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The Complete Home Decorating Book is a new kind of interior decorating book. decoration -- from wall papering, tiling, and putting up shelves to ideas for. Thousands of Idea for Windows, Walls, Ceilings and Floors Kathleen Stoehr, Divided into four major sections, The Complete Home Decorating Idea Book. We love this colourful little book, which features over user-friendly illustrations for DIY interior design ideas. The comprehensive guide.

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*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Complete Home Decorating Idea Book focuses on vertical and horizontal surfaces by examining not only windows. Packed with more ideas than ever, the All New Decorating Idea Book features inspiring and practical design solutions for every room of the house, including new. Decorating Idea Book (Taunton Home Idea Books) [Heather J. Paper] on site .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Creativity doesn't have a price tag.

Readers will discover the clever possibilities for treating surfaces of all kinds with paint, wallpaper, tile, stone, fabric and more. Beginning with a chapter on a personal favorite, window treatmen The Complete Home Decorating Idea Book focuses on vertical and horizontal surfaces by examining not only windows, walls and floors but also celebrates the fifth wall ceilings! Beginning with a chapter on a personal favorite, window treatments, Stoehr covers all types of hard and soft window products, as well as how to approach the decoration of a large window wall. A chapter on wall coverings follows, including paint, paper, tile, stone, fabric and wood. In section three, the decorated ceiling pulls our eyes upward from the horizontal sweep we normally experience in a room, creating a sense of satisfied completion to any interior.

100 Inspiring Home Decorating Ideas for Any Style, Any Space

Markham Roberts is that man. A step-by-step to approaching design, this book is a must-have for any aspiring aesthete, designer or not. Vogue Living: Horst combine into a legacy of inimitable Vogue storytelling.

Beginning his interior design career with names like decorator Bunny Williams, Redd opened his own design firm in New York City in —and people took notice.

For a decade, Redd had been the creative director of Oscar de la Renta Home. All rights reserved. Most Shared.

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Photographed by Jason Schmidt, Vogue , October View in gallery Almost everyone could use a little more storage space. Include a bar for hot drinks.

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View in gallery Coffee , hot chocolate, and tea bars are growing in decorating popularity, meaning that your designating a specified hot drinks bar is not only functionally appreciated but also stylistically appreciated as well. Chalkboards and mug displays and all the fixings blend form and function beautifully.

Tile the bathroom floor. View in gallery In the vein of creating a spa bathroom, consider tiling your bathroom floor in the style that speaks to you.

Decorative tiles, penny or hex tiles, even subway tiles — all these options can help to create that dream bathroom.

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Hang hooks by exterior doors. With the huge variety of stylish hooks available today, you really can increase the usability of this transition without taking away floor space with just a few hooks. Use low-profile furniture. View in gallery Furniture that is on the shorter side of things gives a home the illusion of spaciousness and breathability.

The room is visually less busy. Particularly in an open floor plan, low-profile furniture helps to maintain open air space within the room s while providing plenty of cozy seating.

Pull furniture away from the walls. Add additional horizontal surfaces. Think two-tiered coffee tables, floating shelves, and even sofa tables — all plenty of ways to increase the horizontal functionality of your space without sacrificing style. Mix metals. Instead, focus on introducing one or two new metals into your space this year, and sit back to enjoy the new shine.

Update a lighting fixture. View in gallery Light is inherently a visual draw, so it stands to reason that your lighting fixtures will immediately be noticed. A great piece of decorating advice is to then make your lighting fixtures noticeABLE! You can even DIY a variety of lights to fit your space, your style, and your needs. Use earth tones. Some ideas for decorating with natural colors include opting for tans, browns, and warm greys in your walls, floors, and furnishings for an overall natural vibe that is also on-trend.

Make your ceiling a statement.

But this is a prime place to really make a statement. Paint the ceiling a lighter tint of your wall color, or stencil in a geometric pattern to make things very interesting.

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Vie for velvet. Velvet is capable of holding its own with bold colors and a touch of elegance without seeming pompous or over the top. Ideas for decorating with velvet include on your sofa, your rugs, your pillows…you can go as large or small as your heart desires.

Showcase your storage. With the trend toward open concept living comes the decorating trend of displaying stored items in a sort of open-closet mentality. Hang hats on a public or shared wall and use hooks for jackets and wire boxes for shoes to expand convenience and style both.

Play with high-contrast colors. View in gallery If you really want to create a stir and get your space out of a design rut, consider the idea of decorating with high-contrast colors.

Choose a deep, bold, saturated color and then contrast it with a compatible version of white. The white helps the color from feeling overwhelming, while the saturated color infuses the space with depth and vitality. Repurpose, recycle, reuse. View in gallery Who knew that decorating could also be good for our planet? You can also give those old items a facelift to make them as beautiful as they are reusable.

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Incorporate subtle pattern in a monochromatic space. View in gallery Yes, the world is a technology-based place…which makes books and paper feel more vintage than current. Books on bookshelves, book-centered artwork, repurposed paper or book pages — all of these and more are great ideas for decorating with and keeping books alive and well in your sphere. If you love unique, eclectic, boho style, you will absolutely go gaga over this book from Justina Blakeney who runs the blog The Jungalow.

Decorating 101 - Interior Design Basics

There are tons of beautiful photos, as well as some great advice about how to incorporate goal-oriented decorating in your own home. Erin Gates, who is behind the blog Elements of Style , recently released her debut book by the same name. Each of these trendsetters are at the forefront of their industries and share a wealth of knowledge about good design, timeless style and getting clear about living the life that you want.

Interior design superstar Nate Berkus has come a long was since his days as the resident designer on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In this book he shares personal stories and memories about his favorite objects and experiences to help us all understand that our homes truly do tell the stories of our lives. Part memoir and part style guide, she uses storytelling both visually and with the written word to give you a true inside look into her life.

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All the essentials of easy, achievable home design are here, including ideas for simply mining all of the things that you already own and using them to bring relaxed style to your space. Featuring modern, minimalist spaces as well as vintage and unique custom-made finds, this book is for anyone who loves open, white, clean spaces and simplicity.

She shares tips on editing your decor, vignettes and, of course, how to create the ultimate shelfie. From the creators of Kinfolk magazine, this book takes you on a tour of 35 different unique spaces around the world. Showcasing each space with beautiful photography, each of the homes have been put together purposefully, slowly and with great intention, ie. Featuring the homes of some of your favorite music, fashion, art and celebrity personalies, this book gives you an inside look at some of the most beautiful and unique homes across the world.