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As it is powered by heat, the adsorption-based cooling process can utilise a range of different energy sources. Mobile freezer boxes are already being tested in. of vacuum pump and refrigerator will be able to satisfy the cooling needs, thereby Index Terms-- Zeolite, Vaccum gauge, Digital temperature sensor, Vaccum pump .. The pump could have been driven by pedaling a bicycle i.e it can be. The design and production of a solar powered Zeolite-water adsorption refrigerator using concentrating parabolic collector (CPC) was done. An array of two.

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pedaling, the valve to the vacuum pump can be shut off, and the zeolite Keywords: Pedal Powered Refrigerator, Zeolite, Vacuum Refrigerator, Methanol. Pedal Powered Refrigeration system based on Zeolite Adsorption Phenomena. Pedel Powered Zeolite (Vacuum) Refrigerator - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. PPT on pedal powered zeolite refrigerator which works on vaccum and zeolite.

Totala1, Prof. ABSTRACT: To intensify the heat transfer from the heat exchanger surface to fluid, it is possible to increase convection coefficient, widen temperature difference between surface and fluid or increase the surface area across which convection occurs. Extended surfaces, in the form of longitudinal or radial fins are common in applications where the need to enhance the heat transfer between a surface and an adjacent fluid exists. Fins are commonly used in extended surface exchangers. To minimize the size of heat exchangers, fins are used to increase the surface area and the heat transfer rate between the heat exchanger surface and the surroundings. Both the conduction through the fin cross section and the convection over the fin surface area take place in and around the fin, the temperature value is limited by the type of material and production technique. Due to all above, finned tube heat exchangers are used in different thermal systems for applications where heat energy is exchanged between different media.

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Therefore, if the vapor pressure hanging in an open area eventually dries, a in the air is less than the saturation pressure small amount of water left in a glass of water at the water temperature, some evaporates, and the after shave in an open liquid will evaporate. The larger the bottle quickly disappears.

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These and many difference between the vapor and saturation other similar examples suggest that forces pressures. This in turn, reduces the involved attaching a vacuum pump to the saturation pressure of water and thus the rate refrigerator.

Mechanics of the Refrigeration Cycle 3. The first of these was the Co- from the products to be cooled the heat of Efficient of Performance. The equation used evaporation is absorbed from the products, to find the Co-Efficient of Performance is: which lowers the product temperature. To do this it was decided that a modified equation for the Co-Efficient of 4. Once the Co- Bicycle that would be used to power the Efficient of Performance was found, it was vacuum pump.

This for a long period of time using the legs would give us the size of our refrigerator. One of the options was to measure the diameter of The Heat Flow for this particular equation is each of the wheels and then to measure the the amount of energy created by a human distance between the two centers of the exercising lightly for one hour.

With the aid wheels.

The other option was to take a piece of the biomedical engineering department, it of string and to wrap it around both wheels was discovered that a person exercising and then to measure the length of the string.

The because of ease and simplicity.

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This approximation. For this 10 refrigerator there was a desired forty 5 0 pressure pressure pressure pressure degree change. Finally, B is the thickness of 0. The end result evaporation it needs heat from the was that we could build a refrigerator with surrounding which is our refrigerator.

In that 31. It was then decided way it cools our refrigerator. Steam is that we would build a refrigerator with one generated in the process of evaporation cubic foot of space inside, or six Sq. Some things I need to clarify though is: 1. Water from a stream or well is fine if you are using a sealed chamber to hold the block from leaking untreated water and also, water with high minerals such as salt will take longer to freeze.

If you pull a proper vacuum fast enough, you'll just end up pumping out all of your water in vapor form before the remaining turn to ice again, remember to insulate cooling chamber with a sleeve while doing this to help.

Project Ideas: Pedal powered refrigerator

IF you want to make a zeolite and water fridge before you actually need zeolite in an emergency, zeolite can be had from pet sores in two purities with different prices. A zeolite ice maker is much like what I described in my original post. You just have two containers, one for zeolite and one for water with a vacuum rated valve on a pipe in between that has a hookup for a vacuum pump.

Reduce the pressure to that of the sublimation of water at around 45-60 deg. F and remove vacuum.

Pedel Powered Zeolite (Vacuum) Refrigerator

Some water will be drawn into the zeolite taking the heak and the water left behind will be cooled or frozen. Stick the cold end in the icebox. F for at least 2 hours to recharge. Remember to tun all valves after recharging off until you want to use the unit.