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Faculdade de Medicina. Conflict of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest. Received Feb 29; Accepted Nov This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. METHODS: This is a cross-sectional, population-based, and household-based study, carried out in with adolescents aged 10 to 19 years. We described the variables of sexual intercourse in life and in the last 12 months, age at first intercourse, condom use and number of partners, guidance on pregnancy, AIDS, or other sexually transmitted infections, and guidance on how to get condoms.

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Totale - … ; 1 Rapporto tra detenuti presenti e agenti in forza: situazione al 13 febbraio Regione Detenuti presenti Agenti in f Intersectoral partnerships between education and health also need to be strengthened to promote the autonomous and safe exercise of sexuality in this population. Physiologically, this phase of human development begins with the first signs of puberty c.

The transition to adulthood happens among the maturation of organs and systems, the personal trajectory, and the experiences of family and social contexts 1. Curiosity guides discoveries and experiments and there is a distancing from the parental figures and greater appreciation of the peer group toward the emancipation and socialization of adolescents 1.

There is influence of socioeconomic, cultural, and gender factors and, in the rural area, there is also a tendency to preserve more conservative behaviors in relation to gender relations and sexual behavior 3.

In these rural communities, the geographic dispersion, the difficulty of access, and the limitations in the quality of health services show a greater precariousness when compared to the urban health conditions b. Adolescents are sometimes deprived of access to formal education, health services, and leisure and work opportunities, which are of great importance for their development c.

It sought to respond to a demand that primary care professionals had to know the epidemiological profile, understand its health-disease-care process, and problematize care strategies for this population segment that is still distant from health services. Based on these questions, we defined as objective the description of the sexual behavior of rural adolescents of a municipality in Bahia and the identification of individual factors and the associated family and social contexts.

It was a cross-sectional, population-based, and household-based study that used a structured questionnaire.

All adolescents aged 18 years or more signed the Informed Consent IC. Adolescents younger than 18 years signed the informed consent, expressing their agreement to participate in this study, only after their guardians signed the IC. To ensure the representativeness and viability of the research, we chose a sampling strategy that considered the territorial extension and the population of adolescents living in rural communities.

Thus, we used as sample principles the selection of proportional households for the number of adolescents per community and the interview of only one adolescent per household.

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In addition, the sample was calculated separately for each stratum so we could obtain valid estimates for the quilombola and non-quilombola populations. In order to carry out the population estimate, we used the data of Record A completed by the community agents during the household visits.

Sexual behavior and associated factors in rural adolescents

However, considering that only one adolescent per household would be interviewed and the number of households for the quilombola group would be greater, all households in the quilombola communities were visited, resulting in an increase of 7.

We excluded from the study adolescents or guardians who were unable to respond to the questionnaire because they were inebriated at the moment of data collection or presented severe mental disorders with cognitive impairment. Sampling for non-quilombola adolescents occurred in two stages: 1 random selection of households with adolescents, according to the proportional distribution of adolescents per community, 2 random selection of adolescents in each household. In the quilombola households, we only randomly selected the adolescents in the household.