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A convenient application for reading books in foreign languages and learning new words and phrases. Just touch an unknown word or a phrase, get its. Graded readers ebooks - best choice to learn English. Download or read online for free!. Discover how reading can improve your English skills and take a look It will help you learn quicker and consolidate what you already know.

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In classic English literature, the language is so powerful that you’ll remember words, phrases and grammar long after you’ve finished the book. Plus, you’ll learn stories which are very important to culture in the English speaking world. With practice, you’ll be able to read. This is a collection of the most useful e-books for English learning, by Anastasia Koltai. Go ahead, pick some, read them, and improve your. What are eBooks?? EBooks are electronic books that you can download from the internet onto your computer,on your smartphone or eBook reader (like a.

Like in your own language, reading in English is going to expand your vocabulary, enhance your sentence structure and give you exposure to a more complex language. It will help you learn quicker and consolidate what you already know. Reading can be done autonomously and at your own pace and is more effective than watching the television. In addition, there are thousands of classic free eBooks available in the public domain. This makes it an ideal low-cost way to learn. All you need is an e-reader, mobile device or computer and away you go! Important factors to consider when deciding which books to read are interest, level, and overall objective.

You will hear the pronunciation and intonation while having the text in front of you. Choose a book that has been translated into English from your own language.

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This will help with understanding and could also be of more interest and relevance to you. Perhaps what makes this tale a little more special is the element of the supernatural on those haunted moors. After running away from the workhouse, he goes to London where he meets the Artful Dodger who is a member of a gang led by the criminal Fagin.

This novel depicts what it was like to be poor in 19th century London at the time of industrialism. This romantic story focuses on marriage and class. The lives of the Bennet sisters are thrown into turmoil with the arrival of Mr.

Bingley and his friend Mr. Sparks fly when Mr. Darcy begins to fall in love with a woman beneath his class.

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This book is an absolute joy, full of comedy and satire. Although those are the best bits. A heart-warming read that will leave you wanting more. This goes about as well as expected.

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After several grisly murders and a scuppered attempt to provide a bride for the melancholic and neglected Frankenstein, Victor loses almost everything to a monster with revenge in mind. With memorable characters such as Baloo the bear, Hathi the elephant, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi the Indian mongoose and Shere Khan a Bengal Tiger, each chapter tells a story and uses the animals to give moral lessons.

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Get help. Best Twitter Accounts to Learn English. Very Important! All acronyms Proverbs.

English Level Test. Use Whose and…. English Quiz Questions and Answers. English Test for Elementary Students.

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Regret Definition. What does regret mean? Step by step, Gradually, Steadily, Little by…. Share on Facebook. Follow List Embed List. Feb 24, by rocky wincet - bit. Feb 06, - site. Add a picture. Choose file.

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