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Roger says he asked her for money to build houses in her garden. Rowena Akinyemi. Introduction Diane), thwarted love (Jackie and Tom Briggs), disputes . 20 marks. Total marks. OxFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY sTAge 1. 19? OxFORD uNIVERSITY PRESS PHOTOCOPIABLE. Love or Money? Rowena Akinyemi. Money? Rowena Akinyemi OUP Oxford, Rowena Akinyemi 64 pages Oxford. Bookworms Library: die. file download Another Love Or Money pages Renew your love affair with Jackie Calhoun, and let the # 1 .

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Love or Học Cao. ROWENAKINYEM I LOVE OR MONEY? Baxter ROWENA AKINYEMI Love or Money?,- OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS OX. Работа по теме: LOVE OR MONEY. LOVE OR Скачиваний: Добавлен: ROWENA AKINYEMI A complete recording of this Bookworms edition of Love or Money? is available on audio CD isbn Crime (v Mystery. Love or Money? ROWENA AKINYEMI. Love or Money?,- because I have no money for the train ticket.' 'No money!.

All of her family and relatives wanted her money. She invited her family and relatives to her house. They ate together and talked to the others. Molly was very angry. She drank a cup of milk last night. There were some sleeping tablets in the cup of milk. Someone put them into the cup.

One Thursday morning in July, Jackie came in from the garden. She was a tall, fat woman, thirty years old.

It was the hottest day of the year, but she wore a warm brown skirt and yellow shirt. She went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Just then the phone rang. The Clarkson family had a big, old house with a beautiful garden. This is Diane.

I want to talk to Mother. What's wrong?

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You are going to come this weekend? Mother wants everyone to be here. Mother is always giving you money!

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I need the money. She took a cigarette from her bag and began to smoke. She felt angry because her sister always asked for money.

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Diane was twenty years old, the youngest in the family. She lived in London, in one room of a big house. She wanted to be a singer. She sang very well but she could never get work.

Jackie went back into the kitchen and began to make some sandwiches. Just then the back door opened, and her mother came in.

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She took off her hat and put it down on the table. She was a tall, dark woman with beautiful eyes. Two big, black dogs came into the kitchen after her and ran across to her.

She sat down and put her hands on their heads. She wants money. Jackie loved a man, Tom Briggs, a poor gardener. She thought her mom never gave her anything she wanted. Jackie was arrested by the police.

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Except Jackie, everyone got the money. Roger had a nice house and a nice car, but he still took money from Molly. Her sons and daughters were adults. There are lots of things more important than money. Jackie was a good daughter. But Molly thought Jackie should do that. Molly never thanked Jackie.

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Molly cared this thing very much. Molly was self-contradictory. Did Molly love money? Yes, she did. Jackie had to take care of her mom, so she wanted Molly to be happy.