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The new update of aadhaar card now the password has been changed now The password for this E-Aadhaar PDF file is 8 characters long and with some. What is the Password to Open an e-Aadhaar card PDF File? You can open the aadhar card pdf file by using a combination of the first four letters of your name. You can now download a pdf file of your aadhar card and open by using password. e-Aadhar Card, and then we try to open the PDF Document, it asks go to the Adhaar Card Center to Download & Print the Adhaar Card.

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UIDAI is mandated to issue an easily verifiable 12 digit random number as Unique Identity - Aadhaar to all Residents of India. Once you download the E-Aadhaar, you will notice that it is a PDF file. This PDF file is password protected. The password to this E-Aadhaar PDF file is of 8. Steps to download and print e-Aadhaar: • Log onto Nodal officers in that district who have access to the Online Aadhaar search portal The e-Aadhaar in the pdf format is password protected and the password is.

Then you can print a copy of it. This method is very simple, only thing to keep in mind is to enter your name and birth year accurately. Your then good to go! If you have forgotten your e-Aadhaar password, you need not worry. SInce it is simple to keep track on, just enter the starting four letters of your name and the year of your birth in the above mentioned format with no space. You can download your Aadhaar card by name and birth year. Click on download e-Aadhaar and enter your name in capital first for letters only along with birth year to gain access to the PDF file.

Select the download Aadhaar card option. Enter your virtual id, full name, pin code and security code.

UIDAI has made generation of Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID) easier for you

You can also use the TOTP option to validate your request. In this way, Virtual Id helps you download Aadhaar card. This is probably because you may have misspelt or input the password incorrectly. Enter the first four letters of your name in capital, along with the year in which you were born. The details must be in sync with your Aadhaar card details.

These must be typed with no space between them. How can I download my Aadhar card copy? You will then be redirected to another page for entering the above details. You can now view your Aadhaar in a PDF format.

Leave a rating! Just, by knowing your Aadhaar number, no one can harm you. Aadhaar identity, instead, is instantly verifiable and hence more trusted. Hence, it is near impossible to impersonate you if you use Aadhaar to prove your identity.

People have been freely giving other identity documents such as passport, voter ID, PAN card, ration card, driving license, etc. But did they stop using these documents for the fear that somebody would use them to impersonate?

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They continue using them and if any fraud happens, the law enforcement agencies handle them as per law. The same logic will apply to Aadhaar. In fact, Aadhaar is more secure than many other identity documents, because unlike other IDs, Aadhaar is instantly verifiable through biometric and OTP authentication and QR code.

Further, under the Aadhaar Act, stringent penalties, including fines and imprisonment are provided whenever a person misuses your Aadhaar number or tries to cause any harm to you. There are many agencies that simply accept physical copy of Aadhaar and do not carry out any biometric or OTP authentication or verification.

Is this a good practice? Open or Close Aadhaar is to be accepted as a proof of identity only after proper authentication under the Aadhaar Act.

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Also, UIDAI strongly recommends that if authentication facility is not available, the verification of Aadhaar should be done offline through QR code available on the physical Aadhaar copy. If any agency does not follow these best practices, then that agency will be fully responsible for situations or losses arising out of possible misuse or impersonation.

An Aadhaar holder is not responsible for the wrongful act of or by any agency. What happens if some fraudster who obtains a copy of my Aadhaar card and tries to open a bank account in my name without my knowledge.

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Will I not be harmed? Then you will need to fill in your Full Name. The Name which you will mention here should be the same one you mentioned when registering for Aadhaar.

In the next row, enter the PIN Code of the postal address you mentioned when registering for Aadhaar. Enter the Image text relevant to the image which is being displayed a row above.

Order Aadhaar print — officially from UIDAI

Enter your mobile no. This mobile no. You will receive a One Time Password on your registered mobile no.

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Then, a PDF file will be presented to you for downloading. That is your E-Aadhaar. As mentioned before, your online Aadhaar card E-Aadhaar card is password protected. Through this you understand how to obtain the password to open your Aadhaar card pdf file.

Aadhar Card Password 2019 to Open Aadhar Card

Moreover, if you have forgotten your Aadhaar card PDF password you can know that by following the above steps. Benefits of E-Aadhaar Card If your Aadhaar card has been stolen or misplaced you can very easily visit the aforementioned online link and download the same at your comfort and convenience.

This downloaded file is called E-Aadhaar.