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Social psychologist David G. Myers has reviewed thousands of recent scientific studies conducted worldwide in search of the key to happiness. With wit and. REVIEW. The Pursuit of Happiness: Who Is Happy-and Why. David G. Myers,. New York: Morrow, , pages, $ (cloth). Reviewed by Bernard Spilka . These studies reveal that happiness and life satisfaction are Address correspondence to David G. Myers, Hope College, Hol- The pursuit of happiness.

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The Pursuit of Happiness pier or unhappier. Similarly, men and women are equally likely to declare themselves "very happy” and “satisfied" with life, according. People aspire to, and wish one another, health and happiness. And for Digested from David G. Myers, The Pursuit of Happiness (Harper). Request PDF | New research uncovers some anti-intuitive insights into how many people are happy--and why. David G. Myers . For instance, (1) happiness is curvilinear related to the nation's GDP (Myers, ; Lykken, ); (2).

You can unsubscribe at any time. Your privacy and email address are safe with us. David Myers integrates and communicates psychological science both to college students and to the general public. Four years before Martin Seligman, in his Presidential Address to the American Psychological Association, called for a science that includes a focus on Positive Psychology, David had authored The Pursuit of Happiness: Discovering the Pathway to Fulfillment , Well-Being, and Enduring Personal Joy , the first of the modern trade books which integrated scientific findings on happiness and their application to daily life. Dave was pleased that the program was broadcast numerous times afterward, to an ever-expanding audience of people interested in how to achieve well-being and a more fulfilling sense of happiness.

David G. Myers

Its Powers and Perils. Drawing on his experience, he also has written articles and a book "A Quiet World" about hearing loss, and he is advocating a transformation in American assistive listening technology see www. Ridder Award in He bikes to work year-round and plays daily pick-up basketball.

David and Carol Myers have raised two sons and a daughter, and have one granddaughter to whom he dedicates the Third Edition of "Psychology in Everyday Life. This was a very easy to read textbook.

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It was just as entertaining as wikipedia surfing, which I found surprising. The in-book quizzes were more challenging than my actual exams - something I found to be super helpful. Good, general text book By Creative Crafter My professor was nice enough to suggest downloading an older version of Exploring Psychology, as the newer one has the same information. I downloadd a used paperback version of this textbook.

The only wear and tear was the corners folded up a little. The information in the text book was actually easy to read and understand. The sides have pictures, diagrams, and definitions to help your understanding as you read.

This version of the text book has the same information as my friend's, who has the newer version. I would suggest this to anyone taking an Intro psychology class, you will find all the information you need right here.

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King I've never wanted to write a fan letter to the author of a text book Author David G. Myers understands how the human brain works and learns and puts it to great effect in this book. That same year, he migrated to Hope College in Holland, Michigan, where he has remained as a faculty member for almost 50 years, influencing countless college students in many dozens of Introductory Psychology courses.

He is a full Professor, winning awards for his outstanding teaching from the College and the American Psychological Association.

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Besides The Pursuit of Happiness, and other books communicating psychological findings to general audiences, Dave with support from a valued editorial team is the author of multiple best-selling psychology textbooks that are used around the world, now in their 2nd through 12th editions some with dozens of additional versions.

Over the years, these have used with great success in college, university, and high school AP courses, reaching millions of students. In contrast to many textbooks, content is presented in a user-friendly, even entertaining and interactive manner, integrating research and practical application.

Positive Psychology Program's Blog: + Positive Psychology Articles!

Furthermore, positive psychology and happiness research is included, with recommendations for increasing well-being. The texts have been translated into 12 languages and have led to speaking engagements across the world, taking him to Russia, China, and Africa.

Always focused on communicating psychological findings to the general public so that others will benefit from applying scientific knowledge, Dave has digested such research for articles in four dozen magazines, from Scientific American to Christian Century.

Additionally, he has recently created a blog with more recent postings on new findings, everyday applications, and observations on all things psychology. In recognition of his efforts to transform the way America provides assistive listening for people with hearing loss see hearingloop.

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Dave and his wife Carol married while undergraduates at Whitworth College and are parents of three adult children, sons Peter and Andrew, and a daughter, Laura, and one grandchild, Allie with her grandfather in accompanying photo.

Carol is the creator of a world class website offering information and resources related to the real Santa Claus, St.