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Note: You might be prompted with an installation request for C++ Runtime, please install accordingly or your eBook Reader might not work as intended. Jan 12, Introducing an innovative approach to learning in school, at home or on the move ! Each Shing Lee ebook includes not only the complete text of. Dec 21, Each Shing Lee ebook includes not only the complete text of the printed book. Many of our online publications give you access to the numerous.

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eBook Access. Register · Step 1. Step 2. Select your platform to download your eBook. Read this. User Guide · Step 3. Click here to change your password. Log in to; Click the top right gear setting icon. Click “ Manage Device.” Delete unwanted device(s) record. Log in from your new device /s. eBook Access. Register. Select your platform to download your eBook Shing Lee Publishers Pte Ltd is a leading publisher of educational books, interactive.

In this series, the concrete to abstract approach is adopted to introduce new concepts. Vivid and stimulating illustrations are used throughout the series to enhance learning. The knowledge base is built incrementally as the pupils progress up the levels so as to consolidate the linkages among mathematical concepts. The series aims to meet the learning needs of pupils from Primary One to Six. It comprises textbooks and workbooks at each level. Every worksheet in the workbook corresponds to each concept learnt. Textbook 3A comprises 7 chapters.

Now you can: I cannot download my book. It says 'preparing publication for first use' and goes black and does not react. Don't you even feel slightly ashamed to publish this app?

Forever lagging for no reason, doesn't save last viewed pages correctly, lags while zooming.

I think even a toddler can program a better pdf reader. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Description Introducing an innovative approach to learning — in school, at home or on the move!

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Mark my word, I mean it. Size Category Education. Compatibility Requires iOS 7. You are advised to check your junk mailbox in case our verification email has been flagged as a spam email.

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If you still do not receive any verification email from us after an hour, please contact our support team. I've tried logging in, but there were no books. You will have to activate the books on the app using the access code given. If you do not have an access code, please download one. For sales-related matters, please contact our sales team for further assistance. I've tried logging in on a browser, but I was not able to access the books.

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I've tried logging in, but it says wrong login ID and password. I'm sure I have keyed in the correct password. To ensure account integrity, we have a secured system in place. You may have keyed in a wrong password for more than 5 times, thus your account has been locked by the system. How do I update my profile, i. You may update your profile by clicking on the 'Settings' icon and click on 'Update Profile'.

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Can I change my password? Yes, you can change your password by clicking on the 'Settings' icon and 'Change password'. App Where do I download the app?

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I am unable to download the app on any of the platforms. Do I need a special account to download it? No, anyone with or without an account can download the app.

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Please ensure that you have an internet connection before attempting to download our app from the links above.

I am unable to install the app on Windows. Please ensure you have downloaded and installed the correct version. The app automatically shut down on its own. If crashes happen too frequently, please proceed to uninstall the app and do a fresh installation. If the reinstallation does not help, please contact our support team for further assistance. Can I use the app on a shared device? Please log out of your account after each session. I will be upgrading to a newer device.

What should I do? You might want to uninstall your app on the current device to prevent any form of discrepancies. To start using the app on your new device, all you need to do is to download the app, log into your account and start downloading the books. I have just reformatted my device, and the log in page now says that I have an invalid login even though I am using the same device before reformatting.

Some devices change its device ID when the device is reset to factory settings, thus you will have to delete your previous device ID to prevent login restriction.

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To remove device records, please refer to the following instructions. It will register your new device to your account.

Access Codes How do I activate the codes? Please click on the 'Activate' tab on your app for all platforms to activate your codes. You are only required to activate each code once, and the activated books will be tagged to your account.

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The log in page says that I have an invalid code. Please ensure that your code has not been used, and that you have entered the code correctly. Where do I get the access codes?

For sales related matters, please approach our sales team for further assistance. The book I got from the code is different from the one I downloadd.

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I have keyed in the access code and clicked Confirm, but there were no books on my dashboard.