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From the age of four David Thomas was sexually abused by his alcoholic mother and subsequently physically abused by his aged stepfather. By the age of 16 he had committed multiple burglaries, assaulted a police officer with an iron bar, attempted suicide, received a criminal conviction from a juvenile court, and been expelled from school. He left home as soon as he could and joined the fire service at At the age of 27 he bought a book on memory. Within 8 months he had come fourth in the World Memory Championships and went on to develop one of the most powerful memories in history, even breaking an year-old Guinness Book of Records memory record by reciting the mathematical formula Pi 3.

Additional questions related to the ones above: Tell me about a time you disagreed with a decision. What did you do? Even more common interview questions: Describe a time you exercised leadership? Can you give an example of how you worked on a team? How familiar are you with working with X tool, language, etc.

What other companies are you interviewing with? What do you like to do outside of work? Why was there a gap in your employment between these dates?

Why do Onions make us cry? Why does caffeine keep me awake? Why do we perspire? We perspire to maintain to keep the temperature of our internal thermostat set to an average, normal temperature of Our Our bodies use approximately 2, bodies come calories of our daily intake of caloriefully equipped laden food to fuel the body. This process, with a known as oxidation, burns the calories,.

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Obviously, our bodies cannot tolerate this heat, which causes the temperature of the blood to rise dramatically, and the cooling center to springs into action. The cooling center slows the calorie burning process, and dilates, or opens, the blood vessels in the skin to release the excess heat, and the fluid known as perspiration. The release of this fluid cleanses the body, as it pours through our pores, which consist of millions of tiny openings in the skin.

Perspiration emerges on the surface of the skin in the form of tiny, microscopic droplets, which quickly evaporate, and cool the body to its.

Vibrations of soft tissues located at the back of our throats cause the noisy, annoying sounds of snoring that sometimes preventeach non- other when someone has against snorers from too much tissue at the back of their getting their mouth or when an obstruction is.

People with snoring problems tend to have one of the following conditions: Its widely assumed that yawning occurs Scientists do not purport to know all of the because we are biological mechanisms of the yawn, but tend tired or bored or to agree that a yawn is an involuntary. Technically, a yawn is the reflex opening of the mouth followed by the deep inhalation and slow exhalation of oxygen. The very act of yawning is but one of a number of involuntary reflexes controlled by the spinal and nerve centers.

Scientists speculate that the onset of a yawn is triggered either by fatigue, or by sheer boredom as, at those times, breathing is shallow, and little oxygen is carried to the lungs by the oxygen-toting cardiovascular. This quite plausible theory of yawning falls short of explaining many aspects of yawning.

Scientists explain away the "contagious" nature of yawning, that is when one person's yawn triggers another nearby to yawn, as due to the power of suggestion, but are at a loss when attempting to explain why yawning occurs excessively in patients with lower brainstem damage or with multiple sclerosis. Other unlocked mysteries include why fetuses in. To oil, lube, and filter the eyes.

Blinking, as opposed to batting, our eyes automatically supplies two forms of eyes. Eyelids themselves, our built-in moisture to our "wind-shield wipers," are merely folds of eyes, to keep skin, by muscles capable of themcontrolled from.

Mother Nature lined the rims of our eyelids with sebaceous, oil-producing glands, which are located between our eyelashes, and are invisible to the naked eye.

Blinking automatically coats the eyelid and eyelashes with the lubricant it secretes, to prevent them from drying out. Blinking also protects the eye from dryness by irrigating, not by irritating, the eye, The eyelid, through suction, automatically draws the fluid we cry with from the well we refer to as the tear duct over the eyeball, to irrigate, and to moisturize the eye. The process is similar to the manner in which.

Incidentally, the "camel eyelash" look is one many women attempt to duplicate by using an eyelash curler! Eyebrows, by the way, also serve their purpose, as they catch the run-off perspiration produces. Two different schools of thought exist as to why we dream: Both, however, During this we phase of sleep, our closed agree that eyes dart rapidly about, our brain dream during activity peaks, the REM, or and our muscles suffer.

Thephysiological theorycenters upon how our body, specifically our brains, function during the REM phase of sleep. Proponents of this theory believe that we dream to exercise the synapses, or pathways, between brain cells, and that dreaming takes over where the active and awake brain leaves off.

When awake, our brains constantly transmit and receive messages, which course through our billions of brain cells to their appropriate destinations, and keep our bodies in perpetual.

The second physiological fact that lends credence to this theory is that our brain waves during REM sleep, as recorded by machines measuring the brain's electrical activity, are almost identical in nature to the brain waves during the hours we spend awake. This is not the case during the other phases of sleep.

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Psychological theoristsof dreams focus upon our thoughts and emotions, and speculate that dreams deal with immediate concerns in our lives, such as unfinished business from the day, or concerns we are incapable of handling during the course of the day. Dreams can, in fact, teach us things about ourselves that we are unaware of.

Connections between dreams that the human psyche have been made by many. Others have delved into more complicated explanations for dreams, such as the prophetic nature of dreams written of in the Bible, which was and is a belief held by many cultures. Sigmund Freud, one of the fathers of modern psychology, believed dreams to be symbolic of any number of things buried deep within our minds and our memories.

Why do golf balls have dimples? So that they look cute? Because thedimples maximize the distance golf balls travel. Dimpled balls used until golfers discovered that old, bumpy travel up to balls longer distances. The science four traveled times of aerodynamics helps explain the dimpled farther than.

The dimples reduce the drag on a golf ball by redirecting more air pressure behind the golf ball rather than in front of it. The higher levels of pressure behind the golf balls force them to go far distances. The dimples change the levels of pressure by bringing the main air stream very close to the surface of the golf ball.

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The dimples, or "turbulators," increase the turbulence in the layer of air located next to the surface of the ball. This high.

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Why are most Glow - in - the Dark items green? A phenomenon namedphospho rescenceis responsible for the light most Glow-in-theDark items emit. Phosphorescen If tampered ce not occurs when with, the light the object emits is dim, and is always pale blue in color light absorbed by an object is. Chemists had a bright idea to spark interest in this phenomenon and to make it visually stimulating. They discovered that when they mixed fluorescent dye with the phosphorescent material, the object emitted a glowing, brighter green, or sometimes red, light.

The reason for this transformation is that fluorescent compounds absorb the light and rapidly emit it, giving the compounds a glowing appearance. This phenomenon.

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The most commonly used phosphorescent material used is zinc sulfide mixed with copper, and the green fluorescent dye most likely is sodium fluorescein.

The most likely source or red fluorescent dye is rhodamine. Paired together, the phosphorescent material and the fluorescent material produce a ghostly, glowing green or red light, and hours of enjoyment for young and for old alike. Why are Telephone Touch Pads set - up the way they are? Mechanical adding machines, based on rotating wheels, always have the 0 button adjacent to the 1 button. On a rotary telephone dial, the 0 comes adjacent to the 9 because a 0 in the telephone number is signalled by 10 pulses on the line.

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When telephones acquired push buttons in a grid, the ordering of the buttons was carried over from the old telephone dial. Mechanical clocks were invented in the northern hemisphere by inventors who were trying to make models of the sun's movement in the head to set on your right. Since the hour hand on sky. Electricity shocks us, because it is an outside force that interferes with the internal electricity our bodies' nervous systems we must first understand the systems, generate.

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In terms, electricity is considered Toscientific fully. Further simplified, it is so basic, that it defies explanation, and is Mother Nature's way of saying "Because I said so"! Electricity comprises positive and negative charges, opposite charges attract each other, and similar charges repel each other.

Those charges attracted to each other can be separated, with the end product being potential energy, that is, energy that will be released as voltage, should the two reunite. We pay electric companies to separate the positive and negative charges for us,.

Unfortunately, since the human body consists primarily of water, it too provides a superb conductor for electrical energy, or voltage. As the name implies, this website has thousands of free eBooks. You may not just want to read books, but also digital magazines or publications. The magazines range from cooking, travel, fashion to sport, video games, cars, cooking, and music.

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