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Sodmaga Novel By Mazhar Kaleem M A Sodamaga novel is authored by mazhar kaleem m a contain an adventurous thriller action spy story of imran series. All Imran Series by mazhar Kaleem M.A, Complete list of Imran Series by Most of the Imran series are scanned by Waqar Azeem, we are scanning latest Imran. Posts about imran series by mazhar kaleem pdf written by sami.

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Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem. All the Novels are almost watermark free. Purpose is to make more and more Urdu material available free. Ankana Novel Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem M.A Pdf Free Download by Mazhar Kaleem M.A. Kobran is another best and latest novel of Imran Series. Mazhar Kaleem all collection of Imran Series novels in PDF Format, Download and Read Online novels and Books. No Bound or Advertising Links. Best Urdu.

Toba Tek Singh mein kisi bhi qism ki job hasil krny k liy. Toba Tek Singh mein kisi bhi qism ki job hasil krny k liy http: God bless u. Plz upload new and latest novels also published im Plz confirm me that which one of them is the novel in which imran had been kidnaped to the african jungles nd the jousop went after him.

Juliana Top Action. Challange Mission. Pressure Lock. One Man Show. Blood Hound. Easy Mission. Light House. Secret Service Mission. Silver Hands. Adventure Mission. Red Point.

Tight Plane. Black Thunder. Wood King. Top Prize. Supreme Fighter. Dogo Fighters. Secret Heart. True Man. Well Done. Special Plane. Desert Commandos. Heli Kaat. Red Dot. Logasa Mission. Night Fighters. Bright Stone. Jim Might. Last Round. Black Agents. Zero Blaster. Sendy Zoom. Bloody Game. Super Mission. Spot Film. Hashraat Ul Arz. Special Supply. Red Ring. Black World , Black Powers. Special Section.

Dushman Julia.

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Sfaak Mujrim. Red Craft. Rozi Rascal. Rock Head. Zaheen Agent. Red Zero Agency. Jinaati Dunya. Death Rays. Shedog , Shedog Headquarter. Snack Killers. Red Flag. Pearl Pirate. Markroo Chehray. Crown Agency. Last Movement. Smart Mission. Super Master Group.

Thread Ball Mission. Fort Dam. Fuogi Task. Hanging Death. Electronic Eye. C Top. Water Missile. Target Mission.

Foreign Group. Micarto Syndicate. Karkas Point. Flower Syndicate. Double Lock.

Broad System. Bright Eye.

Star Mission. Last Warning. S Three. Cotton Seed. Hot Rays. Zero Mission. Red Circle. Crossing Arrow. Hard Reback Soft Mission Part 2. Broad System. Mamar Mystic Series. Bright Eye. Star Mission. Last Waring.

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White Shadow. S Three. Cotton Seed. Hot Rays. Domanai Mystic Topic. Zero Mission. Red Circle. Crossing Arrow. Last Trap. Kasham Mystic Series. Black Fighters ISrael Mission. Mushkbari Code Muskhbar Series. Capital Agency. Prince Shama. Business Crime Four Stars Series.

Mission Sagor. Glary Sedia. Big Dam. Sagram Mission. Dogging Mission. Top Secret Mission. Beggars Mafia Four Stars Series. Free Socks. Davil Pearl Mystic Series. Secret Center. Blind Mission. Blue Hawks. Tiger in Action Israel Mission. Saraj Agency. Saraj Headquarter. Target Imran.

Black Head. Winning Party. Blue Bird Group. Group Fighting.

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem

Black Scarb. Hard Crime Four Star Series. Hawk Eye. Danger Group Chow. Fast Mission. One to One. Kali Duniya Mystic Series. Special Station. Jweish Power. Multi Mission. Two in One Israel Mission. Golden Cross. Fight Plus. Hot World. Green Guard.

Reverse Circle. Violent Crime Four Stars Series. Side Track. Taghoti Duniya Mystic Series. Blank Mission. Golden Clock. Grand Victory. Twin Sisters. Action Agency. Top Mission Black Thunder Series. Krouge Mystic Series. Kasper Rays. Armous Parohat. Hard Agency. Multi Target. Black Day Four Star Series. Great Falls. Karman Mission.

Black Sun. Lime Light. His jealousy with Imran often gets in the way of his duty. His primary weakness is that he lacks patience and is very much emotional. As a result, he has been punished by X-2 on occasions. Tanveer is the most trouble-making member of the Secret Service. He has, on many occasions, either received warnings or punishment from X-2 for his negligence on duty.

But besides his jealous with Imran , on many occasions he had proven his worth. Previously in military intelligence, he is more fond of direct action. In the book Farishtay ka Dushman, he faces a motorbike accident in the line of duty [4] and is left permanently unable to carry on with field work, so he is transferred to another department and is replaced in the Secret Service by Sergeant Nemo. Captain Shakeel[ edit ] Captain Shakeel has a face without expression. He is known as power agent.

He is a creation of Mazhar Kaleem and not of Mr. He is the person in the group who is as smart as Ali Imran and he also thinks in the same way. He was first appeared in the novel of "Makazonga" the first novel written by Mazhar Kaleem. Sualeha[ edit ] She again was created by Mazhar Kaleem. She is a talented field worker with inclination toward Safder Saeed. She respects imran and also familiar with deep emotions and feelings of juliana with imran. Zafrul Mulk is the nephew of Nawab Muzaffarul Mulk.

When he returned, his uncle did not appreciate his modern ideas and asked him to leave the home. His servant Jumman now known as Jameson was also expelled. Incidentally they get involved in a case and Imran discovers their strengths and they are offered to join the Secret Services.

With similar physical structure, Imran sometimes uses Zafrul Mulk to disguise as himself. Jameson is very fond of Urdu classical literature and tries to speak the same language. Captain Khawar[ edit ] He is a laborious member of the Secret Service. He is also the member of Mazhar Kaleem 's Four-stars.

Lieutenant Siddique[ edit ] Siddique is a genius member of in the field, and also the chief of Mazhar Kaleem 's four-stars. Imran likes him most of others because he is undefeatable agent on the bases of toil in the field work. Captain Jaafari[ edit ] He got chucked out of the secret service because he wasn't good enough and always made mistakes.

He was expelled from the services due to negligence on duty in Al Fansay Al Fanse. He got chucked out of the secret service because he wasn't good enough.

They combats against the violent crimes rising in the Pakaisa a fictional country of Ali Imran also created by Mazhar Kaleem. Siddique is the leader of Four-Stars. Nomani, Khawar and Chauhan are the other members of the team. This in accordance with " Mazhar Kaleem 's Imran Series "; in Ibne Safi's novels, these four were ordinary members of secret service like others.

They appear in many novels Other main characters[ edit ] Sir Sultan[ edit ] He is the administrator of the Secret Service, and one of the few characters who can identify Imran as X Imran reports directly to him, though at times he is irritated by Imran's complex behaviour.

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Nonetheless, he highly appreciates Imran for his talents, at one time even wishing that Imran had been his son. Sir Sultan likes Imran for his good qualities, but sometimes he too gets frustrated with Imran's non-serious behavior. He is an old friend of Imran's father. Roshee[ edit ] An Anglo-Burmese girl who was saved by Imran in one of his cases before he became X Rahman ordered Imran to leave the house, stating that he can't allow her to live with them. Intelligent and confident, she has helped Imran in various cases.

Imran trusts her very much, and she has also known from the start that he is X After meeting Imran in Bhayanak Aadmi, she becomes ashamed of her profession. Impressed by her good qualities, Imran offers her a job in the Central Intelligence Bureau.

However, Imran still involves her in many cases later on. Roshee is one of the only few people who know about Imran as the Chief of the Secret Service.

Joseph Mugonda[ edit ] Personal bodyguard of Imran , Joseph, an African black , is tall, well-built and an ex prize-fighter. After Imran defeated him during a case, [12] he preferred to come under his patronage and since then, he has been extremely loyal to Imran, sometimes referring to Imran as his "father". He is a heavy drinker and highly superstitious, nonetheless, a very useful companion.

His knowledge of jungles has proved to be very useful for Imran on various occasions. He also serves as Prince of Dhump's bodyguard whenever Imran assumes the role. Before meeting Imran , Joseph was a heavyweight champion.