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Hymnal for The Church Without a Name, The Truth, Two By Twos. Hymns Old & New Edition. Jan 8, We have assembled something like , pages of old hymnals, and naturally of Roman Catholic hymns, such as Ave Maris Stella, Audi Benigne Conditor, Ad Regias Agni Dapes, etc. THE NEW OFFICE HYMN BOOK. New springs within my heart arise. While I behold His sacrifice;. My soul desires, it yearns to be,. A sacrifice, O Lord, for Thee. Though powers of earth and hell.

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Hymns Old and New Home page Hymns published by the fellowship known as " The The 43 page pdf file Concise Index of Hymns includes details of hymns. Complete, fully searchable information about Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New, with page scans. Page 1. HYMNS OLD AND NEW – REVISED & ENLARGED – 1 to Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7.

R L Allan has also refused to provide contact details for the Trustees unless they are told the identity of the website compiler. It can be printed in booklet form. Other editions were printed in Australia Other languages have also been published but they are not referenced on this site. The Authors page provides a detailed index of the edition hymn authors, and translator detail is provided on the Translator page. Concordance provides full line references for all words with 5 letters or more in the edition. Caution: large page which might take a while to load.

Sam wrote this hymn in Sept. Sam wrote this hymn in May Howard B. Grose Willie went into the work in and labored in Australia, eastern Canada and N.

Alex wrote this hymn in He labored in Australia and N. John went into the work in ; labored in Ireland and Scotland, and wrote over hymns.

Rene professed in ; went into the work in and labored in S. Australia, Tasmania and N. The words of this hymn came to Charles one sleepless night. He lived in western Canada. James went into the work in and labored in Scotland, Germany and midwestern U. Sandy went into the work in and labored in Scotland, U. Mackay 19th century. This hymn was translated into English by workers in Sweden.

Sam went into the work in and labored in Ire. Mabel wrote this hymn in Modesto, California in She labored in western U. Sam went into the work in and labored in Ireland until he went to Australia in Faber ; Eng.

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It originally contained thirteen verses. Gladys wrote this hymn in , after hearing a message on the kingdom of God. Pollard This hymn is taken from Isaiah The author lived in Brooklyn, New York.

This hymn is based on Matt.

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Ramsey Harry labored in Scot. Ohio, Indiana, Missouri. Joel originally wrote this hymn in Spanish; it was translated into English by his sister Virginia.

Ken has labored in England and Madagascar. Rene wrote the words and music in Invercargill, N. Harry heard the gospel in Sask.

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He was living in B. May lives in Victoria, Australia. She also wrote the music to this hymn. Willie went into the work in and labored in Australia, Canada and N. Ayres ? Willie went into the work in and labored in Scotland, western U. Sam wrote this hymn in Australia in Sandy wrote this hymn after viewing some footprints in stone outside the city of Rome.

Watson ; Eng.

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Glenn wrote the music to his hymns. He labored in the eastern U. Margaret Easton wrote these words to a Ger. She now lives in Napier, N. James 19th century Habershon ; Eng. The author wrote hundreds of hymns.

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Morse MRS. Rene wrote this hymn after much searching for a place to hold gospel meetings. Mary professed in ; she went into the work in and labored in southern U. Findlater 19th century.

Everest ; U. The author lived in Hampton, Connecticut, U. Kirkpatrick ; U. The author wrote and published hymns. He also wrote the music to this hymn. Hymns were originally modeled on the Psalms and other poetic passages commonly referred to as "canticles" in the Scriptures, Christian hymns are generally directed as praise to the Christian God.

Many refer to Jesus Christ either directly or indirectly. Since the earliest times, Christians have sung "psalms and hymns and spiritual songs", both in private devotions and in corporate worship Matthew ; Mark ; Acts ; 1 Cor ; Ephesians ; Colossians ; James ; cf. Revelation ; Revelation One definition of a hymn is " It should be simple and metrical in form, genuinely emotional, poetic and literary in style, spiritual in quality, and in its ideas so direct and so immediately apparent as to unify a congregation while singing it.

Others are used to encourage reverence for the Holy Bible or to celebrate Christian practices such as the eucharist or baptism.

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Some hymns praise or address individual saints, particularly the Blessed Virgin Mary; such hymns are particularly prevalent in Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and to some extent High Church Anglicanism. A collection of hymns is called a hymnal or hymnary. These may or may not include music.