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Hack-X-Crypt A Straight Forward Guide Towards Ethical Hacking And Cyber Security by Ujjwal M [ ] Hacking - Basic Security, Penetration Testing. sample chapter 3 - hacking, , M. [TXT], rfchtml Web App Hacking (Hackers Handbook).pdf, , M. Windows and Web programming has grown into a massive database of tweaks and tips for. Windows XP Hacking Windows.

Today we are going to dig into Google hacking techniques, also known as Google Dorks. What is a Google Dork? A Google Dork, also known as Google Dorking or Google hacking, is a valuable resource for security researchers. For the average person, Google is just a search engine used to find text, images, videos, and news. However, in the infosec world, Google is a useful hacking tool.


You may need it to check target in different geographies, simulate nonpersonalized browsing behavior, anonymized file transfers, etc. Its various tools work seamlessly together to support the entire pen testing process.

It spans from initial mapping to analysis of an application's attack surface. Features: It can detect over web application vulnerabilities.

Scan open-source software and custom-built applications An easy to use Login Sequence Recorder allows the automatic scanning Review vulnerability data with built-in vulnerability management. It supports active and passive dissection includes features for network and host analysis.

It cracks vulnerable wireless connections. It scans IP addresses and ports. It can acts as your 'virtual security consultant' on demand. Fadia has given us into the world of hacking.. Fadia was entertainingly candid with the crowd and shared his experiences with them at large. The audience, which mostly catered to the young generation, absorbed all of it and enjoyed the rendering of knowledge by Mr. Fadia, in spite of the technical subject at hand.

It was a welcome change for the crowd to be addressed by a young and successful professional like Mr. Ankit Fadia, someone they could relate to, and understand without the usual monotony that technical seminars tend to include.

Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing (2017).pdf

The event was very well received by the crowd and proved to be a stepping stone for more such endeavors to come. This workshop is one of the best if not the best workshop I have attended. As an Engineering student I must like to say that one day of Ankit's workshop is more practically informative than our whole semester.

He explains networking concepts with such ease that everyone starts to take interest in computer networks. Ankit as we have seen on national television has a very informative and witty way to present materials from his presentation. He is one of the best tech brain in India and his workshop justifies to it. He speaks the language of the gen next and leaves a great impression Audience was spellbound for more than two hours. It was a rude shock to note that how unsecured we are in the digital world.

Hats off to Mr Ankit Fadia for the wonderful presentation Sir had a well organized time table for the day and he executed it with meticulous perfection. We had heard many a tales of his being a great speaker. But it was wonderfully amazing to witness first-hand how easily he managed to keep the audience attentive and interested throughout a workshop of 7. He made his sessions interactive and brought up scenarios and examples that kept the people at the edge of their seats. The question-answer session was quite a hit!

Even at the organizational level, sir was a pleasure to deal with. Being the celebrity that he is, his no-fuss and easy going attitude was quite a surprise!

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His co-operation and evident love for teaching may well be declared the reason for the success of the workshop. At the end of the day, the attendees went home leased-asking us to conduct many more such workshops. Ankit Fadia to conduct the workshop The crowd immensely appreciated the way the technical details were explained.

The flow of the presentation was extremely good,and the humour used by Mr Fadia kept the crowd engaged. The show stealer was the live hacking of accounts ,that left the students completely amazed Not only the audience but the whole Sakal team was completely spell bound during the talk. There were so many things in the IT sector which were always there but thanks to you we got to explore them in new ways.

The students attending the seminar also learnt new techniques of handling the Internet and staying away from cybercrime and criminals. We look forward to more knowledge on the subject through future associations with you The sheer presence of Mr. Ankit Fadia as a speaker brought smiles on every bodies face.

Official Website of Ankit Fadia.

He redefined the difference between Hackers and Crackers for the audience. When you scan finishes you will be presented with a comprehensive vulnerability audit detailing its findings. We can click any one of these for more information. In this case we can see that our target is running a VNC server with the default password of password.


We can use this information later when we exploit the machine with Metasploit explained later. Sparta: Sparta is a Python tool that is included with Kali Linux. This tool has a suite of tools built into one handy package.

This program will initiate a Nmap scan, run a Nikto vulnerability scan, then try to launch a Hydra attack against your target. Pretty amazing tool for something so easy to use!

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To launch Sparta you can either type sparta into the Terminal or launch it from the Applications - Information Gathering. Once you launch the program click into the Hosts window and enter the IP of the target machine and click Add to scope. In this example we use our Metasploitable machine. This will initiate a Nmap scan and Nicto scan. Once the scan finishes we can see a number of tabs and information including Ports, Protocols, States, Versions, Screenshots of the target, Nikto vulnerability scan info, and the various Hydra password attacks performed.

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Hydra attack show from initial scan Our other option if we were not so lucky would be to click the Brute tab and initiate a Hydra attack on the target.

As you can see there are a number of services that you can choose to attack. Gaining access: Now that we have done our initial research it's time to try and gain access to the network or computer.

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We will be looking at some ways to do this. Password cracking: When it comes to password cracking there is no shortage of tools and techniques to break into computers, websites, email accounts, phones, and anything else that has a password protection. We will be looking at some techniques that can be employed in bypassing passwords on various devices and services. It should be noted that any "hacking" tool will likely flag your anti-virus. You will need to make your own determination as to how confident you feel in using it.

Index of pdf intitle hack

The great thing about this, aside from having a ton of tools is that it does not require any installation. Launching the program we can see a number of utilities, we are going to view some of the Password options. In the example above we clicked on the WirelessKeyView. This tool will scan the wireless network that the computer is currently connected to and display the network name, key type, Hex key, Ascii key, etc. This is a very quick and easy tool to show passwords. Simply plug into your target computer, boot off your USB, and login.

Konboot won't tell you what user password is, however it will blank it for that one session. After you log out, the user password will be required to login again. This is useful to gain access to a system without tipping off the user. John uses a dictionary attack A dictionary attack uses a list of words to crack password. Hydra is another long standing password cracker that is currently bundled with Kali Linux. Hydra can be used for remote password cracking. Locations: Sometimes cracking a password is as simple as reading a sticky note.

If you have physical access to the area check around the desk, computer, screen, keyboard, under the keyboard, etc. Even high ranking individuals have been known to write down their passwords in plain sight. You will need physical access to the computer, however this can be done within a few minutes. The program is free and runs on Linux and OS X.

The program is also bundled into Backtrack and Kali Linux. Below is an example of a credential harvesting attack. We would use this to steal a person's login and password for a site. We will be doing this demo in Backtrack. You can find this by typing ifconfig for Linux and OS X machines without the quotes. Under the next field type in the website to clone.

Be sure to add in the full address. Once we have the program running we need to get the address out. For this we can do this by QR code, text, etc. In this case we will email it out. In this case I will be sending out the email though Gmail. I will embed the link by clicking the Insert link option. Next fill in the address of where you want the victim think's they are going to.

Once we have the link embedded, it will appear to be a legitimate address. When the victim clicks the link it will appear legitimate.

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We simply wait for them to login. Once the victim logs in their user name and password will be displayed for us. When crafting the email be sure to check your spelling! Make the reasoning enticing for them to login You will need to spoof the sender, be sure to craft your email to match that particular sender. Speech, signatures, images, etc. This is a website based program. Personally I don't trust it so I entered in a fake email. Once you create an account you will see several different templates in various languages.