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Learn how to handle price on the phone, fill up your pipeline, get past the gate keeper, I will show you how to make millions of dollars talking on the phone. eBooks. prev. next. Chapter 1: The Wrong Call and the Right Call Chapter 2: The . Ebook cold-calling-tips-and-million-dollar-sales-prospecting-secrets strategies will help you on your way to earning millions over the phone. Tyson Fitzgerald attached to Cold calling: Grant Cardone script · Tyson Fitzgerald renamed Cold calling: Grant Cardone.

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This is the companion ebook and included with the Millions on the Phone Live Training. Scripts for Incoming, Outbound and Cold Calls. Filled with actionable tips and techniques for phone sales. I will show you how to make millions of dollars talking on the phone. 3+ Hour Live Training 86 Page eBook LEARN HOW TO: Handle Price on the Phone Use the. 92% consumers use phones to inquire about a download. 6. 85% express . Cold calling typically refers to phone calls but can also entail drop in visits, such as door to door. .. “I sold over a half million dollars in sales last year in fireplace .

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site launched its Kindle Direct Publishing platform in , and by , it had its first breakouts in the mainstream. Ward, Rachel Abbott, Bella Andre, all getting paychecks that left authors in the rest of the industry salivating. Self-publishing has since exploded, particularly in romance, fantasy, and science fiction. For the past few years, mega-selling romance writer H.

Ward has been making a seven-figure salary across self-publishing platforms, more than half of which came through site. Even though an author could get a big advance from a traditional publisher, advance amounts vary widely—and this assumes she can get a book deal at all. But only site knows its true scale.

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The information asymmetry between site and the rest of the book industry—publishers, brick-and-mortar stores, industry analysts, aspiring writers—means that only the Seattle company has deeply detailed information, down to the page, on what people want to read. But since hundreds of thousands of authors are behaving as individual publishers on site without being tracked, any picture painted by the group has a gaping hole in it. Message-board mobilization Short of any resource for good data, authors have self-organized and tried to fill in that gap to better understand the market.

They band together on message boards to share their sales data and try to extrapolate a clearer picture of how many sales are needed to hit a certain ranking on site. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide.

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Ebook cold-calling-tips-and-million-dollar-sales-prospecting-secrets 1. Page 2 Last year, InsideSales. LinkedIn is a powerful tool, and smart salespeople use it to conduct pre-call research and find natural connec- tions rather than using it for traditional cold calling. It was one of the most successful webi- nars InsideSales. Many sales professionals still con- sider it a critical tool in their sales toolbox.

Cold calling remains one of the most cost- effective ways of reaching new customers. Many dread the idea of cold calling, and find themselves nervous and discouraged every time they have to dial a new number. Together, they hosted an insanely success- ful webinar where they each shared their best cold calling tips and sales prospect- ing secrets. This ebook focuses on combining the art and technology of sales to help improve your cold calling and prospecting efforts.

Introduction Published by InsideSales. He is a highly respected business expert whose passion is to teach people and businesses how to expand, regardless of economic climate. His books, seminars, online sales training uni- versity CardoneUniversity provide people of all professional backgrounds with the practi- cal tools necessary to build their path to true freedom. The research and data-driven approach he uses has led to best practices for contacting and closing leads.

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Ken is also a regular contributor to Forbes. Find out more about how to wring the most value out of your leads by visiting InsideSales. These days, very few salespeople are blindly picking up the phone and randomly dialing numbers. Social media and online databases have helped reps turn cold calls into warm calls. Salespeople now have the power to con- duct pre-call research and learn important details about a lead before ever picking up the phone.

Even with all of the new technology, there are still elements of cold calling that remain relevant. Understanding levels of obscurity Grant likes to use the term obscurity when he discusses cold calling. According to him, at one point or another, every communica- tion you have with a prospect is cold. Obscurity is one of the biggest problems businesses face. It diminishes your value, your brand and your business. The purpose of modern cold calling and sales prospecting is to move your organi- zation out of obscurity and into familiarity.

Sales vocabulary sometimes uses the terms warm call or warm prospect when referring to someone who has shown interest. Warm prospects often have some con- nection with you, whether through a web-generated lead or a referral.

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Grant shared a short story to illustrate the importance of not assuming familiarity. He once walked into a meeting where his The Art of Cold Calling 6. Page 6 client had set an appointment with an important decision maker. Because the prospect had agreed to an in-person meeting, you might assume that this prospect would rank as a little warmer on our sales thermometer. Grant started the meeting by asking her if she knew why they were there.

Her response? The signals pointed to her being a warm lead, but in reality, she was as cold as she could get. Overcoming obscurity All of this begs the question: How can you increase your chances of making a suc- cessful cold call?

As we discussed earlier, the key is to escape obscurity and gain familiarity. Grant recommends following these nine steps to build your brand and achieve cold calling success. The people we interact with, the products or services we sell, or the industry we operate in can all vary. Page 7 Grant suggests nine simple steps every rep should master, regardless of the situation. So whatever you sell, keep these helpful hints in mind. Have the right attitude As the saying goes, 90 percent of every- thing in life is attitude.

The same goes for sales.

Before you ever pick up the phone, you need to have the right attitude. Before Grant makes a call or sits down to type an email, the first thing he does is get his head wrapped around the concept. He tells himself he can sell anyone on any deal in any situation.

Give yourself a little pep talk each time and remind yourself: Sell yourself before trying to sell anyone else. What are you hoping to get out of that call? Page 8 Is it to close a deal? Is it to find out who the decision makers are?

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Is it to get an appointment? Know your goal and tailor your pitch accordingly, because each of these calls will require a slightly different approach.

Your claim has to be something a pros- pect cannot regurgitate and a competitor cannot imitate. Nobody downloads anything except for one reason, to solve a problem.

Wow them with what you know and what you can deliver. Gains and losses Before making a cold call, many people complain of nervous jitters.

Grant encourages every sales professional to remember that with each call, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Great salespeople know this and it serves as a powerful confidence booster and motivator. The best value Every salesperson must believe they have the best value, regardless of price.

Understand what makes you better. Make sure to convince yourself of this value as well as your prospect. Respect your prospects Treat everyone with respect.

How To Make Millions On The Phone

Sales reps who are calling people all day can start treating new prospects like the last eight people they failed to sell. Page 9 This is a big problem with cold calls. You need to start fresh with every call and treat each new prospect with respect. Or in the sales sense, never depend on one call. You need lots of calls to be successful.

Page 10 Grant has perfected the art of selling. The art of selling is what we envision when we picture great salespeople. In a figura- tive sense, great sales professionals know how to read the tea leaves and provide the right solutions to their customers at the right time.

What is inside sales? To better understand the science behind cold calling, and sales prospecting as a whole, we need to take a step back and understand the nature of inside sales. People are unaware or misinformed about what inside sales actually is. Inside sales is defined as professional sales done remotely. Telemarketing is the annoy- ing call you get at dinnertime, while inside sales focuses on professional B2B sales and big-ticket B2C sales.

The evolution of inside sales Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce. While there, he became the youngest vice president by the age of He revolutionized the sales industry by combining remote sales via the phone with the Internet.

His goal was to use technology as a means of replicating face-to-face sales. Fast-forward to today, and inside sales has taken the world by storm.