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An Angel In Disguise. A True Testimony. By A Metro Denver Hospice Physician. “ Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” (Gal. ). Here is the pdf for An Angel in Disguise: In An Angel in Disguise by T.S. Arthur we have the theme of kindness, gratitude, caring, change and happiness. Narrated in the third person by.

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An Angel in Disguise by T.S. Arthur. Idleness, vice, and intemperance had done their miserable work, and the dead mother lay cold and still amid her wretched. An Angel in Disguise - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. literatura americana. “An Angel in Disguise”, a short story, written by the popular 19th-century American author-cum-editor Timothy Shay Arthur in is literally based on the theme.

Arthur we have the theme of kindness, gratitude, caring, change and happiness. Narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator the reader realises after reading the story that Arthur may be exploring the theme of kindness. Both Joe and Jane take Maggie into their home though she is crippled and pitied by others. No longer is she as cold as she had been despite initially wanting to see Maggie go to the poorhouse. It may also be significant that the reason that nobody wishes to take care of Maggie is because they view her as a cripple and as such she will be unable to work and will need constant support. Support that Jane and Joe eventually understand they are capable of giving to Maggie. If anything both Jane and Joe become caring surrogate parents to Maggie and as far as the reader can tell Maggie is full of happiness in her new home.

Since the two siblings, John and Katie, are not disabled unlike Maggie, the villagers are willing to bring them home.

They should have at least found ways to help their helpless sister or drop her at the poorhouse when Kate or John went away with their respective guardians. I appreciate the kind heart of Mr. John Thompson, a wheelwright, because he helped the hopelessly diseased child, Maggie, by bringing her to his home instead of bringing her to the poorhouse.

S Arthur describes him in a more indirect manner than a direct one. After reading the story, I was able to understand more about his characteristics. The actions that he did, such as defending Maggie by arguing back to his wife, Mrs. Jane Thompson, shows that he is a caring and helpful man.

This action gives more impact to the Mrs. This shows that he really feels pity and sad for the helpless child and wants to do what he can to help the poor child. A moral message I learned from this text is that everyone must be kind, caring, and helpful to one another even if that person is poor or a hopelessly diseased child.

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We should them because they could be an angel in disguise for us. We must have the heart to help the the best we can because who knows, they might give us blessings in the future. We must not just look and observe the pitiful situation of someone and leave without even helping because they are also humans like us.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Thank you! Farmer Jones, after the coffin was taken out, placed John in his wagon and drove away, satisfied that he had done his part.

Ellis spoke to Kate with a hurried air, "Bid your sister good by," and drew the tearful children apart ere scarcely their lips had touched in a sobbing farewell. Hastily others went out, some glancing at Maggie, and some resolutely refraining from a look, until all had gone. She was alone! Just beyond the threshold Joe Thompson, the wheelwright, paused, and said to the blacksmith's wife, who was hastening off with the rest,-- "It's a cruel thing to leave her so.

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For a little while the man stood with a puzzled air; then he turned back, and went into the hovel again. Maggie with painful effort, had raised herself to an upright position and was sitting on the bed, straining her eyes upon the door out of which all had just departed, A vague terror had come into her thin white face. He liked children, and was pleased to have them come to his shop, where sleds and wagons were made or mended for the village lads without a draft on their hoarded sixpences.

Now, Joe Thompson's wife, who happened to be childless, was not a woman of saintly temper, nor much given to self-denial for others' good, and Joe had well-grounded doubts touching the manner of greeting he should receive on his arrival. Thompson saw him approaching from the window, and with ruffling feathers met him a few paces from the door, as he opened the garden gate, and came in. He bore a precious burden, and he felt it to be so.

An Angel in Disguise by T.S. Arthur

As his arms held the sick child to his breast, a sphere of tenderness went out from her, and penetrated his feelings. A bond had already corded itself around them both, and love was springing into life. Joe, felt the child start and shrink against him. He did not reply, except by a look that was pleading and cautionary, that said, "Wait a moment for explanations, and be gentle;" and, passing in, carried Maggie to the small chamber on the first floor, and laid her on a bed.

Then, stepping back, he shut the door, and stood face to face with his vinegar-tempered wife in the passage-way outside. Joe Thompson; her face was in a flame. Usually Joe Thompson got out of his wife's way, or kept rigidly silent and non-combative when she fired up on any subject; it was with some surprise, therefore, that she now encountered a firmly-set countenance and a resolute pair of eyes. Katie went home with Mrs.

Ellis; but nobody wanted the poor sick one. What did you bring her here for? Why did you stop here?

The Guardians must first be seen, and a permit obtained. Go at once for the permit, and get the whole thing off of your hands to-night. How the Savior rebuked the disciples who would not receive them; how he took them up in his arms, and blessed them; and how he said that 'whosoever gave them even a cup of cold water should not go unrewarded.

An Angel in Disguise by TS Arthur | Summary & Analysis

Thompson did not answer, but a soft feeling crept into her heart. Thompson did not reply, but presently turned towards the little chamber where her husband had deposited Maggie; and, pushing open the door, went quietly in. Joe did not follow; he saw that, her state had changed, and felt that it would be best to leave her alone with the child. So he went to his shop, which stood near the house, and worked until dusky evening released him from labor.

A light shining through the little chamber windows was the first object that attracted Joe's attention on turning towards the house: it was a good omen.

The path led him by this windows and, when opposite, he could not help pausing to look in.

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It was now dark enough outside to screen him from observation. Maggie lay, a little raised on the pillow with the lamp shining full upon her face.