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Mathematics, Magic and Mystery (Dover Recreational Math) [Martin Gardner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why do card tricks work?. Mystery, Dover Publications (or any of his numerous maths, magic and puzzle books). Karl Fulves, any of his 'Self Working' series from Dover Publications. whom most mathematics books are incomprehensible, but who for some strange In my Dover paperback Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery,. I explain how.

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Mathernatics, Magic and Mystery is a new work, published for the first . Like many another hybrid subject matter, mathematical magic is often viewed with a. Mathematics, Magic and Mystery (Cards, Coins, and Other Magic) · Read more A Wizard's Bestiary: A Menagerie of Myth, Magic, and Mystery. Read more. “Mathematics, Magic & Mystery”– and the Man Who Brought Them Together. “ Card Colm” Mulcahy. @CardColm. Spelman College & American.

Product Details Why do card tricks work? How can magicians do astonishing feats of mathematics mentally? Why do stage "mind-reading" tricks work? As a rule, we simply accept these tricks and "magic" without recognizing that they are really demonstrations of strict laws based on probability, sets, number theory, topology, and other branches of mathematics. This is the first book-length study of this fascinating branch of recreational mathematics. Written by one of the foremost experts on mathematical magic, it employs considerable historical data to summarize all previous work in this field. It is also a creative examination of laws and their exemplification, with scores of new tricks, insights, and demonstrations.

In addition mathematical system also has axioms. The a they objects are be described.

Pdf mystery mathematics and magic

For these feeling Why? A mathematical governed. Here's take form. Assume points and lines. The best way to understand such a anything from our rules for the existence of the how its and how it takes terms to form how Independent worlds yet are exist without can composed of basic elements. Axioms also called postulates are ideas. Every mathematical world system all — another.

Mathematical worlds and their elements abound — here find the world of arithmetic with its we elements the numbers. These terms can mean. Axiom 2: Any two distinct points make a line. Definition 2: A set ofpoints is noncolltnear if a line cannot contain the set.

Here are some by using existing theorems. This As example Illustrates how new Ideas come to a mind. Hence three lines are formed by the three points of this world.

Theorem 1: Only three distinct lines exists In can this world. Theorems are axioms. Using Axiom 2 we know that every pair of these points determines a line. Definition 1: A set of points is colltnear if a line contains the set. Points and lines. Axiom 1 states that there are 3 distinct points in this world. Axiom 1: Our mini world contains only 3 distinct points.

These include Euclidean and analytic geometries and a host of non-Euclidean geometries. Here a circle is the boundary of this world. As they approach the center they grow It is written in the language of mathematics. Thus they will never reach the boundary.

The sizes of the inhabitants change in relation to their distance from the center. Each geometry forms a mathematical system with its own undefined terms. Although these geometric worlds may use the same names This is an abstract design of Henri Poincare's hyperbolic world.

Because every great circle of a sphere Intersects another. Each of unto Itself. Hyperbolic The above diagram shows two great circles. In lines hyperbolic geometry parallel never Intersect.. Consider the word parallel. They are called asymptotic. But lines In lines but great circles of a distinct lines In Euclidean example. In Euclidean geometry parallel lines are always equidistant and never so in elliptic or Intersect.

Not hyperbolic geometry. M and N are asymptotic In to line L. Numbers be can considered first elements Their early symbols marks drawn indicate never Stone were the in number of a entered the scene been the the same. Consider Age number patterns from La Pileta Spain. Leibniz were a Jesuit Bouvet that Leibniz learned connected He noticed that If he to replaced his zero binary for each.

O For example. The counting numbers date back the and interrelationship how simple marks of the Cave In southern of numbers. The number over three thousand ago. The Egyptians used the.

Stone prehistoric times. Nicholas were not willing to accept these 15th Chuquet century and Michael Stidel 16th century referred to negative numbers Jerome Cardan gave to equations. Centuries prior to this. Even Blaise Pascal said "I have known those who could not understand that to take fourfrom zero there remains zero. Let's take at the first glimpse a type of numbers numbers.

What would have been the problem Is defective. Can you was as number. In the world of counting numbers terms are the numbers 1. Every point pair for the Every point on this line. And imaginary to For imaginary mathematicians to numbers led the expand world of numbers to Include all iO. So 2i is located and the Imaginary complex use numbers location on they on other the ordered Combining we get a the complex number number 4.

The real real number and vice number plane. You examples. Any real number can be thought of as a complex number whose imaginary part is 0. A mathematical world single point. Each a hypercube higher dimension encompasses those beneath It. Three dimensional creatures without you can even Invade your world knowing by simply entering your domain from above or below. In plane. Dimensions beyond the third have alway been Intriguing. Computer programs devised to derive fourth dimension have even glimpses been of the by picturing 3-D perspectives of the various facets of the hypercube.

You cannot look up or down. Infinity has been the culprit In many paradoxes. In early times. Hold And has stimulated Infinity an Idea drawn upon infinity eternity in an palm of your hand. Galileo's Zeno's paradoxes perplexed Dichotomy2 paradoxes3 dealing with have segments.

Infinity has taken on different Identities In different fields of thought. He that In The Sand Reckoner Archimedes number of determining grains of sand a method for on a dispelled beach calculating are the idea that the infinite by actually the number on all the beaches of the earth.

And a heaven in a wildflower. It is by theologians. Leibniz he objects proofs on Euclid circa B. His work and ingenious. Dedeklnd Headway in the realm of the infinite Cantor by use of the notion of a numbers that dared to the idea of them But the set way to compare Infinite sets determined which Infinite sets had the and on and way to organize mathematics He determined the finite.

Gottfried W. Cantor showed this principle did not hold for infinite sets and used the idea of one-to-one correspondence to revise the traditional notions of equality. Reaching this halfway point. But he reaches the conclusion that the concepts of equality. We find it used In: Three hundred years later. Dichotomy Paradox Zeno argues that a traveler walking to a destination will never reach the destination because the traveler must first walk half the distance.

Is crucial role In many infinite as search for ad — series — — generating fractals. Cantor's modifications did away with many paradoxes involving infinite sets and the whole is always greater than its parts. Then half of the Since there will always be half of the part that part that remains.

In The specific 3 In Galileo's work. Infinity played a mathematical discoveries. It has minds. Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences. He even deals with one-to-one correspondence between these two infinite sets. To try to imagine it as curve triangle whole an reduced version curve— What is that any part is similar to the completely as possible. Repeating the process ad infinitum. Ernesto Cesaro magnificent objects this about the strikes me which come In Infinitely geometric fractal.

Cantor removed the middle one third and got stage 1. Then to each remaining 3rds. The corresponding Latin verb fragere means 'to break': Cantor constructed this fractal called the Cantor set Starting with the segment of length the unit interval on the number line. The Koch snowjlake is generated by starting with an equilateral triangle. With this fractional dimensions. Ideas such turbulence appllca The Peano curue voas mode in. Divide each side into thirds. It so is even to this self- its part.

Perhaps purposely avoided giving a definition can mathematicians to not restrict or inhibit The first four stages of the Koch snowjlake. Mathematically speaking. For what is there in nature Begin with an equilateral triangle. It is fortunate to have computers generating fractals before our Benoit Mandelbrot.

It spirit was of the equally To view a constantly capable of fortunate that early mathematicians. Today we are in growing motion. Repeat this process to the smaller trianglesformed ad infinitum.

The resultingfractal has infinite perimeter and zero areal object an segment. Applications for tions. One can think of a fractal as an ever fractal. Besicovitch Haussdorff and Besicovitch worked on fractional dimensions. The firstjive stages of a computer generated geometric fractal 1 Mathematicians Georg Cantor. Waclaw Slerplnskl. Felix Haussdorff. Gulseppe Peano. Karl Welerstrass. Dubois Reymond.

It was felt that fractals contradicted accepted mathematics because some were continuous functions that were not dlfferentlable. Lewis Richardson worked on turbulence and self-similarity spanning the years from 's to early 20th century—explored Ideas dealing with the "monsters".

Helge von Koch. Fractals series of rules and own fractal. Even a rock is changing on a molecular level. Pick a necessarily confined to one rule. Try creating your are not simple object and design a rule to apply to It.

You must get to work. Come downfrom that cloud sleeping Fractal. For example—population with Peano curves. Chaos theory offers variety. Without it you'd Just be continually repeating the same rule and generating the same old shape over and over.

One moment the screen displays afragment or beginning part of a fractal and the next moment the screen is being filled with its generations— ever growing But stubborn. Now here I am. Its never been the since that Mandelbrot christened me and gave me my same replied Fractal. They are now using me in almost everything— describe roots. Those poor souls from the 19th century had no computers to help them. I I love to do baffles many people to learn lean area Is finite while my perimeter Is serving for modeling many of the world's phenomena.

Just be thankful you "Popular is one thing. The voice started you some again. Now that retire. Tm so busy and things are beginning to get a bit chaotic. Why don't they call on Square. Most mathematicians would not accept me. And besides all life isn't human. Let's say you're just different. Just think how boring it would be to be the shape forever. Life is full of surprises. You are more like life. A Two fascinating properties. Divide AABC into nine triangles of area. Delete the point of that length out from the Repeat the process for each resulting point ad infinitum.

Divide each side middle third. We know the area of the of the nine j proof that the area of the II. Just like had been divided into 9 generated the original congruent triangles it also is. The resulting series in the. To generate Koch snowflake a curve. Notice there Notice there are 8 of this are IV.

Pdf mystery magic mathematics and

Suppose the black triangle represents removal of area. Thus the area for the Sierpinskt triangle approaches 0. Suppose the area of the initial generating is 1 equilateral triangle square unit. Notice how the value for the white triangles is continually decreasing. UJhlle its perimeter approaches infinity. The sum of the areas of the black and white indicated triangles are through the first five generations. They neither as monsters. Hubbard says —John H he met with Mandelbrot.

Newton were also many who had discovered what first. Hubbard of Cornell University and Adrien Douady of the University of Paris named the set Mandelbrot in the s while working on proofs of various aspects of the set In Peter Matelski claim they discovered and described the set prior to Mandelbrot work was not published until The set is generated by an iterative equation.

Johann Bernoulli. Who gets the credit?

Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

Even at this as period there were many discoveries of time. As the cycloid result. Julia sets acted as springboards for Mandelbrot sets. Perhaps all. The Mandelbrot set is a treasure trove of fractals. Hubbard admits that Mandelbrot computer later — developed Robert Brooks a superior methodfor generating the images of the and J. Who first discovered the Mandelbrot question among present day set1?

This is mathematicians. His work on the actual Mandelbrot set was New York was often described in the s. Consider the our seen segment length. In the 19th model of a century. One wonders there is no mathematical if doubt of their these systems.

Italo Calvino. Many writers. Jorge Luis Borges. Yet of these invisible composed such a zero a in asymptotic lines of geometry. Unbeknownst to these creatures. This meant the circle's to be reached. Is the tesseract the only an figment of a mathematical imagination? Is the "real" dimension the 3rd dimension? We learn in Euclidean that geometry since it has point only shows location.

Infinite in two dimensions and plane we can see a come used to life. IV which convey Poincare had described. Escher described this infinite For her a a world feeling as "the beauty of world-in-an-enclosed plane. Escher created a series of woodcuts. Escher depicts a world reminscent of Henri. Madeleine L'Engle ract and of what multiple dimensions as means uses the tesse- of allowing her characters ".

In Poincare's hyperbolic wodd. AR rights reserved.. A Wrinkle in Time. The plan of concentric spheres. Dante had nine circular cross-sections that acted as platforms which grouped people by sins committed. From Dante's The Divine Comedy. In other words a straight line is not the shortest distance between two points.

Within it. I say like sardines. New York. Mathematics Is full of Ideas that make one's and wonder— Are Mathematicians reside — they real? Next Generation. I don't know the last. Science fiction writers have utilized mathematical Ideas to example. For Star Trek —The is crew realize the unknown force is a 2-dimensional world of minute life forms. Harry N.

Is said to have mean In the proportions of many of his works. Moslem artists had to avenue for their artistic wealth of tessellation inquiry can rely on as an to create a Leonardo da Vinci felt ". The used the golden Albrecht Dfirer by the knowledge and use of ancient Greek sculptor.

Over the centuries. Bragdon artist's Ideas. Various thereby captured on images of the the computer. Into mathematics which is the focal for his model of point in his painting an The Crucifixion4 Intrigued by the hypercube. Icon artists of the Byzantine period depicted three-dimensional religious only two-dimensions. Gift of the Chester Dale Collection. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Solid matter thought to exist only in two states. In amorphorous the atoms or molecules are arranged randomly.

Introduced to this part of mathematics. The discovery of quasicrystals revealed a new state in which the arrangement of units is non-periodic and with an unusual symmetry. At the and 3 Dali contacted the mathematics in architectural ornaments department at Brown University for further information. Discobolus are ground with which comfortable in that occupy space manner accustomed. Francis on have their center of gravity within the play with These mass use as uchi. Some works a simply occupy space in the we of center space.

Consequently the be a point of space rather than such works illustrated by Eclpse by Charles Perry. Horseback all Beniamino by Myron. There the Earth itself as an integral part are even mysterious geometric grass theorems possible. This sculpture is room works other The in staged a devoid of any objects. Escher had not dissected the ideas of tessellation and optical. Here the space around the artwork the complementary set of points of the mass is as.

Carl Andre's Secant. Other depend sculptures their on interaction with space. And artist- mathematician Helaman R. Ferguson uses traditional sculpting. Author In front of Continuum by Charles Perry. Today there are many examples of sculptors looking at mathematical ideas to expand their art. Tony Robbin uses the study of quasicrystal geometry. Among these we find the cube. Washington D. Sol LeWitt. It may have been conceived and created without a mathematical thought.

David Smith. Leonard Shlaln. Henry Moore. Regardless of the sculpture. Mathematical prisms the objects strip. The point where the three medians Intersect happens to be the center of gravity. East National Building Gallery of Art. M6bius squares.

Umbilical Torus With Vector Field.. Meridian Creative Group. From Helaman Ferguson: Mathematics in Stone and Bronze by Claire Ferguson. Helaman utilizes methods from sculpting. Science News Vol.

Equations in Stone.


We have often heard of artists using mathematical ideas to enhance their work. WhaledreamU horned sphere.. Discovering that available mathematics for the egg was limited1. His Easter egg required 2. Algebraic equations for egg-shaped curves were developed by French mathematician Rene Descartes Scottish mathematician James Clerk Maxwell devised a method for constructing an egg using a pencil. He quickly realized this would not work. Working with sheets of such as various materials aluminum.

He found that of placement of the tiles ever so slightly from less than 1" to 7'. Over the years Resch has refined the art of manipulating into 3-D forms. One way to make an astroid is to think of it as a sliding ladder. Circles, the radius of the ladder, are used to mark the base of the ladder's new location. Looking at a nest of polygons, the spiral is hard to see until it is shaded.

Here are some exciting designs these straight line spirals produce. Each spider is crawling toward the one on its rtoht moving toward the center at a constant rate Thus, the spiders are always located at four comers of a square.

The curves formed by the spiders' path are equiangular spirals. The size of the initial square and speed of spiders determines how long it will take for the spiders to meet. These Schlegel diagrams have the special property that one face of the dodecahedron. A section from Escher's work Metamorphosis in. Esher's Print Gallery Illustrates a topological distortion. In 2-dimensional lizards dlmensional forms. These rubber sheets which lithographs almost seem to be printed magically distorted via topology.

Print even though Escher probably piece of art to Introduce perfect Gallery and Balcony are a wonderful a did not Intend It. And his Snakes Is theory. Mirror and Cycle.

Manipulation and mixing dimensions other mathematical are themes found in many of Escher's works. Tower ofBabel and High and Low. Reptiles perspective. Spheres creates a 3-dimensional Illusion of spheres. Including tetrahedron is the focus in Tetrahedral Planetoid.

ART illustrates Eschews use of tessellations as well as his mastery of moving between the worids of the 2nd and 3rd dimensions. And in stellated dodecahedron is present. Peter's Rome. Three although find a it is variety composed entirely of circles and ellipses. In Stars we the Platonic solids. It is satisfying to explore Escher's work on many different levels.

So as the stamp is rolled on a piece of paper. Our eyes and mind are taken back and forth in the interior and exterior of an incredible structure and cast of characters.

The six faces of the cube have a design in six different positions. He also envisioned a tessellation stamp. Waterfall endless endlessly climbing descending a figures a staircase and staircase all in are also his a one the other for Relativity. The design reproduced here was not done with a stamp. For dome is a example. ISscher mastered the art of tessellations. Impossible are ideal model for Henri Poin- an impossible geometric figures our No words In journey. Escher is a us loop. This introduction is but a glimpse of the wealth of mathematical ideas found in the work of M.

His in Concave is tessellating in Cubic Space Division. Now modify one of its widths. Now take the resulting shape. Here we a simple yet elegant pattern appears at the baths CaracaUa In Rome.

It dates back to the 15th century. Roman mosaics. Escher's phenomenal tessellations. Penrose have tessellation a design using pentagons and rhombi created by artist Albrecht Durer. This Roman. As a result Renalnssance artists connected mathematical concepts. The if would window their canvas. Many century often worked these artists. They analyzed when viewed from different distances and positions and developed ideas of perspective.

Artists' works on per- An Albrecht Durer perspective instrument. Some of They reasoned that they perceived a scene outside through a window.

In as a number of different Giotto dl Bondone The would naturally affected the by act as scene be position of the artist's eye and the position of the artists canvas. Similarly a a studies properties of change when they undergo projections. Just as topology studies the properties of objects that remain unchanged after they have undergone a transformation. Having been influenced by perspective as an shaped in the art of u This use study of The Adoration of the Magic by Leonardo illustrates of linear perspective and a vanishing point his.

ART the Renaissance and 17th of Girard projective geometry. Ignasio Church in Rome. To especially Blaise I create realistic three parallell converging and Jean Victor Poncelet lines vanishing point dimensional paintings Renaissance artists used 87 concepts from projective geometry.

Pascal help artists. This work by Jesuit monk Andrea del Pozzo circa His mural is an excellent example of perspective which illustrates the concepts of projective geometry of a single vanishing point. At this location one actually feels the ceiling is infinite and the reality of St Ignatius Carried into Paradise. A mark is locatea on the floor of the church.

Viewing the painting from any other point creates a distorted and uncomfortable effect. Of his children. Durer happened was to be an Durer traveled and worked where he learned painting. Durer's father hoped It would be Albrecht who would follow him In his work apprenticed to Michael artist.

As a also result. He felt the geometry. Some of his work in constructions Along particular proportion of the human body. After a goldsmith. A woodcut from Durer's Treatise he wrote books In exact1. In Durer's woodcut Melancolia we find a magic square in the background. Here is Durer's description of one such solid. From Underqweysurrg der Messuna mit dem Zircklelund Richtscheyt a treatise on geometric constructions by Albrecht Durer.

Durer is credited with describing solids on a plane in unassembled form. His of a conic ellipse is somewhat egg-shaped. A bit stands for binary digit which is the smallest unit of information that a computer can hold. He Gothic letters. Durer devised his own the concept of topography.

Magic and pdf mathematics mystery

Tne bit's value corresponds to the numbers 0 or 1. These geometric constructions were devised during the Renaissance. Until the art to recently computer computer.

In the graphic by changing type- variations various of objects. Introducing various colors. Prueitt Today. A computer skilled artist with advanced software can transform graphic art ideas for advertisements to multiple styles. In the be be past this work With just few clicks of building could easily be modified.

Artists over the centuries have used different mediums to create their works— watercolor. There means are some that lacks They prefer the direct contact of their hands with the medium of their choice. Leonardo da Vinci might have rendered this sketch on a computer via an electronic sketchpad. He is also credited with the invention of the perspectograph. ART shaped a curve. Or painting effect changed Parts easily. Film leaves the or Perhaps printer will a be texture of the work the artists should consider this a new form of texture in itself.

The artist is on of to at whim. Changes can be made from watercolor. One form of art should not be considered better than different. Artists should be free to choose any another. Minute entered option of enlarging designed capable pasted oil an of his charge printed be magnified and reworked cut out and in can can be film.

Esteemed artists have displayed well known international art. The result video. Given his fondness for not have snubbed the inquiry can use innovation1. The Last Supper.. Leonardo's mathematical inclinations led him to invent various types of special compasses capable of producing parabolas. Our first task to learn to count.

And pdf magic mathematics mystery

Whitehead Some people think that the way certain numbers results that appear seem to possess a operate and the magical quality. Just when had mastered the numbers multiply and divide. San cams. Perhaps the illusion of hocus pocus Is intensified because there types of numbers numbers which — are so many to be invented seem by mathematicians' whim.

In school was we first learned about the whole numbers. Then suddenly 7 divided example. What Is all the so different individual reproducing with amazing Is how many types some classifications of numbers Numbers characteristics.

It would describing seem that hard for the how having various number Is just a How two. The exception. Also line— a one numbers are composed of one.

Sir William Hamilton In Now ask how are more are For number the you why does or complex numbers were no they useful and shapes so to light many years have been around.

Like the were met with skepticism and suspicion. Since these effective In complex numbers solving various types of problems. Although the to the discovery These were complex search for these was not successful. As with many mathematical Ideas that discovered 2- 2-dimensional numbers used. Over the centuries when just the the odd and quaternions. Now sides were convention — already beginning to form over The counting numbers had always been very whole numbers greater than their natural garb — or about the if it fell since it was neither negative Surely the rationals fractions.

As usual at the numbers convention. The quaternion. How these four-dimensional numbers One of their on are — that does not a numbers.

Imaginary are characteristics descriptive or everyday being put to work today? They zero. The following story like all other numbers. The set of quaternion comes makes multiplied In point a to a complex numbers. It in three tries to demonstrate that even counting numbers around. Perhaps so you too of were Interested in parts and are in decimal form.

All those I prefer wearing can find a "So I talking. But one subtract us. Not added. Having seen the that went on bickering with the "rational" numbers. It keeps track of all of us — integers. We each have our own spot 'You seem to have we can call home. With a sad note to its voice it continued.

Although not let into the reals me voice. I know it's my very own point. When worse comes to worst. So an talking.. I more am a of 4 dimensional numbers. The is a bickering. I get you don't. HA Hebrew letter aleph. Transfinite numbers describe the number of objects In a set.

The The aleph-null symbol H stands for the refers to the number of set that can be put into a one-to-one counting numbers is said to have HO diagram above points out some sets with cardinality of aleph-null HO.

Any correspondence with the number of elements. But what about: Georg Cantor's transfinite numbers? Between Cantor studied and theory.. For example.. HO counting numbers. Now reverse the digits digits. Choose any three digit number whose ones and hundreds digits For The result will Reverse the order Subtract the smaller from the larger number. Did you know? One OFTl was a was there Two showed up with even numbers in tow. But with 3. Since 1 was a give chance to describe So n a n began to tell his 1 felt TV's pain and said.

I exactly where I belong on the number line. And as prime numbers many could be found had come. Tm But no.

Gardner - Mathematics Magic and Mystery.pdf - Mathematics...

To his regardless of the size around it 3 and a spread quickly all Everywhere people over knew I was an were now a circle always wrapped exciting discovery. You would have people would have given up on finding n.

Because devising by using me was no in their calculations. This by And just for kicks. The scribe took the diameter of each circle. It suits me just fine. The news to Greece to China. No were come across a me they surprise. The famous mathematician Archimedes found me to be between 3. They satisfied with some mathematicians are. So for the centuries that followed to the and they never not able to derive were transcendental.

Some ancient scribe had drawn different sized radii. Egypt about learning and distance around People me. It is important thing about a number to know the exact of its point. Lets start counting". After the number line. Once calculus and millions given And Ptolemy 3. HI be out to ofplaces. You can't computers are used. No have another number's point. Two showed up with' all the Other modem even day computers will rely on me them for accuracy and "Say no such a all. Mathematicians know on for me.

In its factors are addition. As of November Twin primes1. It is not factors are divisible by any other the other hand. On composite a number has other factors beside 1 and itself 12 is not e. He tried the real numbers.. Equally fascinating was his indirect proof showing that the real numbers are not countable. For the rational numbers1. For numbers between 0 to 1 it 00 a example. He the diagonal. This number was was supposed the to be list.

This the list's number that included in the were diagonal to Include all real numbers between 0 and 1.

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This was looking for. Numbers that not expressed as fractions or repeating decimals. He used indirect in the and One that about B. If you're looking for topics to inspire activities, revisit some of the many previous themes listed at the bottom of this page; the web pages have a wealth of resources. Read more April marks a time to increase the understanding and appreciation of mathematics and statistics.

Both subjects play a significant role in addressing many real-world problems--internet security, sustainability, disease, climate change, the data deluge, and much more. Research in these and other areas is ongoing, revealing new results and applications every day in fields such as medicine, manufacturing, energy, biotechnology, and business.

Mathematics and statistics are important drivers of innovation in our technological world, in which new systems and methodologies continue to become more complex. View the downloadable flyer. Read more Basic research in mathematics is valuable in itself, but it often contributes to research in other sciences, and has often, years later, led to discoveries that impact society today.

For example, an encryption algorithm used today in e-commerce relies on results discovered in the 17th and 18th centuries, long before computers were invented. Mathematics has inspired some of the most stunning architecture and art. In the age of big data, statistics underlies almost every decision made today, whether it's the effectiveness of a new drug or treatment, or the debut of a new mobile device.