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Reality Transurfing presents an exciting new model by which we may better understand the way we can free ourselves from. 78 Days Practical Transurfing: based on the work of Vadim Zeland Vadim Zeland. Transurfing is simple, yet . Zeland ebook PDF download. 78 Days Practical. 78 Days Practical Transurfing book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Transurfing is simple, yet powerful Reality Management.

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Transurfing in 78 [download] When you apply these basic principles, you will gain the power to change your destiny. Even if you are. 78 Days Practical Transurfing: based on the work of Vadim Zeland Paperback – September 18, Transurfing is simple, yet powerful Reality Management Technique, developed by the Russian quantum physics researcher Vadim Zeland. Zeland’s main goal is to present a set of. WORK OF VADIM ZELAND BY VADIM ZELAND PDF Just what do you do to begin reviewing 78 Days Practical Transurfing: Based On The Work Of Vadim.

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78 Days Practical Transurfing: Based on the Work of Vadim Zeland

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And nobody is surprised, because we take it for granted. I suggest that you ask yourself: What do I need to enter this circle? The only thing yyou ou ha ve to do is to use it. Y ou ar have You aree capable of everything, it is just that nobody spoke to yyou ou about it. The principles of transurfing will awake your sleeping abilities and open the doors that seemed forever closed. The book tells you about the basic principles of transurfing and their employment.

In Transurfing everything is turned upside down, from the point of view of common sense. Yet, the same can be said about common sense from the point of view of Transurfing. A transurfing wanderer is not chosen by the Destiny, aree a W ou w ant to shatter the monolith of because it is the Wanderer who chooses the Destiny. You will gain whatever yyou want common sense sense.

Pdf 78 transurfing days practical

This is so shocking that you would rather not believe it. You will learn methods which will allow you to check everything by yourself. This is when your ordinary views collapse… Transurfing is a powerful method, which allows you to create seemingly impossible things and take control over your life.

No miracles at all! You will discover that unknown reality is far more exciting than any mystics. You will feel thrilled to see that you are transforming your own life! The basis of Transurfing is variations model representing a revolutionary view of the world. This is the first stage of Transurfing and three first steps of the magician. The flow of variations is an invaluable gift for Mind. How can you find one? The only thing that is powerful is your intention.

You make your choice just as you make an order at a restaurant, without having to worry about the means to gain whatever you need. As a result, the purpose is reached no matter what you do. Transurfing explains what this choice is and how it can be consciously made. Where do dreams come from? Are they just the plot of our imagination?

What do gut feelings, intuition, discoveries and masterpieces of art have in common? The second stage of Transurfing is the point when the mystery of ancient wizards who built Egyptian pyramids is unveiled. This book contains practical tips on how to make your desire real.

ISBN paperback pages x mm Rights available: Breaking stereotypes you open the door to the world where dreams come true. Your intention is the only force that can lead you to success. So, ahead to the past. Now you are able to see yourself moving through the space of variations.

You will make sure that you can travel through time, both forward and backwards. Trilogy The Theory of T ing. Trransurf ansurfing. Synopsis Ever since the beginning of time, people have noticed that the world has a dual nature. On the one hand, everything that happens on the material level is quite understandable and can be explained in terms of natural science.

Why are these two aspects of reality not able to be united into a universal concept? It is nothing short of bizarre — as if the world were playing hide-and-seek with us, trying to disguise its true essence. Scientists discover a law explaining something, and, here, the world surprises us and something controversial takes place. The world does not only conceal its real face — it turns into whatever we want it to be.

This applies to all fields of science. For instance, if the world is perceived as an object of the micro-world, you may be certain that there will be experiments proving this theory. Ask the world a question: What does it consist of? Is it massive matter? Right again! It is acknowledged that formation and annihilation of microparticles is a permanent process going on in a vacuum - energy transforms into matter and vice versa.

It will keep changing its masks. Those who have different viewpoints keep on debating, seeking to promote opposite ideas, but reality brings us a bulletproof verdict they are all, in fact, correct. In other words, the world does not only evade, but also agrees, with us, behaving like a mirror, so to speak.

download free 78 Days Practical Transurfing: based on the work of Vadim Zeland ebook PDF

It literally reflects all our ideas whatsoever about what surrounds us. So, does it mean that all our efforts to find a versatile key to reality are in vain? In no event will the world disagree with human suggestions, yet it will never give a direct answer.

The clue is much simpler: The only thing you have to accept is the fact that reality, like a mirror, has got two sides: Nowadays, science deals with what is reflected in the mirror, while esotericism is trying to look at the world from the other side of the mirror. And this is what the whole debate is about. What is there, on the other side of the mirror? Transurfing as an esoteric teaching gives one possible answer to this question.

On the other side of the mirror lies a space of variations — an information structure storing the scripts for all possible flows of events. The number of variations is endless — similar to the number of possible locations of a point on a coordinate system.

Everything that happens, is happening and will happen, is written down there. Where is this space of variations? Is this possible on earth? In terms of our three-dimensional world vision, it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Paradoxically, we all travel there every single night.

Dreams are not illusions, as is commonly supposed. Flamboyantly, we take dreams as pure fantasies, not even knowing that they reflect real things that could be happening in the past or the future.

It is known that when dreaming, one can see images which might be coming from another world — things which you know for sure you have never experienced. If a dream is an imitation of reality, produced by our brain, then where do all these unimaginable images and plots come from?

Given that all psychic consciousness can be attributed to the mind, and the subconscious — to the soul, dreams can be viewed as a flight of the soul traveling through the space of variations. Mind acts as an observer and idea generator. Memory is also directly related to the space of variations. Then how do people manage to remember things? The point is that our brain does not store information itself. What it stores is some kind of addresses links to the data from the space of variations.

However, under certain circumstances these addresses can be restored. The mind is not able to create anything perfectly new. The only thing it is capable of is putting together a new version of the house using old bricks. All scientific breakthroughs and masterpieces of art are received by the mind from the space of variations, with the help of the soul.

Clairvoyance as well as intuitive perceptions are also sourced from there. They acquire logical form only later, when being described. A discovery, even the tiniest one, is always an insight.

The result comes from the outside and so unexpectedly that it seems somebody helped you find the answer. Thus, should we accept that the two sides of reality — the physical and the metaphysical — coexist, the vision of the world becomes clearer. When the two aspects contact on the surface of the mirror, phenomena which are traditionally referred to as paranormal or not yet explicable arise.

A good example of the two appearances of reality coming into contact is wave-corpuscle duality, when a micro-object is seen as both a wave and a particle. However, the most amazing example is we ourselves — living creatures, combining the material and the spiritual. In a sense, we live on the surface of a giant dual mirror, on one side of which is our material universe, and on the other side is a black infinity of the space of variations. Under some circumstances, the energy of human thoughts can materialize a sector of the space of variations.

In a state which, in terms of transurfing, can be named as a union of soul and mind,, an imperceptible magic force — the outer intention. Everything that is usually attributed to magic is directly related to the outer intention.

Employing this force, magicians built the Egyptian Pyramids and produced similar wonders. However, in a certain state one can get access to it. If this powerful force can be made to work at your will, you can do incredible things. Modern people have lost the abilities which their predecessors from ancient civilizations such as Atlantis had. Fragments of ancient Wisdom have come to our time in the form of some unconnected esoteric teachings and practices.

But, it is quite difficult to use this knowledge in everyday life. Despite this difficulty the secret of using the outer intention is very simple.

In a common dream things happen in spite of the will of the mind. But if the dreamer realizes it, some amazing abilities will be revealed. Conscious dreaming is quite easy-to-do. Events can be ruled by the power of your intention, so unbelievable things can be done — flying, for example.

Still, things are not that hopeless. Transurfing will give you certain methods to make the outer intention work indirectly. One can shape reality. To do that you have only to stick to a number of rules. A common human mind fails to influence the reflection in the mirror, because it is necessary to change the image itself. The image is the direction and the way of thinking that the person has.

Your wish is not enough to turn what you desire into what is real. The parameters of the image on the one side of the mirror must coincide with a particular sector of the space of variations on the other side.

You have to know how to deal with the mirror, as it is rather complicated and eerie. Imagine this unusual situation: Only a while later an image shows through, like a photo. Then you smile - but in the mirror there is the same serious expression as before. This is exactly how the mirror of variations works. Only, the time of showing through is far greater, so that changes are not noticeable.

The material realization is inert, but provided you do particular things the reflection will still be formed, which means that a dream can become a reality. Transurfing gives you guidance on how to deal with the mirror of the world. The model of variations — in principle, a new way of looking at the structure of our World. Why is this possible? The Rustling of Morning Stars Puzzle of the Observer Summary Chapter 2 Pendulums Groups of people, thinking in the same direction, create energy-information structures — pendulums.

These structures begin to develop independently and subject people to their own laws. How can we wake up out of this sticky morass? How can we exclude the black zones from our lives? In contradiction to the generally accepted viewpoint, Transurfing shows that the reasons for problems lie entirely in another plane. How can we exclude problems from our lives? How many generations have already passed since the beginning of history! And each generation is certain that the world has become worse.

Apparently, then, the world has a tendency to degenerate? But if this were really so, then a few dozen generations would have been enough for civilization to simply fall into hell. Is it true that it is the intellect of man that invents and creates? What is in common between dreams and reality?

The curtain is opening over the secret power of the ancient magicians who built the Egyptian Pyramids and other similar structures. Beginning with this chapter, concrete and practical recommendations are presented for using the technique of realizing an order. It is the first step of the magician. Everybody has magical powers, but they are deeply blocked.

But how can we find the path? Breaking down the locks of stereotypes, you will open doors which before seemed impregnable to you. Here, we give simple and effective recommendations for raising your life energy to the required level.

So you want to learn how to exercise control over people, in order to achieve success? You will become convinced that the World itself is coming to meet You with open arms. People have unexplainable good feelings towards You.

There is another, much more effective alternative. Coordination is the simple method of thinking and acting such that success will always be on your side. As soon as you learn how to do this, your life will become transformed into neverending pleasure.

But it is nothing, compared to those magnificent feelings of amazement and delight, which you will experience when your apparently unachievable dreams start to come true. And you will get it. When the unbelievable turns into reality right before your very eyes, it will look stunning. This is already not fantasy, but reality, which is much more amazing than any mysticism. Transaction Shades of Decoration Sliding Summary Chapter 15 Letters from the Past Fragments of this book, before it appeared in print, have been published in the form of postings on the Internet.

The current chapter appeared as a result of written exchanges with the first to journey through the space of variations. Methods of applying the technique of Transurfing in practice are demonstrated.

Black zones The Game with Partners Charity Esoteric Knowledge How to return a Loved One Intention Potentialities of Importance Inversion of Reality Summary Chapter 16 Conclusion On the basis of the model of variations, an explanation is given for several paranormal manifestations and strange phenomena of space and time Strange Reality The Intention of Ancient Magicians Epilogue 17 Groups of people, thinking in the same direction, create energy-informational structures — pendulums.

These structures begin to develop independently and subject people to their laws. How can we free ourselves from these sticky delusions? Trilogy Fragment from the book Rent yourself out. Chapter II. Everybody has, to a greater or lesser degree, this sense of obligation, of responsibility, of necessity, of guilt.

All these structures are born and develop when a separate group of people begin to think and act in the same direction. Then new people join and the structure grows, gains strength, forces its members to follow established rules and, in the end, subjugates itself to bigger layers of society. On the level of material realization, the structure consists of people, united by common aims and material objects, such as buildings, structures, furniture, equipment, technology, and so on.

But what stands behind all these, on the level of energy? The structure springs up when thoughts of a group of people are focused in one direction and, consequently, the parameters of mental energy are identical. The mental energy of individuals combines into one flow. In such a case, among the ocean of energy is created a separate, independent, energy-informational structure — the energy pendulum.

This structure begins to live its own life and subjugates people, who participated in its creation, to its own laws. Why a pendulum? Because a pendulum swings higher and faster, the more people — adherents — feed it with their energy. Every pendulum has its own characteristic frequency of vibrations. For example, you can move swings only by applying force of a certain frequency. This frequency is called its resonance. If the number of adherents to the pendulum is decreased, its essence will die.

Here are several examples of pendulums that have died out: In general, any living beings, capable of radiating energy in one direction, sooner or later create energy pendulums.

Here are examples of pendulums in living Nature: Each separate living organism by itself is an elementary pendulum, inasmuch as it represents one energy unit. When a group of such pendulum units begin to swing in unison, a group pendulum is created.

It stands over its adherents like a superstructure, it exists as a separate, independent structure and sets rules for its adherents, to keep them together and gather new adherents. Such a structure is independent in the sense that it develops independently, according to its own laws.

For example, a bureaucratic apparatus develops as an independent structure, not relying on the will of its separate officials. Of course, an influential official can make independent decisions, but these decisions cannot run counter to the laws of the system; otherwise, such an adherent would be voted down.

For example, an energy vampire. The destructiveness of a pendulum can be seen by its lack of interest in the fate of its individual adherents. A pendulum has only one aim — to get energy from its individual adherents — whether or not this is of benefit to the adherents is of no concern to the pendulum. To pull oneself out without loss is, as a rule, very difficult. If a person is successful in this, he finds his own place in the system and feels there like a fish in water.

Being an adherent, he gives energy to the pendulum, which provides him with a medium for existence. Not receiving energy, the pendulum then throws off, or even destroys, the obstinate adherent. If a person then is led far from the most favorable places for him, then life in the structure of an alien pendulum turns into a living hell, or simply into a cheerless existence.

Such a pendulum becomes, for the adherent, clearly destructive. A person, falling under its influence, loses his freedom. He is obliged to live by laws forced on him, and to be a little screw in a large mechanism — whether he likes it or not.

Man can fall under the protection of a pendulum and attain outstanding results. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and other similar figures — these were all favorites of destructive pendulums. But, in any case, this pendulum had absolutely no care for the welfare of its adherents, but only used them for its own aims. When Napoleon was asked, had he ever been truly happy, he counted only several days out of his whole life. Pendulums are used as refined methods for the seduction of new adherents, who fly to them, like moths to the flame.

How often do people, enticed by advertising material of a pendulum, stray far away from happiness, which was all the time right beside them! They join the army and perish. They go into learning institutions and in vain master all sorts of things not in their profession. They find alien, but seemingly prestigious, work and drown in a sea of problems. They connect their lives with those of strangers and then suffer the consequences. Activity of the pendulum very often leads to destruction of the individual fates of its adherents, although it tries to hide its motives behind all sorts of noble masks.

Imagine a full stadium, a tense soccer match is underway, passions are red-hot, fans are raging. Can you imagine, what a mass of negative energy comes down on the head of the unfortunate player?

Where did the negative energy go, that was directed toward the player? The pendulum collected it. This has simply no meaning for Transurfing.

The main thing is to recognize the pendulum for what it is and not accept its game without using it for oneself. To know a destructive pendulum is very simple, by one differentiating characteristic. It always competes in the struggle for people, with others like itself.

A pendulum only has one aim — to capture as many adherents as possible, in order to get as much energy as possible. The more aggressive a pendulum acts in its struggle for adherents, the more destructive it is; that is, it presents a danger to the fate of an individual person. One could object that there exist, after all, charitable organizations, societies for the preservation of Nature, animals, and others. What could be destructive in them?

They appear merciful to others, while remaining indifferent to you. If this suits you, and you truly feel happy with such work, then this can be considered your calling, and you have found your pendulum. Are you truly giving out your energy and money for the good of others, or are you playing with being charitable, in order to appear better than you really are?

Destructive pendulums have taught people not to choose their own fate. For, if a person were truly free in his choice, he would find independence. From what is discussed below, it will become clear, how this is done. Transurfing could also become a pendulum, if you make a cult, movement, or school out of it.

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Different pendulums are, of course, destructive to different degrees. Transurfing, even in the worst case, will appear much less destructive, inasmuch as it serves not some sort of other, general aim, but only exists exclusively for the good of the individual. Therefore, such a pendulum would be very unusual, looking like a society of individualists, occupied exclusively with their own individual fates. By the way, here is your homework — what pendulums can be called constructive?

But why, in general, am I telling you all this? Have patience, dear Reader, all is not so simple, but gradually the picture will begin to be developed. Battle of the Pendulums The main differentiating characteristic of a destructive pendulum is that it aggressively strives to destroy other pendulums, in order to drag people over to its side.

For this, it is constantly setting its adherents on others. Not good! This is the destructiveness of pendulums. In order to convince its own adherents to go to war, the pendulum puts forth arguments, according to the specific historical era. The most primitive method, which was applied earlier, was to simply order the confiscation from others of whatever belonged to them. As societies became more civilized, arguments acquired more refined forms.

One nation declares itself higher, while others are on the wane. A noble aim is then to raise these undeveloped peoples to a higher level, and if they protest, to apply force. And modern conceptions of war look basically like the following.

Wild bees live there, produce their honey and raise their children. When suddenly a pendulum approaches the nest, and announces to its adherents: Just watch! The bees fly out and take to stinging the adherents. And the pendulum triumphantly proclaims: They need to be destroyed. The forms battles take could be various, but the single aim is simply to conquer as many adherents as possible. New forces are a vital necessity for the pendulum, without them, it stops; therefore, the battle of the pendulums is natural and unavoidable for their existence.

After wars and revolutions come less aggressive, but no less severe forms of battle. For example, the struggle for the supply market, rivalry of political parties, competition in economics, all possible forms of marketing, advertising campaigns, ideological propaganda, and so forth. The new, the unusual, the unknowable always makes its own way with difficulty. Why is this? Could it be truly from just the inertia of thinking? The main reason is that the appearance of a new pendulum on the scene, dragging adherents to its own side, is of absolutely no use to the old pendulums.

For example, engines of internal combustion, so strongly polluting the atmosphere of cities, could have been replaced long ago. A large number of alternatives have been worked out, models of ecologically clean engines. However, this would have been a threat to the life of pendulums of oil corporations, and they are still very strong. Therefore, no inventors are allowed so easily to escape from the scene.

Completing their structure on the material plane, pendulums strengthen their position, using financial means, buildings, equipment, and, of course, using people resources.

Their favorites are leaders of all rungs of the ladder, beginning with small bosses and ending with Presidents of governments. It is entirely unnecessary that they possess any special outstanding qualities at all. As a rule, they become adherents, whose parameters most optimally enter into the structure of the pendulum. To the favorite, it could seem that he has achieved impressive results in his life, thanks exclusively to his own personal qualities.

To some degree, this is true, but the self-organizing structure of the pendulum plays the biggest role in working to advance its favorites. If the parameters of the favorite cease answering the needs of the system, then he is callously removed. Personal convictions of the adherents are, in the majority of cases, usurped by the pendulums. A capture of its own type arises, a lasso with a return connection.

The adherent radiates on the resonating frequency of the pendulum, while the latter, in its turn, also adds a little energy to the adherent, in order to keep its influence over him. On the level of the material world, we observe such interactions in ordinary situations. For example, the pendulum of a political party conducts agitation, catches hold of an adherent and gives him some energy food in the form of a feeling of truth, satisfaction, worthiness, importance.

It seems to the adherent that he has control over the situation — he can select. But in fact, he was selected and control established over him. Externally, it looks like convictions of the adherent, in that he carries out his will.

However, this will is artificially and unnoticeably forced upon him by the pendulum. In some cases, the adherent is allowed to simply leave, while in others, such a heretic can be deprived of his freedom or even his life. The capture of frequency can be illustrated by the following clear example. And suddenly you hear other, loud music.

Now, whenever you hear the other melody, it will be very hard for you to continue playing to yourself the previous motif.

Transurfing in Your Pocket eBook: Vadim Zeland: Kindle Store

This will be quite sufficient. And so forth, in accordance with the endlessness of the process of cognition. This is a thankless task. So that we must be satisfied with the small. We should be glad, that we nonetheless are already capable of understanding something. Big and powerful ones, for example, can force their adherents to act according to specific rules.

Transurfing 78 days pdf practical

But how do weaker pendulums do it? Pendulums also use these methods sometimes, but also have much more powerful weapons. They are energy-informational essences; therefore they subjugate themselves and act in accordance with powerful and immutable laws of the existence of this world.

A person gives out energy to a pendulum, when he radiates mental energy on its resonating frequency. As you yourselves know, the greater part of thoughts and actions of people lies in the area of the unconscious. Pendulums also use this quality of human psychology.

They manage to receive energy not only from their own adherents, but from their ardent opponents. You can probably already guess how. However, what is happening? The old men are cursing the government — how incompetent, corrupt, cynical and stupid it is.

In this way, they are intensely radiating mental energy at the frequency of this pendulum. In fact, the pendulum itself is truly indifferent, to which side will you be swinging it.

For it, both positive and negative energy will do. The main thing is that the frequency of radiations be resonating. So, the main problem of a pendulum is to catch people, to hit them where it hurts, in whatever way possible, only that it should occupy their thoughts.

With the appearance of mass media, the methods of pendulums have become more and more refined. People fall into a strong dependence. Have you noticed, how in news programs, there is so much bad news? These programs call up strong emotions — uneasiness, fear, displeasure, anger, envy. The task of journalists is to attract your attention.

The means of mass media, themselves pendulums, stand at the service of more powerful pendulums. The supposed purpose is free access to any information. The actual purpose is another — the tuning by all possible means to the needed frequency. Suppose that prices have risen. You react negatively — you begin to be indignant, to complain, to exchange information with your neighbors. A perfectly normal reaction. But this is exactly what the pendulum expects.

You radiate negative energy into the surrounding world at the frequency of the pendulum, it picks up this energy and swings still higher — the situation gets worse. The very strongest thread, by which a pendulum pulls at you — is fear. The most ancient and strongest feeling. Anxiety and uneasiness are already weaker, but nonetheless sufficiently strong threads. These feelings fix the radiation of mental energy very well to the frequency of the pendulum.

The sense of guilt is also one of the most widespread channels, through which a pendulum pumps out energy from you. It is forced on us from very childhood. But how? Either to bear punishment, or to work out our guilt. Both the one and the other imply submission, obedience, and the work of thoughts in a certain direction. The feeling of debt is an individual case of the sense of guilt. Must - means obligated to something, charged with fulfilling something.

The induced suggestion of a feeling of guilt is the beloved weapon of manipulators, and we continue to return to them. The complex of inadequacy: The complex of guilt: The complex of the warrior: I must be strong, I declare war to myself and to all those surrounding me, I will fight for a place under the sun, I will take my own by force.

The complex of the truth-lover: These and other complexes are the personal keys to the energy of separate personalities. A pendulum, hitting a man in his most vulnerable spot, intensively pumps energy out of him. Feelings and interestedness allow fixing the flow of thoughts in one direction.

Because of this, pendulums produce the capture of the flow of thoughts, wounding the feelings and needs of a person. As a rule, people generally react to negative, external sources of irritations. Negative news calls up dissatisfaction, alarming news — a reaction of unease or fear, insult calls up dislike, and so forth. Habits serve as the starting levers for launching the mechanism of capture. For example, the habit of getting irritated or feeling uneasy over the slightest causes, to answer in provocation, in general, to answer a negative source of irritation with a negative reaction.

Man can recognize that negative thoughts and actions bring nothing good; however by custom, he makes the same old mistakes. In this way, habits often create problems and force us to act ineffectively, but to free oneself of them is difficult. They are the illusion of comfort. Man more easily believes that with which he has been familiar for a long time. Anything new calls forth apprehension.

The old and accustomed has always proven itself through experience. It is like an old armchair, in which you sit down to relax after work. Maybe, a new one would be better, but the old one is more comfortable.

Comfort is characterized by such concepts as convenience, trust, positive experience, predictability. The new possesses these qualities to a much lesser degree, therefore it requires a lot of time, in order for a new habit to become old. Can a man free himself from the influence of a pendulum? However, it often happens that someone stands up and openly speaks out against the pendulum enslaving him.

In such a duel, the person always suffers defeat. A pendulum can be defeated only by other pendulums. One man can do nothing. If he ceases to be obedient and enters into battle, he will only lose energy and, in the best circumstances, will be cast off beyond the limits of the system; while in the worst case — crushed. An adherent, daring to destroy the rules set by a pendulum, puts himself outside of the law. Externally, it manifests itself as judgment for his actions.