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The Ramsey family, with house guests, visit the Isle of Skye at least twice. The plot is not at all the point though, as this is a book about how people think and feel. Listen to To the Lighthouse audiobook by Virginia Woolf. Stream and download audiobooks to your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Bestsellers and latest. To the Lighthouse is Virginia Woolf's arresting analysis of domestic family life, centering on the Ramseys and their visits to the Isle of Skye in Scotland in the.

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To the Lighthouse Audible Audiobook – Unabridged. To the Lighthouse is Virginia Woolf's arresting analysis of domestic family life, centering on the Ramseys and their visits to the Isle of Skye in Scotland in the early s. © Virginia Woolf (P) Audible, Inc. To the Lighthouse (Audible Audio Edition): Virginia Woolf, Juliet Stevenson, Naxos AudioBooks: Audible Audiobooks. To the Lighthouse (Audible Audio Edition): Virginia Woolf, Phyllida Law, Blackstone Audio: Books.

The Waves unabridged Reviews Mrs Ramsay wife of a distinguished philosopher, mother of eight, and a sympathetic hostess provides the heartbeat of a shabby-grand holiday house in the Hebrides and at the same time ceaselessly gauges the secret rhythms of its many intertwined pulses. Hers is the dominant interior monologue of this pre-first-world-war interlude. Other voices most notably that of unmarried artist Lily Briscoe fade in and out, and Juliet Stevenson turns this haunting story, in which nothing really happens, into a tone-poem of delicately nuanced probings into human relationships. It is. The action, such as it is, takes place in the holiday home of the Ramsay family, on a Hebridean island before and after the great war.

This unabridged version is read by Juliet Stevenson. You can legally download or stream this audio book and listen to it for free at , Deezer, and in high quality at Audible. Find more Classics audio books at Audioobook. To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf Length: Deezer Gratis. Listen to sample. Woolf, V.: The Window Part 1 Walking With A Beautiful Woman The Stocking Someone Had Blundered Without this lively narration by Stevenson, I must admit I might almost rather read a law school textbook, such is the general sedative effect of Virginia Woolf on me.

Having said that, I was able to appreciate Woolf's delicate and understated writing style, admiring her knack for finding the beauty in small things; in nature and in the fine details of human relationships. I credit Stevenson with her enthusiastic narration for helping me overcome the boredom of reading Virginia Woolf.

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To the lighthouse

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The lighthouse audio book to

Give as a Gift Send this book as a Gift! Book Rating Remove From Cart. Not a wrong note in the book. She has a beautiful voice that is pure pleasure to listen to. What did you like best about this story? There is little plot to this story but Woolf's detailed description of the thoughts of the characters is amazing.

To the Lighthouse is a brilliant but difficult book. It is often told in a "stream of consciousness" style. There is no narrator and little plot.

To the Lighthouse Audiobook | Virginia Woolf |

Juliet Stevenson's energetic performance makes the novel is much easier to understand. Juliet Stevenson does a wonderful job reading this story. She was great with Mrs. I would search her out specifically. To hear her read the rigorous rationality of Virginia Woolf, who so sadly left before saying all that we need to hear, is wonderful.

Not the first Juliet Stevenson-read book to get, but you have to get them all, anyway, so Any additional comments? It's a great book, nothing to say about that Here it's all about insight, the same scene narrated from more than one point of view - of course, the main character is Mrs. Ramsey the one who keeps the others together , but the author shows the thoughts of the others, as well - especially how they see Mrs.

Ramsey and each other This book is a pleasant stream of consciousness novel with little dialog or story. The characters are explored through their inner dialog and their perceptions of the environment, the other characters and, most importantly, themselves. There is a bit of justifiable feminist angst in the writing which I found a distraction weakening the work and distracting from the primary focus.

The narration was excellent, using delicate pacing and tone to express complex internal states. The narration switches between characters which was a bit difficult to follow at points. I was surprised to see an attached PDF file.

Book to lighthouse audio the

This has the CD liner notes, including a table of contents and a nice historical note by Roy McMillan. The audio book is 6 hours of pure shimmering, insightful, delightful, mournful, intellectually stimulating, emotionally resonate literary perfection.

In this slender volume, Woolf does what it took Thomas Mann over pages of Magic Mountain and DH Lawrence two books The Rainbow and Women in Love to do - write an insightful meditation on the subjective nature of life, the transcendent power of art, the subtle, complex interrelations of personalities, and the existential change in perspective that occurred after WWI.

Woolf is at her writing peak with prose that is perfected crafted, detailed but never forced and her words come alive with Juliet Stephenson crisp, English accent. I've read the book twice, and listening this third time was a joy. This is one of the great books of modern literature. An interesting book but not very easy to follow since it is written in the form of "stream of consiousness" or "interior monologue", meaning that the narrator depicts the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind of the characters- but Juliet Stevenson's reading renders the task much easier and even more enjoyable.

She changes her voice in a way which makes it easy for the reader to know who is talking sometimes it can be very hard to guess!

The difficulty of Virginia Woolf's writing, however, makes it necessary to stop and reread some passages. The book tells the story of Mrs Ramsay, a submissive wife and mother of eight children, who believes men to be intellectually superior to women "this admirable fabric of masculine intelligence", and who is constantly sympathizing with her tyranical husband and pitying men, especially the unmarried among them.

She tries to marry Lily Briscoe, a young promising painter to Mr Bankes. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

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I would, recommend this audiobook to others, and I have. I believe that I read To The Lighthouse many years ago, but its impact was greater hearing it read.

Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? The narrative is weighted down by the effect of the parents, the power characters, on their children.

This sense of claustraphobia infiltrates the book. Woolf's writing is a joy and Ms Stevenson's performance is perfect. A sublime indulgence. Such beautiful writing, beautifully read. The story slightly peters out towards the end, but still really enjoyed it. Virginia Woolf has true insight. Exactly as wonderful as I remembered. Or maybe even more now when I'm better equipped to appreciate its slow, uneven progress.

This is really hard going. I kept going until the end as I know it is a classic but most of it went over my head. The story is incredibly difficult to follow and there is no real point to it. I loved this book from the very beginning.

To the Lighthouse

Though hard to follow in places, Virginia Woolf has you from the first page. To The Lighthouse is a funny, sad, brilliant book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a book they will love forever. Loved it. This is a tour de force of beautiful writing sensitively converted into audio.

Juliet' s reading makes the narrative easy to follow and illuminates key passages. Well worth listening to several times. Thank you so much. I was sorry to finish it. The narration was exquisite, it gave life and added even more depth to a masterpiece of English literature.

I found Stevenson's voice very relaxing to listen to and never monotonous. Virginia Woolf. Narrated by: Juliet Stevenson. People who bought this also bought Dalloway By: Virginia Woolf Narrated by: Juliet Stevenson Length: A Room of One's Own By: What Maisie Knew By: Henry James Narrated by: Maureen O' Brien Length: Swann's Way By: Marcel Proust Narrated by: Neville Jason Length: The Golden Notebook By: Doris Lessing Narrated by: Lord Jim By: Joseph Conrad Narrated by: Ric Jerrom Length: Ulysses By: James Joyce Narrated by: Tadhg Hynes, Kayleigh Payne Length: