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English for Cantonese Chinese Speakers English for Mandarin Chinese Speakers English for Vietnamese Speakers. Vietnamese User's Guide (PDF). This is a state-of-the-art ESL course for speakers of Vietnamese. The popular Pimsleur course does not use a book but uses a completely aural approach to. Most of these sites will be in English, although a number are multilingual in nature. the very basic of Vietnamese language to English speaking community. ".

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Pimsleur English for Vietnamese Speakers Quick & Simple Course - Level 1 Lessons CD: Learn to Speak and Understand English for Vietnamese with. English for Vietnamese Speakers: Learn to Speak and Understand English as a Second Language with Pimsleur Language Programs (Quick & Simple). The Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn English With Pimsleur you'll become conversational in English — to understand and be understood — quickly and.

You'll learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation together through conversation. And our scientifically proven program will help you remember what you've learned, so you can put it into action. Why Pimsleur? What's Included? You'll be able to handle minimum courtesy requirements, understand much of what you hear, and be understood at a beginning level, but with near-native pronunciation skills. In the next 10 lessons, you'll build on what you've learned.

The book is full of linguistic jargon which is unnecessarily complex and confusing. Terminology in plain English would have been quite sufficient and made the book much eaiser to understand and follow. It seems at times that Dr. Ngo is addressing his fellow Ph. Entire chapters of the book are full of vocabulary and dialogues which are of no use to anyone but a college student, such as "In the Classroom" and "In the Dormitory.

Vocabulary items are introduced in large quantities and often used only once or twice in the entire book, making it virtually impossible to retain them. A smaller amount of useful vocabulary, repeatedly reinforced, would have been much more effective. Two and a half of the 8 CDs are devoted entirely to sound practice, which is undoubtedly important in itself but certainly too much of a good thing in this case. The dialoges are read only once with no time to repeat the sentences, and the vocabulary items are likewise read only once with no time to repeat them.

Most ridiculous of all, every page of the grammar sections of the book is read for the student on the CDs, word for word, in English no, I'm not kidding! Finally, the Vietnamese sentences on the Audio-lingual course on the CDs are often nearly impossible to understand simply because the rest of the CD does such a poor job of showing the student how Vietnamese is to be prouounced, so the student is hardly prepared to recognize a given Vietnamese word when hearing it.

Quite honestly, after buying these CDs, I feel cheated. If you want to learn Vietnamese on your own, this book is definitely not the way to go. Don't make the same mistake I made. Learn to Speak Vietnamese Vietnamese Northern — Glossika As many members are aware, reviews of the previous and updated Glossika products have been mixed.

I do not know whether this product is a a conventional course of study or b a set of English-to-Vietnamese translated, spaced-repetition, sentence-pattern drills designed to increase automaticity. I make mention of this product as it probably has the potential for being of some use and as an invitation to members to provide more ample information and to express their opinions.

That's how I started Vietnamese in Three years later I was surrounded by native speakers, only one or two of whom spoke any English. The was followed by years away from the language until I married a Vietnamese. She was not a language teacher, and most of my barracks slang and Vietnamese military argot did me little good.

I would occasionally read it, with the help of poor dictionaries, and finally purchased a copy of the Foreign Service course from the 60s. That improved my Vietnamese, but the quality of the CDs was poor and some of the word lists were obsolete. By that time we were traveling in and out of the country. More than a few weeks in country would do me good, but my pronunciation, tones, and learned false cognates still made it difficult for average native speakers to understand me.

All the Rosetta Stone course did was improve my word list. That's handy, but it does not give you the tools for conversation.

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So, I popped the money for Pimsleur's course. This course is well worth the money. Had they included the booklet with the reading lessons, I might have given them five stars. As is inevitable in any minor Asian language course, it has its defects.

Free Vietnamese Lessons and Courses

My wife thought it Northern dialect, a Northerner insisted it was Southern dialect, and a learned Vietnamese says it is Hue dialect. OK, so you're listeners might take your children to be your grand-children or nephews, and some southern listeners will miss a verb or two entirely. But they will understand what you are saying. This course has a very common-sensical approach to tones. They don't teach tones as such. You start with simple words and everyday phrases which they ask you to repeat exactly as they speak, and then along the way they will casually explain the tone as low rising, high rising, etc.

You'll have to go to a dictionary of your own to find the exact spelling, but I recommend you forget spelling until you've finished lesson Progression is also very well done. Load it up into your MP3 or whatever, and give it a half hour a day, and you will surprise yourself.

For ebook vietnamese speakers english pimsleur

Those 30 lessons will delight your Vietnamese friends, and break you out of the backpacker or expat horde to mix with non-English speaking locals on your own. With Pimsleur, and one of those handy Vietnamese phrase, food or guidebooks, you be on your way to picking as much of the language as your particular circumstances require. Unfortunately, the Amazon Customer Reviews of the latest edition are few and unrevealing.

Two Cd's have a total of 17 lessons with Tone practise at the start of each lesson. Vietnamese has 6 tones which MUST be learned to a high level and this course gives plenty of practise. There are a large number of quite lengthy dialogs to study the language in some detail and role playing to get the student to hear,think,and speak in the language from the very start.

Main difficulty here is hearing is easier than speaking as Vietnamese words are all spoken seperately with their own tone, so to western ears it seems "stilted" the tones are also very subtle and may not be heard at first listening so a degree of serious study is required here.

The recordings are all by native speakers so you hear the language as it is spoken in Vietnam.

The course pushes the student to actually LEARN the language as opposed to just picking up a phrase or two so I think it would suit a serious linguist or someone who wants to have an in-depth knowledge of a difficult language. At the end of this course you should be able to read sections if not all of a vietnamese newspaper with some degree of accuracy. In closing this is an excellent intro to a difficult language and well worth the investment of time and effort.

These odd-page course books are generally highly-regarded for their concise, but solid, introductions to the basics of a language, supported by approximately 2 hours of audio recordings.

ESL for Vietnamese Speakers

Monitor your progress: keep your total score and print your own awards. You can also print your own picture dictionary for handy reference. On-screen help is available at all times in over 50 languages.

Shipping weight 1 lb. As well as having new activities, there is also dictation, worksheets and a brand new recording section. Topics covered include: the calendar, sentence building, asking directions, the weather and numbers. The interactive TV Quiz is a definite hit, where the resident champion may turn out to be more intelligent than he looks. You can also compete in a one-to-one match with a friend!

Vietnamese ebook english speakers for pimsleur

From "I'll send you a text message later" to "we won the game on penalties", Talk The Talk really gets you talking. Aimed at people who are beginning to get to grips with a new language or preparing for school exams, it gives you more than phrases in your chosen language. Special features include a wide range of topics including travelling, computers and technology, sport, hobbies and school; words spoken by native speakers so you can repeat and learn; quizzes that test your knowledge; the chance to record your pronunciation, compare it to your 'teacher's'' - and then award yourself marks for ability; 3 levels of awards to achieve; automatic localisation - lets you choose the language you learn from; and a printable phrasebook of what you've learnt.

More than ten million people worldwide have already learnt a language with EuroTalk. EuroTalk gets results fast and is fun! Talk More! The software uses the familiar Eurotalk interactive style of learning, with topics such as The Alphabet, Greetings, At The Restaurant, Shopping, Getting Around, At The Hotel, One The Phone, Emergencies, Leisure, and Business, and modules on phrases and conversations, and entertaining quiz games to test and further learn the language.

Help is available in over 25 languages and the package includes an Talk More! Extras disc with additional help languages and bonus material. Aimed at people who already know the basics, it gives the specialised language you need for doing business abroad. It focuses on must-know language ranges from basics like 'what is your website address? Special features include: a wide range of topics: business meetings, trading, IT, the internet, advertising, negotiations, banking and many more, words spoken by native speakers so you can repeat and learn.

Vocabulary Builder from EuroTalk for English for absolute beginners Vocabulary Builder is an interactive flash card system for parents and teachers to help teach basic language, and for children to play games and record their own words and sentences. Help is provided in over 40 languages by a talented talking tiger!

Vocabulary is introduced within topics, which range from basics as food, clothing, and shelter to more specific topics such as the space program, occupations, and sports.

Recorded Books - Pimsleur Language Programs

An English index includes all the vocabulary words with a clear, easy-to-follow pronunciation guide. A second index in Vietnamese is also included.

The dictionary can be used at all levels, by all ages, to teach all language skills.