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Are you trying to step up your entrepreneurial game and sell your own eBook? We have a list of 21 helpful eBook ideas for you to started. Here are 10 ebook idea starters that will hopefully add fuel to your writing fire. So we're here to help get you in the mindset of writing that ebook we know is in. One of the biggest difficulties facing people who are getting into the ebook business for the first time is finding the right subject ideas for their ebooks.

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You've decided to write an ebook but you have no idea what you're going to write about. This list of topics, plus 10 ways to cover each, gives you a total of . Editorial Reviews. From Scientific American. Quite simply, the best book on creativity I have ever seen. Review. How To Get Ideas answers the basic questions. Finding the right idea for your business-boosting ebook doesn't have to be so difficult. In fact, if you try the five methods below, you will soon.

Writers have asked how to get lot of ideas for ebooks you can write quickly. We cover that in detail in Sizzling Success from Short Reports and Short Stories , but here are three of my favorite ways. News Websites: Become a News Junkie. I spend way too much time browsing news websites each day, but it does have a benefit. You learn to spot trends, and see what people are talking about. Once you get into the habit, you can spot dozens of ideas for short ebooks in a few minutes. You can just browse news stories, or you can enter a broad topic.

10 Compelling eBook Ideas That Will Boost Your School’s Content Marketing Strategy

The overarching idea is that this ebook is a collection of your work. Lists are a popular and highly consumable article format which translates well to ebooks. If the idea of doing this for your ebook appeals to you, start looking at lists online to see what some of the recurring topics are.

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Use those as a springboard to develop other ideas. Step-by-step processes are basically lists that go in a specific order. Educational ebooks tend to sell well.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Generate eBook Ideas

People download a lot of information products that explain how to do something, especially as it relates to a big-ticket download. What ideas can you come up with here?

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Do you work with a lot of forms, contracts, and other standard documents? If so, consider putting together a virtual toolkit for other people in your position.

What other things can you add to round out your ebook package? For a similar but more modern concept, do influencer spotlights instead. Think of them as mini biographies. If you write a bunch of them, you can assemble them into an organized collection discussed above. Interviewing these people will give you plenty to write about, and it will build goodwill among those you profile. By now, you probably have a few potential ideas for ebook topics.

Start by researching keywords related to your ideas. See how popular these terms are with free tools like Google Analytics and Google Trends.

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If it seems like your ebook might have an audience, check out your keywords on site. Is there a good number of books on your topic? What are other ebooks not addressing? But before you do Still not sure what to write about? Check out our list of ebook ideas along with 10 popular ways to cover them for a total of 1, possible ebook topics. Let Bob Bly show you exactly how to build a six-figure passive income in under two years writing, publishing and selling your own ebooks.

You are commenting as a guest. As an ebook writer, the benefits are far greater. By authoring a compelling ebook for your school, you can position your school as an expert in your niche while reaching new students and families on a deeper level. You can explore a topic near and dear to your educational philosophy in richer context.

And you can create something of value for your dream families that will help you gain their trust — and potentially their enrollment.

11 Coolest Ebook Ideas Ever | BIG Brand System

Writing an ebook can be a seriously strategic content marketing step. Here are 10 ebook idea starters for schools that will hopefully add fuel to your writing fire: 1.

Write a how-to guide. You know those FAQs you have kicking around your website or marketing kit? Look at the top five. Is there enough substance behind one of them to warrant a deeper dive?

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Consider turning that persistent question into a comprehensive how-to guide that provides evergreen tips your audiences can use to find the answer. Combine blog posts on a topic to create a rich resource.

Make an eBook: How to Easily Create a PDF eBook that Rocks

I often start reading a post on one topic, only to link off to another until I find myself lost in a maze of ideas and information. Take the work out of your blog content by turning some of your bigger, more popular topics into ebooks that provide a linear narrative. You most likely have the bulk of the content written; now you just need to string it together.

Create an illustrated storybook. Your audience will enjoy the playfulness and appreciate the straightforward storytelling. Develop seasonal resources. Do any of your programs or innovative offerings have a seasonal connection?

Create a workbook. Give those things away! Help your dream families get started.