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You can get most of Naruto Hiden series and Shiden series in Pdf and Epub formats Here Upvote if you find it useful. Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness (シカマル秘伝 闇の黙に浮ぶ 雲, Shikamaru Hiden — Yami no Shijima ni Ukabu Kumo. The Naruto Hiden series is followed by the Naruto Shinden series, which will begin publication in fall Shikamaru Hiden – A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness‎.

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Shikamaru Hiden - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. terjemahan. Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness, written by Takashi Yano, is set two years after the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War and a few months before The Last. "Naruto Secret Chronicles"') is a light novel series which explores the stories of various characters after. Other titles: Naruto. Sakura hiden: Shiren harukaze ni nosete. .. "Something's definitely going on between Temari and Shikamaru, right?" Ino said, when they.

Ino: [uses her Jutsu on Sai] Assassin Outclassin' : Gengo's genjutsu allows him to foil Shikamaru's assassination attempt. Awesomeness by Analysis : Shikamaru's Super Intelligence allows him to perfectly duplicate Sasuke and Naruto's taijustu moves instantly from memory. This allows him to get the upper hand on an expert fighter like Gengo. Badass Bookworm : Shikamaru shows himself to be a great fighter even without his shadow jutsu or strategies. He holds his own in taijutsu against Gengo, who is said to be a sword master and expert killer who fought along side the demon Zabuza Momochi. Battle Couple : Shikamaru and Temari become one when fighting Gengo. Borrowed Catchphrase : Temari borrows Shikamaru's "How troublesome" to playfully reply to his date proposal.

Borrowed Catchphrase : Temari borrows Shikamaru's "How troublesome" to playfully reply to his date proposal. Call-Back : It's not the first time Temari has easily won against an opponent who uses sound-based genjutsu. He doesn't extend this treatment to Shikamaru, whom he's trying to recruit as his right-hand man. Compelling Voice : How Gengo's genjutsu works.

Didn't See That Coming : Gengo has his fight with Shikamaru in a totally dark room, thereby taking away Shikamaru's ability to use shadows. But Gengo didn't foresee Shikamaru's ability in taijutsu and Rou's ability to hide Shikamaru's chakra. Both put Gengo at a clear disadvantage.

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Shikamaru has to hear the screams of his comrades as they're being tortured. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! He's Back : Shikamaru. It's marked with him saying " How troublesome " for the first time in two years. Journey to the Center of the Mind : During their fight, Ino uses her mind transfer jutsu to enter Sa's mind to try and free him from Gengo's genjutsu. There she sees him crying and comforts him.

Love Confession : Temari basically makes one when she frees Shikamaru from Gengo's genjutsu. Part of the reason is he is Oblivious to Love and doesn't understand she see is actually in love with him. Love Revelation Epiphany : Shikamaru has one after he's been blown onto the wall by Temari's jutsu, realising he has to live so he can protect her. Mind Control : Gengo was able to gather so many followers because he hypnotized them with genjutsu.

No Hero to His Valet : Naruto and Sasuke are revered as the legendary heroes who ended the War and Kakashi is held in an equally legenday status, since he was their mentor. Shikamaru, knowing the three of them and all their flaws , is not impressed. Oblivious to Love : Shikamaru, big time. It was nice when you used to have your shoulders slouched all the time.

I wasnt going to stay a kid forever. Even now, Naruto still acts like a kid. Narutos Naruto. Somewhat of a sad look entered Kakashis eyes. He spread out Sais scroll on his desk, eyes going over it again. Sai could transform his handwriting into an ink beast and send it to far away locations, where the ink beast would turn into handwriting again when it come into contact with a blank scroll.

The hawk that Shikamaru had seen on the roof was the ink beast form of Sais handwriting he saw now. The situation is far worse than Id thought, huh It sounds like itd be reasonable to say that the shinobi who went missing in action during the war, as well as those whove been disappearing lately, are all in that country.

That does seem to be what Sais confirmed. The Country of Silence The whole matter had been snowballing since two years ago. Faced with the power of abominations outside the category of people, the shinobi of the Five Great Countries had gathered all their power and stood together.

Finally, the person manipulating Madara, Ootsutsuki Kaguya, had been defeated and the war ended. As every village entered into a period of peaceful recovery from the war, the details of figuring out who had been killed in battle and who was missing in action had turned into an urgent matter. The war had been a fierce battle that even ripped apart the continents terrain.

If someones corpse could be found, it was considered a stroke of luck.

Compared to the number of shinobi that were concluded to have died in battle, the number of shinobi that were unaccounted for was far larger. Their enemies in the war could have wiped out the whole world. Many said it was a great stroke of fortune for them to have ended the war with only this many lost. But that wasnt how Shikamaru saw the matter. Even one victim was one victim too many.

In the last war, he had his lost his friend Hyuuga Neji. Shikamaru didnt think the pain of Nejis loss was the only case out of ten thousand. A similar pain to losing Hyuuga Neji must have been felt for every other one of those victims. In the death of only one person, there were emotions you couldnt separate yourself from by simply by saying they were just one sacrifice.

It was for that reason It was for that reason that war couldnt ever be allowed to break out again. I wonder just how many of those missing shinobi couldve gone to the Country of Silence Kakashi muttered the same thoughts that were going through Shikamarus mind.

It was exactly as Kakashi said. Within all the shinobi who had been lost during the last war, there must have been a small amount who had survived but stayed out of reach. The Shinobi Unions Headquarters had been the first one to notice that. Since it was Headquarters who handled all forms of requests for help and such, they were the first to notice any patterns.

One such pattern had started to emerge about a year ago. The requests for Shinobi dispatches had sharply decreased. Since the Five Great Shinobi Coutries had decided to from a union, the Daimyo had had remarkably less fighting in the outer lands they ruled as well.

Thus, it was a very natural thing for dangerous A-rank or B-rank mission requests to decrease. However, the matter didnt end there. Even the relatively easy C-rank and D-rank mission requests had decreased in exactly the same way. Shikamaru had heard of this matter relatively quickly, since he had a place at the Shinobi Unions Headquarters as well. But it wasnt like there was something they could do to solve the sudden decrease of missions.

The Union had said it was a brief change brought along by the times, and closed the matter. However, there was a man who said he could put an end to the problem of the declining missions, as well as one other problem that had popped up since the end of the war. The other problem Kakashi was intent on solving: the cases of missing nin within the Five Great Shinobi Countries that had been going on for a year. Since about a year ago, every village had been losing one Shinobi per month.

That made 12 missing-nin for every village up to now. The Five Hidden Villages had had 60 shinobi disappear in total. Furthermore, they were all young, single, male Shinobi. Abandoning your village was a grave crime. Of course, each village had sent people in pursuit of the deserters, but somehow, not a single one had been found.

I probably did the wrong thing asking Sai to continue the investigation when he asked for back-up. Kakashi said. I shouldve pulled him out of the situation and gotten him mentally prepared before sending him to the Country of Silence. Regretting it now isnt going to change anything. Thats true. Sai, who had been sent to investigate the cases of the missing-nin, had sent them notice of finding a lead about a month ago.

Kakashi, who believed the increased missing-nin and the decrease of mission dispatches were related, had told Sai to continue the investigation with the anbu as back up. The lead Sai had found was the Country of Silence. The Country of Silence could be found in the far west of a continent that rivalled the Five Great Shinobi Countries as well as the countries surrounding them.

Naruto Hiden

It was a country that had never made contact with any of the Shinobi Villages or any other foreign country, for that matter. It was thus called the Country of Silence by outsiders. The only details known about it was that it was a country with samurai who kept its citizens in line, and a Daimyou who ruled over the samurai. However, anything further than that was a complete mystery.

According to what Sai had relayed, it seemed that somehow Konohas missingnin had run towards this country.

And those werent the least of their concerns. There was also the matter of the Konoha Shinobi who had gone missing in action during the war. The Country of Silence was collecting shinobi who had gone missing in action as well as shinobi who had deserted the village For what reason? Kakashi could see the reason as clearly as he could see the answer to the decrease of dispatches coming into the Shinobi Union.

What do you think happened to Sai? Kakashi asked. Hes alive. Well, I agree with that. The bottom of Kakashis mask moved as if he was smiling.

When you look at his obsessive sounding praise of this Gengo he mentions in his letter Kakashi touched the fine, delicate handwriting on Sais message. Seeing what he was thinking, Shikamaru kept speaking.

Its not something I want to believe, but we cant discount the possibility that Sais been taken in by this man called Gengo.


Sais so pure, after all If Sais alive, we cant just not save him. Thats true Kakashis left scarred eye seemed to darken with despair. Shikamaru could tell precisely what he was going to say without needing to hear it out loud. This situation had a greater and more important matter than that of saving a comrade.

Shikamaru himself forced out the words. If the internal affairs of the Country of Silence are really as Sais reported, if the goings-on within are as youve guessed, then we have to take action immediately. Shikamaru didnt stop talking. Its been two years since the war. All the villages have finally regained their stability, but the status of the country as a whole is still less than half as strong as it used to be.

We couldnt possibly withstand another war. Letting out another huge sigh, Kakashi stood up from his chair. He stepped around his desk covered with scrolls and books and came to stand next to Shikamaru. It seems like youve come to the same conclusion that I have. Then do you understand what I think of it? You want to go and do it yourself, dont you? Kakashi had a lot of experience from his youth spent in the anbu.

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He stood out amongst the anbu, whose specialty were shady missions, as a very capable soldier. Shikamaru could see those thoughts on his face, and let out a sigh. I understand your feelings more than enough, but you must already know that what you want isnt going to happen.

Your thoughts flash through your mind almost at the same speed as Minato-senseis jutsu, do you know that? Shikamaru simply gave Kakashi a long stare as an answer.

Kakashi continued speaking in the face of Shikamarus silence. Anyway, going on what Sai said, the leading force behind that country is this man called Gengo. As long as we do something about him, then there wont be any further problems. Thats what Im thinking as well. Well then Putting his hand at the middle of his back and giving a great stretch like an old man, Kakashi said, Who do you think should be sent? Ill go.

Kakashis eyes widened. Youre Konohas representative. You have a lot of duties to the Union as well. Theres no need for you to go on an assassination mission at this time. Kakashi had finally put it into words. The thought that had been going through both of their heads was now out in the open. If the Shinobi Union and the Country of Silence went to war, then the Union theyd spent so long maintaining would be disrupted, and possibly even rupture.

Each nation was still exhausted despite all their recovery so far there wasnt a single person who wished for a war. If Sais letter was to be trusted, then assassinating this Gengo would be quickest and most effective way of stopping the Country of Silence from disrupting the worlds hard-attained peace. We have to keep the circle of people who know about this matter as small as possible.

Shikamaru said. But Im telling you, for you to go is One of my comrades has been taken. Please allow me to go. Kakashi stopped talking when he saw Shikamarus determination. As Kakashi said, there was no real need for Shikamaru to go. It wouldve been more proper to find another capable person and entrust the matter to them. And yet, Shikamaru himself volunteered. He himself didnt understand why he did it. But he just couldnt stay still. Chapter Three And with that, this months meeting is over.

Does anybody have any questions? Shikamaru closed his eyes as he listened to the dispassionate voice addressing the gathering. The bespectacled man speaking was Chojuro, a shinobi from Kirigakure.

Shikamaru knew him from the war as one of the Mizukages bodyguards. If nobody has anything to ask,then, Shikamaru-san Chojiuro spoke with an imploring tone from where he was seated next to him. Shikamaru opened his right eye toglance at Chojuro, then slowly opened both. Ten shinobi were seated around thecircular table; both men and women could be found, all generally aroundShikamarus age.

The country had a multitude ofstrong samurai, and thus, not one single shinobi was needed. The roots of the Unions headquarters had beenset in the same Country of Iron where the alliance had initially begun. All the leading villages of theFive Great Nations had some of their shinobi gather at the Unions Headquarters and, whether night or day, continue their hard work for the sake of the expansion of the Shinobi World overall. This meeting was full of people who would bear the burden of the next eras world of shinobi.

It was a place where the future of Shinobi was discussed. Shinobi sent to this meeting were the most capable ones in their villages, considered as candidates for kage as well as other positions. Of them, Shikamaru and Chojuro were the youngest. Besides Shikamaru, and Chojuro, who was chairing the meeting, there was Temari of Sunagakure, and Omoi of Kumogakure as well. Shikamaru had been charged with being the leader of this gathering of shinobi.

Obviously, he hadnt volunteered. This was the result of everyone recommending him for the job. Chojuro sounded like hed become worried by Shikamarus long silence. Shikamaru cleared his throat, and looking at all the members, opened his mouth to speak. I believe we dont have any new topics of discussion for this meeting. I hope for more meetings at a comfortable pace like this.

With that, see you next month. As he said that, Shikamaru rose to his feet and gathered all the scrolls and documents that had been spread across the table. Folding them under his arm, he turned to leave. Confused by their leaders cold attitude, the other members got ready to leave at haphazard paces. Everyone milled out into the two hallways leading left and right out of the room. Even though so many shinobi were restlessly walking down the hallways, not a single echo of their footsteps was heard.

They were shinobi, after all. Other peoples footfalls could be heard, but not a shinobis. That had been one of the basics of the basics, back at the Academy.

A voice called out to him from behind. Shikamaru anxiously clicked his tongue. Right now, the owner of that voice was the person he didnt want to talk to the most. He stepped forward as if he hadnt heard. Hold it, Shikamaru! The voice that hit his back felt like a flying kick.

What is it? Shikamaru turned his head to look over his shoulder at the woman behind him. Temari of Suna. Her hair had gotten shorter since two years ago, and was now tied into two bunches on either sides. Her face looked a little bit more like an adults, and her eyes were even calmer than theyd been in the old days. She was older than Shikamaru. Rather than say she looked like an adult, it was more like she had already grown into a splendid adult.

Whats wrong with you? She asked. I dont know what you mean. Youve been acting strange lately. Temaris hands reached out to Shikamarus shoulders, turning him to face her.

Troublesome The word rose up to his throat, only for him to frantically swallow it down. Like your cold attitude at the meeting. The atmosphere was so strained. Oh, did that happen?

You didnt even notice that?

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Temaris eyes widened slightly. Whats happened? Its something youre not going to tell anyone about? Not even me? Temaris gaze was pained. Since the war had concluded, hed been working with Temari at the Union for two years now.

Naruto Novels

She was an understanding, good partner. They both shared the sentiment of not wanting all the shinobi who had been gathered together during the war to separate again, as well as the intention to work together and make the Union as good as it could be. When you added that to the strong bond between Naruto, who intended to become Konohas Hokage, and Gaara, Sunas present Kazekage, that easily made the bond between Suna and Konoha the strongest amongst all the villages united under the Union.

With such external forces at work as well, it was natural that Shikamaru and Temari had reached a stage of existence where both was the others biggest support within the Union. Since youre like this, something bad must be happening in Konoha. Temari had made a very good discernment.

However, shed missed the mark a little. The situation wasnt in Konoha, though the situation did affect all of Konohas shinobi. Temaris theory was half-right, half-wrong. If there was one thing that never changed about the life of shinobi, it was that anything which passed the borders of your own village had to be jointly carried out with other villages. This was a basic principle of the Union. The course of action that Shikamaru and Kakashi were taking was a blatant violation. And yet, Shikamaru still had no intention of telling Temari the truth.

It wouldnt be a wise move to get the whole of the Union involved with the business of the Country of Silence. Hed firmly resolved that Konoha would handle it by themselves Youre saying theres nothing going on that you can depend on me for?

Shikamarus firm tone made Temari close her eyes. Is that so The punch came in the next moment. It had been one split second where the hurt look on Temaris face had morphed into righteous fury.

There had been no time to avoid it. Before Shikamaru even knew what was happening, his body was already flying. He rolled onto the hallways floor before coming up into a sitting position.

He silently raised a hand to touch his stinging cheek, already red. Before him, Temari was glaring at him with an outraged expression on her face.

I had no idea Id misjudged you this much! She shouted, her words turning to wind that slammed against his face. I- Im sorry The apology came without conscious thought. His father would come home as late as sunrise on some days, and get yelled at in the houses entryway by his mother. Somehow, Shikamaru had found himself suffering that same scolding from Temari.

She strode past him with swift, large steps, and disappeared over his shoulder. The voice came from Chouji who sat in front of him, both of his cheeks puffed up with food. Ino was sitting next to him.

They were at Yakiniku Q. In the two years since the war, his two friends had become quite the adults. Chouji was still as chubby as ever, but there was a masculine look in his eyes now, and he now had a goatee. Ino had been growing out her hair more and more, abandoning her ponytail for leaving it loose, and looked more like an adult compared to before as well. Did you eat something before you came here?

Chouji opened his mouth wide to drop in even more meat, chewing and swallowing it down. Shikamaru and Ive stopped growing a long time ago, so were not eating ridiculously the way you do, Chouji. Choujis eyes widened in indignation. Shikamaru laughed without thinking. A calming breeze was blowing through his heart.

Itd been a while. I came specifically to eat lunch with you two, so how could I have eaten something beforehand? So saying, Shikamaru extended his chopsticks towards a piece of beef that looked like it was about to burn. Another pair of chopsticks intercepted him.

Hey, thats the meat that I put on the grill! Chouji protested.

Shikamaru Hiden

Alright, alright. Theyd gone through this many times before. Shikamaru let go of the beef, and turned his gaze on the piece next to it. He glanced at Ino, who gave a nod of permission. Its been a while since you invited us out, Shikamaru. She said. Yeah, Chouji chimed in, Lately, I havent been able to see you unless we set a time to meet like this.

Shikamarus got his job at the Union and well as being the Hokages Support. Hes super busy, Chouji, he cant always hang out with us anymore. I understand that, but Chouji laid his arms on the table, his cheeks puffing out as he pouted. While there was a part of Shikamaru that was happy theyd noticed his absence, another part of him also felt lonely, like a new distance had come with their separation.

If he wanted to be an adult, then he had to stop thinking like a child. They were long out of the Academy. Things werent the same as those days when he could while away time playing with his friends till dusk. The same way Shikamaru was swamped with work from both the Union and his responsibilities in Konoha, Ino and Chouji had struggled through the last war and become fine, reliable chuunin.

While they said it was because Shikamaru was so busy, his two friends had just as little free time as he did. And yet, theyd come to meet up with him without a word of complaint, simply because he said he wanted to see them. They were his oldest, closest friends.

Whats up? Ino asked when she saw how Shikamarus chopsticks hovered in the air, not moving. Its nothing. Ive just wanted to see you guys for a while. Shikamaru put a tiny pit of meat into his mouth. Ah, kay. Ino didnt ask whether there was anything more to it. Chouji continued happily stuffing his mouth with meat. Then, the three started to talk. It was a light-hearted, silly conversation. Choujis eternal love of food. Inos usual talk about her love life.

And then, the memories about Asuma Shikamaru could feel the distance between him and his friends shrinking. It was almost like hed gone back to that moment when Asuma had first brought them here. That time, hed been full of complaints about how things were troublesome Looking at how Chouji and Ino had grown up, Shikamaru could feel his heart grumbling about how theyd never be able to return to those old days.

Shikamaru went home alone. At the end of the day, he hadnt been able to tell them. Hed thought that if hed go to the Country of Silence, then hed go with the two of them. Hed invited them out to eat with that purpose in mind. But seeing their smiling faces had somehow made him unable to say anything. The road he was taking was a dark one.

For Konohas sake, for the Unions sake, for the sake of every single shinobi, one man had to be killed. It wasnt a victory that could be gained from playing fair. And so, he had to be killed in secret. It wasnt like assassination was anything new to shinobi. Growing up, you realised sooner or later that things like that were necessary in this world. But, still It was still good to have as few people as possible get their hands dirty.

He didnt have the heart to drag Chouji and Ino into the darkness too. So, its the Anbu after all Shikamaru looked up at the night sky, and couldnt see a single star.

Chapter Four Shikamaru was in Kakashis office. The Sixth Hokage was surrounded by mountains of documents as always, his handhurriedly signing papers as if it was just waiting for the time it could goslack with exhaustion.

The window across the room had been thrown open, and youcould see the streets of Konoha outside. The city seemed to glow under thesunshine of the bright morning, all wrapped up in a gentle, peaceful atmosphere. Ive made you wait. Kakashi said as he straightened out a sheaf of papers on his desk.