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not only the information provided in printed Sailing Directions, but also some . Link to a PDF document apart from Sailing Directions. Sailing Directions (Pilots), List of Lights and Fog Signals, List of .. Admiralty Sailing Directions are intended for use by vessels of gt or. download ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions (Pilots), which provide information to support port entry and coastal navigation, including details on pilotage, regulations and.

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CURRENT EDITIONS OF SAILING DIRECTIONS. NP. Title. Edition. Week. 1. Africa Pilot Vol 1. 18th (). 47/ 2. Africa Pilot Vol 2. 18th (). 39/ 3. In addition to paper format, each volume of ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions is available as an ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publication (AENP). AENPs bring. Pub. , Sailing Directions (Enroute) West Coast of Europe . world- factbook/graphics/ref_maps/physical/pdf/ · standard_time_zones_of_the_world. pdf.

Navigation Equipment e-NP Sailing Directions Please note: When selecting any digital product to the shopping cart, the person placing the order accepts the fact that once an order is placed, it cannot be refunded as licences are issued by the UKHO on a non-refundable basis. Before downloading e-NP's you will need to have the e-NP software downloaded and inform us of your username details so we can link the licence to your account. Please contact us for further information or to discuss before you place your order. They allow bridge crews to speed up the updating process and give them easier access to information they need. Fast and accurate Notices to Mariners updates Small, weekly NM update files can be regularly downloaded via the internet and accurately added to e-NPs in seconds - far more easily and quickly than with paper-based products.

They are a great tool for planning and assisting in navigation because they provide information that cannot be shown on a chart.

These POD booklets are available for download from authorized chart dealers located across Canada and around the world. It is the mariners' responsibility to maintain their digital Sailing Directions file by ensuring that the latest version is always downloaded. If the mariner chooses to print their own Sailing Directions booklet, it is imperative that the current Notices to Mariners updates are applied.

ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions (Pilots)

Please check this page by the 15th of the month to verify the last update date for the booklet that has been downloaded, and download a new copy as required. Do not leave port without it! Sailing Directions.

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Important note It is the mariners' responsibility to maintain their digital Sailing Directions file by ensuring that the latest version is always downloaded. Atlantic Coast Sailing Directions. Gulf of St.

Detroit River, Lake St. Planning Guide volumes assist the navigator in planning an extensive oceanic voyage, and give information on individual countries that is applicable to all ports in those countries.

Admiralty Sailing Directions NP18 Baltic Pilot, Vol. 1 18th Edition 2018

Each of the Planning Guides covers an area determined by an arbitrary division of the world's seas. Country entries may contain information on the following subjects—buoyage systems, currency, firing areas, fishing areas, government, holidays, ice, industries, languages, mined areas, navigational information to include maritime claims, maritime boundary disputes, and enroute volumes , offshore drilling, pilotage, pollution, prohibited areas, regulations, restricted areas, search and rescue, signals, submarine operating areas, time zone, traffic separation schemes, U.

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Information that cannot be accurately depicted within the alphabeticized country text may be listed as an appendix at the end of the dountry text. Ocean casin entries may contain information on the following subjects—climatology, currents, fishing areas, geophysical features, ice, ionospheric disturbance, magnetic field, meteorology, mined areas, navigational information, optical phenomena, pilotage, pollution, regulations, routes, seas, ship reporting systems, tides, and surface temperatures.

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Enroute[ edit ] Each Enroute volume contains numbered sectors along a coast or through a strait. Each sector is discussed in turn.

A preface with detailed information about authorities, references, and conventions used in each book precedes the sector discussions. A table showing conversions between feet, fathoms, and meters is provided.

e-NP Sailing Directions – Da Gama Maritime

Finally, each volume provides a list of commonly used abbreviations that may be found in the text. The chart information graphics, the first items in each sector, are a graphic key for charts and digital nautical charts DNC pertaining to a sector. The graduation of the border scale of the chartlets enable navigators to identify the largest scale chart for a location and to find a feature listed in the index-gazetteer.

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A foreign terms glossary and a comprehensive index-gazetteer follow the sector discussions.