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Objective First | Fourth edition of the best-selling Cambridge English: First (FCE) course, updated to prepare for the Student's Book with Answers with CD-ROM. Objective First Certificate Student's Book with Answers by Annette Capel, Contains self-study section with answers and advice to students studying. The syllabus for this exam has changed and this book has now been replaced by Objective First Fourth edition Student's Book with answers.

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Uploaded by. Gloria Delgado Moreno. Objective First - Students Book. Uploaded by. Xandra. First Trainer. Uploaded by. zoe. Objective First Workbook Answers. Objective First Workbook Answers - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The result e Quite a few membersof the audiencewere students. Objective First. Student's Book with Answers book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Third edition of the best-selling Cambr.

Fashion matters; Exam Folder 1; 2. Only for nerds? Going places; Exam folder 2; 4. Our four-legged friends; Writing folder 2 Transactional letters; 5. Fear and Loathing; Exam folder 3; 6. What if? Writing folder 3 Stories; Revision units ; 7.

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Anna: Yes. I had expectedthat peopleof my agewould be the strongestgroup in favour ofebooks, but in fact, they had rather mixed feelings,mainly due to cost issueson the hardwareneeded. Adults in their 40sand 50swith spare income seemto havewelcomedthe developmentand it is only the non-computer-literatewho refuseto consider ebooks,not surprisinglY. Interviewer: And what do peopleout there seeasthe biggestadvantageof ebooks?

Anna: There are so many benefitsto ebooks'including easy accessto information online no matter where you live and the way you can alter the appearanceofthe text to suit you. The thing that comesup in the surveyaboveall is volume, the fact that you can carry a whole library around on a pieceof hardwarethat will slip into your pocket.

Interviewer: Interesting. Turning to the commercial aspectin all this, how do book publishersview ebooks nowadays?

Anna: I've interviewedseveralpeoplein the industry, who wereunderstandablynervousto begin with, seeingeboolrs asa threat to their traditional business.

But in fact,just as music downloadshaveaddedto album sales,ebookshave provided publisherswith a totally new market.

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I think it's unlikely that paperbackswill disappearbut with rising papercostsand transport on top, heavierhardbackbooks look setto die out - evenlibraries are switchingto digital downloadsof these,it seems' Interviewer: I see.

And what about us, the consumers? Are there no disadvantages? Anna: I wouldnt saythat.

I dont agreewith the argument that readingebooksis bad for you - somepeopleclaim that it leadsto weight gain,but doesnt readinga book also involve sitting still? For those people who dislike readingon screen,therewill be the addedexPenseof pItIrtiDS and even then, you end up with a pile of paper ratherthan a solid physicalbook.

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Every six units there is a revision unit. Each unit is in two parts, and each of these sections covers two pages. For those doing intensive courses in three-hour blocks, each unit would provide adequate material to cover that amount of time.

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The themes range from aliens Space, p 70 to zoos Endangered Animals, p The layout is quite dense, with very little wasted space, but it is true that the task of getting students from level B1 to B2 does not leave much time for pretty pictures. Although there is only one Speaking folder, right at the end of the book pp.

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But the best bit, as far as I am concerned, is the corpus focus. This is followed by a grammar folder, covering the main points for each unit, including a list of the most common irregular verbs, for Unit 5.

Then there is the Answers section, which includes the transcripts, sample answers, and explanations of the answers provided. However, such lists are provided in downloadable format on the CD-ROM, and they are also available on the companion website in several formats and languages.

My students are mostly B1 level or lower, and so they found the work quite difficult, but felt a great sense of achievement when they got the right answers.