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You should be able to find and use existing scriptable components in your own applications and create a simple XPCOM component by using JavaScript or C++. Learn how to create, develop, and test a Cross-Platform Component Object Model (XPCOM) component that can be used by the Firefox. JavaScript/XPCOM Resources. MDC: XPCOM · MDC: How to Build an XPCOM Component in JavaScript · MozillaZine KB: Implementing XPCOM Components.

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XPConnect: Using XPCOM Components From. Script CHAPTER 3. Component Internals Creating Components in C++ XPCOM Initialization This guide is about Gecko, and about creating XPCOM components for to make your C++ code into a component that can be used in Gecko. This is a "Hello World" tutorial for creating an XPCOM component in JavaScript. This tutorial does not describe how and why XPCOM works the.

Using XPCOM components from firefox and mozilla's static builds I am confused on how to load components from mozilla when I have done a static-build. I was trying to extend it to support firefox, but I am unable to load any components when I link my code with firefox's static b I'm using a webpb app to return html to the browser, but, for example if i make the destination an iframe within the main document and do the webpb call from the iframe to poupulate the iframe, then in dhtml i cannot reference any of the objects within the iframe as i get a security violation. Mozilla browser component Hi, i'm looking for some way to incorporate the browser itself into my application. I only need to put there somehow the browser pane and display the webpage I want. Is it legal to do it? Clarify me.

Maintenance Even when you are not updating a component, designing your appication in a modular way can make it easier for you to find and maintain the parts of the application that you are interested in. Mozilla has over four million lines of code, and no single individual understands the entire codebase.

The best way to tackle a project of this size is to divide it into smaller, more managable pieces, use a component programming model, and to organize related sets of components into modules. The network library, for example, consists of components for each of the protocols, HTTP, FTP, and others, which are bundled together and linked into a single library. Some software is the same.

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In areas of code that are tightly-coupled—in classes that are only used internally, for example—the expensive work to divide things may not be worth the effort. The basic idea is to identify the pieces of functionality that are related and understand how they communicate with each other. The communication channels between different component form boundaries between those components, and when those boundaries are formalized they are known as interfaces.

Interfaces Interfaces allow developers to encapsulate the implementation and inner workings of their software, and allow clients to ignore how things are made and just use that software. There is only one cpp file in the component folder.

When i build the component there are 35 unresolved references. Is it possible to build the component without installing "Mozilla's build system". I think i only need linking to right libraries. But what are the libraries? Or i should link also to I've problems to build the mozilla browser in the cygwin environment. Typically, you wouldn't modify anything in this header file.

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However, to extend and inherit from the base class, you can add more private methods and variables for extension.

Listing 3 shows an example of generating the command on Linux. Listing 3. As mentioned, you don't modify the two generated files: You inherit the interface from them. Sometimes, you might not complete all the interface at the beginning of the development phase. For example, sample.

You'll want to keep the contents and structure of the base class as simple as possible.

How to build an XPCOM component in JavaScript

In the extend file, you can add more complicated methods and functions. Listing 4 shows an example of how to write your extend class. Listing 4. For the browser to benefit from the functions provide by an XPCOM component, the component must first be registered to the browser.

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There is a form you must prepare for your component. The three macros described above must be put in the form. The browser will be aware of your components upon start-up, and register them in the component list.

JavaScript Component Wizard

Listing 5 shows a registration form for the sample. Listing 5. Sample component registration form include "nsIGenericFactory. You don't need to modify these three files unless there's a need to modify the interfaces of your component.