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Fairy Book - Project for After Effects (Videohive) HD x | Adobe After Effects CS4 | Preview: JPG, FLV, AVI | Mb DEMO Fairy. Another great free intro project! This fairy book is wonderfully suited to the family album, magic history, every event, and much more. You can. After Effects Project - VideoHive Fairy Book For After Effects | AEP | RAR | Mb This fairy book is wonderfully suited to the family.

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Fairy Book BUTTERFLY LOGO REVEAL – FREE AFTER EFFECTS PROJECT CHRISTMAS FAIRY VIDEOHIVE TEMPLATE FREE DOWNLOAD. After Effects Project - VideoHive Fairy Book For After Effects | AEP | RAR | Mb. Videohive Templates Free Download. After Effects Project – VideoHive Fairy Book This fairy book is wonderfully suited to the family album, magic In "Free Template".

Favorite Category. This fairy book is wonderfully suited to the family album, magic history, every event, and much more. You can easily use any of your photos or video snippets, as well as any of your text. The project uses prerendered mov files that have been made for realism in 3D. I used one additional plugin Trapcode Particular, because wanted to make beautiful particles. You can use photo frames or photo without them, as well as pre-cut photos in Photoshop. As always it is very easy to use, you simply insert your photos or any media and text, you can use horizontal or vertical photos, the project provided.

Go to Edit, paste on the layer in After Effects 3.

Share your story with a beautiful 3d book animation.

Go to Effects, then Generate, then select Stroke. The strokes will appear from Illustrator or Photoshop file.

In the Effects Panel, enable a stroke sequence 5. Go to the Paint effect, turn on Transparency to make the logo or graphic visible. Set keyframes for the sequence animations.

Templates adobe - effects book projects after fairy

Used to make motion graphics, animation and animated infographics. Used with green screen, copying, rotoscoping. Used dot make fairy dust, fire, advanced templates, fix video problems, retouch and repair video. Render — The process of taking the layers of After Effects Composition and creating an external files that lives on its own, exported from AE, flattened and can be moved outside the application.

Templates adobe projects - fairy book after effects

Other changes are red, green and blue. Masking and green screen — Used for mainly visual effects. Once applied it cuts out everything outside of the mask. For a one to two-minute duration, your video will likely need to render overnight.

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Template users should visit the Custom 3D Book Tips page to learn important tips that will greatly speed up previews and renders. Although I have done my best to make this template and the tutorial suitable for beginners, some basic knowledge of After Effects keyframing, in particular is recommended before using this template.

If you are unsure about your ability to edit this template, watch the video tutorial before you decide. While you can add unlimited pages theoretically, the maximum recommended number of pages is about 40 20 sheets. This is because the book will need to be very thick to support more pages, so it may look unnatural.

3D Book After Effects Templates ~ After Effects Projects | Pond5

More pages also affect the speed of the template, and too many pages can cause unexpected glitches. Not sure which 3D book to download?

The bundle will give you access to more 3D scenes to put your book in, more artwork and images, more pre-designed pages that you can easily customize, and a square book format as well as the letter-size format. When you download the bundle, you will receive three unique links for downloading each template. Start with the project file that is closest to what you are creating.

To access the features of the other project files, go to File, then Import, the File The Custom 3D Book templates are "universalized", so the templates will work in After Effects running in any language. Comps are HD, x Any resolution will work by changing all comp and pre-comp sizes , but a 4k animation would add significant time to the render time.

Projects book adobe after fairy templates - effects

The music in the preview videos is not included. The composer has taken the song off the market so it is no longer for sale.

All images and design elements shown in the preview video are included in the template.

Some notes about book functionality and limitations this may apply if you plan on moving the book around or want to create new, complex animations : You can turn the book's cover and each page separately using individual slider controls.