Story? First off, the blurb is really misleading, at least for me. I thought that it was some weird mess-with-your-mind game of chance and oddity.

But it's just a plain ole contemporary romance about circumstances and mutual acquaintance throwing this couple together every few months, and their inexplicable attraction to each other.

Maybe attraction is too tame a word. Sparrow and Ian are connected. From their first face to face meeting, the chemistry and invisible line between them is so palpable, if set my tummy butterflies off immediately. But this is NOT an insta-love story. This is an insta-connect story. This is a story about two people who are meant to be together, but life gets in the way. Age, location, vocation, time, family, friends, and most of all their own reluctance and eventual stupidity are blocking their path to each other.

When the story starts, it's already heartbreaking: Two years, ten months, and five days since he broke my heart - well, since I knew he had broken my heart. Technically, he began breaking my heart the moment I met him. The proverbial good girl next door, she has a strong sense of faith and purpose.

But she's not holier than thou, she's just a normal girl getting ready to move away from home to go to college, looking forward to wearing what she wants and discovering what it is to be responsible for your own life. One day, her family goes to dinner with some friends She meets Ian Sterling. Ian is an up and coming guitarist and singer. Sparrow had actually seen him play years ago, before his name was known, and had a little girl's crush on him ever since.

But now, the crush isn't so little any more. Ian is flirty and charming, but more than that, they both know without a doubt that there's something extra there between them. If only But they're not. Over then next couple of years, Ian and Sparrow spend minute amounts of time together whenever fate sees fit to allow it. And each time, a deeper bond is forged, and their inevitable love blooms.

It's powerful, and it's beautiful. Ian and Sparrow as a couple are perfection. They laugh together Their chemistry is off the charts, but it's not an overtly sexual relationship for a very long time. They just fit, like puzzle pieces. I don't know a better way to put it. It levels me. I've never been at home anywhere, but I am with you.

How do you say I'm sorry for betrayal? When you know nothing you say will erase what you've done This true love story brought me down and yanked the tears right out of me. How did I fall so in love, how did Sparrow fall so in love? You can't help it. If ever lovers have been star crossed, it's these two. They're just so perfect together and hopeless apart.

I'm mad that he went. I can't love him. I can't hate him either. Ian Sterling has ruined me. And he's ruined me for anyone else. I love this author's voice.

Epub story willow aster true love

She writes with such heart, and the inner dialogue of Sparrow is hilarious. The girl thinks in jokes at times, and constantly kept me on my toes. Watching Sparrow grow into a woman, from age eighteen to twenty four And how often do you truly find your soulmate so early in life? And really KNOW it?! She knows it. And that makes the betrayal all the more heartbreaking. The fact that I can forgive is quite phenomenal, but I did.

What a gorgeous story Beautiful, wonderful story penned by Willow Aster. I am sold on anything you may ever write again! View all 88 comments. Feb 20, Belle rated it did not like it. So bare with me view spoiler [ I get the whole. I wish we got more details about the affair, like if it happened often or saw his point of view, I mean just how far did the affair go?..

That whole part of the storyline I saw coming a mile away, as soon as I saw how Laila treated Ian, but man I really wished it didn't. It just ruined Ian in my eyes to be honest. Yes, I believed he loved her.

True Love Story by Willow Aster

But what, was he just never going to tell her the truth? Sure in the beginning, they were not exclusive, but Ian not only ruined his relationship, but how could he ruin his own cousins? His own flesh and blood? That betrayal, I have no clue how Jeff could move past that. If my best friend, and cousin slept with my wife What is worse, is that Ian and Laila did not even love each other..

So really the whole affair was completely unjustified. Ian should have talked to Sparrow not jumped into bed with his cousin's wife.

True Love by Natalie Ann

I will say SURE cheating is reality. And yes, I have tolerated cheating in books when it comes to being committed and in love with the other person and the very rare circumstances that makes it somewhat easier to digest. But when two characters cheat for the sake of cheating, I will never ever be okay with reading it. I was really proud of how Sparrow handled it, and I'm glad she got her happy ending. In saying that, Ian really did not deserve to get his.

Am I being a cold hearted bitch? Probably, but the whole way it was handled and how he was never planning on telling her made me sick to the core. Yeah he definitely felt remorse, and he paid for it, but there is just something in me that still won't accept the fact that he cheated throughout their entire relationship.

So don't listen to me.. View all 34 comments. Dec 25, Jenny Levine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sparrow Kate-- [image error] Always been the perfect daughter, now she has transformed --starting with the way she dresses and expressing herself.

And her life gets much more interesting when she met the man who will turn her life upside down Ian Sterling-- [image error] A professional musician. But, all because he fears rejection and fears being in a relationship.

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If there's one word to describe him, it would be -- T. But, she wants him since she first laid her eyes on him. And, he wants her too. BUT, How can she deny his feelings for him? How can he deny the attraction he has for her? Will it work even though he isn't a relationship type of guy? When they actually become a couple and with Ian going on tour, will a long distance relationship work?

But, when he did something terrible and unforgivable to compromise their relationship, what will happen to them? Does he deserve her forgiveness? Sparrow, A beautiful story about letting go but still holding on to the love they both had for one another Steadfast love A story about second chances A story about Holding on. Breaking down.

Opening up. Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk. I'm back! This review will start off with my complaints.

Two words: Cover Fail Am I the only one who has a problem with the cover? I think it's misleading. I don't really get it or it's connection with the story. I thought this is a paranormal romance book. And then, when I read the first line of the blurb and it says: I thought this book's about zombies or vampires, but when I read some of my friends' reviews, this was actually a romance novel.

Stupid me for not reading the entire blurb. Lesson learned. Moving on I love the author's writing style, like she has a way of getting the readers hooked at the first chapter line of the book I know I did.

The story actually began in present time, a year, two months, and seventeen days since she last saw him. Two years, ten months, and five days since he broke her heart--when they bump into each other in the airport. And then, the next chapter jumps back in the past and tells us how it all started and what went wrong. I love it! Plus, the titles in each chapter are just brilliant.

Sparrow - what a lovely and unique name. The author got her surname from author Tarryn Fisher, right? Another heroine who should be congratulated for having a famous vagina. Yeah, she's popular with the guys. They all seem smitten with her. But, I love her because she's smart and funny. And when she's with Ian, ahhh, perfect: Ian Orville Sterling, yes, I know he's an asshole, and when he did that horrible thing to Sparrow and fvck up their relationship, I was like, Ian, [image error] and when they view spoiler [ broke up and their love life were in shambles hide spoiler ] , my heart broke for them.

I still love him. All his lines are like asdfkglskfdhsl, took my breath away. Most of my fave quotes from the book are said by Ian.

And my favorite part? For me, they're the highlight of the book. My heart hurts a lot just reading it. These two are made for each other. Off the charts chemistry. I love it when Ian calls Sparrow "Little Bird. You have this grounding quality about you.

True Love Story

Or idk, I think it's just an excuse because I want more. Also, I don't like the name Ianow Orvillate. My favorite Ian letter: Well, Baby—Think. Believe Them. Wishes Become True. Wisdom Brings Trust. Who downloads That? Waiting By Telephone. Wake Before Twelve. Work Before Television. Wiggle Big Toe. We Belong Together. This will go straight to my favorites ; At the end of the road for Sparrow and Ian though "Love is enough.

View all 37 comments. Aug 04, Kristen rated it liked it Shelves: Short review finally posted. The only cheating plot-line that's HEA I believed.

Still, I hate cheating plot-lines and didn't realize I was reading one until it was too late I should have paid more attention to the reviews. Overall, True Love Story is a well written, captivating, and very angsty book.

I hate them. View all 63 comments. This is literally the only thing I'm going to say. I won't write a review because it will turn into a rant of epic proportions. It's just better I keep my mouth shut and don't be a bitch about it. Present 9.

Past Present Acknowledgments About the Author Also by Willow Aster. Read Online Swipe version. Read Online Continuous version. Download now. download a paper book. Related Titles Miles by Ali Parker. Gaining Miles by Claire Kingsley. Reckless Miles by Claire Kingsley. Miles by J. Miles by Ava Benton. Miles by Paige North. Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Epilogue Fade to Red Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Acknowledgments About the Author Also by Willow Aster.

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