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Odd Thomas, a fry cook who can communicate with the dead, in the fictional small Book Odd Thomas: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever. by Dean. Odd Apocalypse. A mission of mercy will lead Odd through realms of darkness he has never before encountered, as he probes the long-held secrets of a sinister. Book 1: ODD THOMAS — Odd is a short-order cook in a small desert town, Pico Mundo, California. He leads an unusual life — the spirits of the lingering dead.

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Odd Thomas is a thriller novel by American writer Dean Koontz, published in The novel derives its title from the protagonist, a twenty-year-old short- order cook named Odd Thomas. The book, which was well received and lauded by critics, went on to become. There may be is only one Odd Thomas movie (RIP Anton Yelchin), but there are a lot more Odd Thomas books than that!. Odd Thomas book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The dead don't talk. I don't know why. But they do try to communica.

Once in a very great while, an author does everything right—as Koontz has in this marvelous novel. Odd Thomas, who narrates, is odd indeed: The reason for his lack of ambition? A much rarer talent: Odd sees and converses with ghosts, the lingering dead who have yet to pass on, a secret he has kept from nearly everyone but his girlfriend, an eccentric author friend and the local police chief, whom he occasionally helps solve terrible crimes. Odd also has the ability to see bodachs, malevolent spirits that feast on pain and whose presence signifies a likelihood of imminent violence. The proximity of bodachs to a weird-looking stranger in town, whom Odd dubs "Fungus Man," alerts Odd that trouble is brewing; breaking into Fungus Man's house, Odd discovers not only hundreds of bodachs but a shrine to serial killers that helps him deduce that somehow Fungus Man will wreak widespread havoc very soon—so Odd is caught in a classic race against time to deter catastrophe.

The final novel in the series Saint Odd was released on Jan 13, In the postscript to the graphic novel, Koontz states that "God willing, there will be six Odd Thomas novels. In the beginning of the book, Odd Thomas is silently approached by the ghost of a young girl brutally raped and murdered, and through his unique ability to understand the dead, is psychically led to her killer, a former schoolmate named Harlo Landerson. With this opening, we are introduced to Odd's world. Koontz soon discloses how Odd was named and begins, layer by layer, to show how Odd's dysfunctional upbringing has shaped his life, and as those details are uncovered, his supernatural abilities begin to make more sense.

We see Odd at work as a short order cook in a California desert town, and in a fateful hour period, he meets a suspicious-looking man in the diner followed by bodachs , shadowy spirit creatures who appear only during times of death and disaster.

What is the order of the books in the ODD THOMAS series? | Dean Koontz

This man, who Odd nicknames "Fungus Man" due to his waxy complexion and blond hair that resembles mold , has an unusually large swarm of bodachs following him, and Odd is convinced that this man is connected to some terrible catastrophe that is about to occur. To gather more information about him, Odd uses his gift of supernatural intuition, which his soulmate Bronwen a.

Stormy Llewellyn calls "psychic magnetism," to track him down. Odd's sixth sense leads him to Fungus Man's home, and Odd begins to uncover more details about the man and a mysterious other-worldly link to the dark forces about to be unleashed on the town of Pico Mundo.

Accompanied sometimes by the ghost of Elvis Presley and encountering other memorable spirits, including a murdered prostitute, Odd is soon deeply involved in an attempt to prevent the disastrous bloodshed he knows will happen the next day.

Odd could see the dead and also see shadowy figures that normally lurk around people that will cause deaths or will die. They are called bodachs and feed on the pain of others. Odd is a 20 year old short-order cook at a breakfast joint in Pico Mundo.

His girlfriend is Stormy. Little Ozzie is his best friend. Odd leads a simple life because he has to, since he finds the job of speaking to the lingering dead complicated enough.

Odd Thomas Series

Odd is an optimist seeing the good in most individuals despite his troubling life; he fears going anywhere with a large population because it would interfere with his "simple life"--he would be overwhelmed by the volume of dead in a large city like Los Angeles. He never told his father or mother because he thought that his father would use his son's powers to make himself rich.

He once met a boy who also saw bodachs but when the bodachs realized this, they seemed to cause a fatal accident, killing the little boy instantly, so Odd keeps this ability a secret. Odd's destiny.

Book odd thomas

She is the manager of an ice cream shop and hopes to own a shop of her own some day. Stormy's parents died when she was very young. She was adopted by a couple when she was 7. Her foster father sexually molested her for almost 3 months. She reported him to a social worker and was moved to an orphanage where she lived until seventeen, at which point she was cared for by her uncle, Father Sean Llewellyn, rector of St. Bartholomew's church. She remained under his legal guardianship until she could become independent.

She is a strong believer in delayed gratification, that this life is a "boot camp" for the next, which she calls "service," and that finally in the third life are the rewards. She insists on waiting for sex with Odd until marriage, hoping to make their first time together a meaningful experience and to not bring the memories of her abuse on their bed.

She also is the only person who knows everything about Odd seeing the dead. The Chief helps Odd many times, acting almost as a surrogate father. He is one of the few people who knows Odd sees the dead but he does not know all of Odd's secrets.

He is shot 4 times by one of the antagonists who would later shoot people at the mall, but survives.

What is the order of the books in the ODD THOMAS series?

Fungus Man or Robert Thomas Robertson is initially portrayed as the main antagonist. He comes to Pico Mundo surrounded by bodachs and immediately Odd is suspicious of him. Little is explained about Robertson directly. Odd finds that he is obsessed with serial killers as evidenced by the files he keeps on them. Robertson was approached by Eckles, Varner, and Gosset a few months before the incident at the Green Moon Mall, having met them at a satanic cult gathering. They were interested only in his mother's money.

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Eckles, Varner, and Gosset killed Robertson's mother with his permission and gave him her ears as a trophy. Robertson is murdered by one of his conspirators when they find out that Odd's attention is being drawn towards them and their plans. Using his extra sensory powers Odd attempts to stop the negative event that he knows will happen the next day.

The novel was very well received by critics and readers. Forever Odd: Phone Sex Witch! In the second novel of the series Koontz takes a different path to adventure. Rather than having Odd Thomas see Bodachs and react, he is thrust into action as his childhood friend, Danny, is kidnapped.

Using his psychic magnetism he is drawn to where his friend is being held. He finds Danny ties up and strapped to a bomb. Through his friend, he finds out that this was all done in order for a sex-phone operator named Datura could meet him.

Datura has two servants who may or not be zombies. It is a great book that deepens our understanding of the main character. In the end Odd has an experience which truly shakes him up and his days of living in the desert are at an end.


Searching for an even more sedate lifestyle he decides to go work at a monastery. Odd Thomas in other media In a feature film adaptation of the first novel was set for release.

UNfortunately, legal battles delayed its release in the US. It should be widely available in the first part of Critics that have seen the film state that it follows the book rather closely and fans and non fans alike should enjoy the experience. Continuing to be Odd Odd Thomas was originally slated to be a series of six novels. Already the number of written works with the character has surpassed this number with the release of three graphic novels that form a prequel to the main stories.

A seventh novel is already in the works and should be available in December of The character is interesting enough to carry the series even further if Koontz so desires. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery would enjoy following the tales of Odd Thomas. If the reader is also interested in the supernatural, the series will be even more alluring. Even of mystery writing is not your favorite style Odd Thomas is a character and series worth exploring.

It is not his supernatural abilities that make him an endearing character, it is how he accepts and uses them. Odd Thomas is a positive thinking powerful character, trying to make the best out of a completely over the top situation.

His longing for the simple life, away from large populations in order to make his life bearable is testament to his acceptance of who he is. IN reality he knows that no matter where he goes the spirits and psychic magnetism will always lead him toward an event of dire proportions.

Thomas book odd

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