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Article 1 This Law is formulated in accordance with the Constitution in order to A labour contract once concluded in accordance with the law shall be legally. An online collection of bare acts passed by the Indian Parliament ever since with Banking Companies (Legal Practitioners Clients Account) Act, An Act to make provision for the investigation and settlement of industrial disputes, and for .. benefit of the workman under any law for the time being in force;.

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38/95), the correction of the Labour Act published in the Official Gazette, Nos. another law or treaty concluded and ratified in accordance with the Constitution. interpreting the provisions of this Act, the courts in India borrowed heavily from the case It may, broadly, be stated that labour law of India has given the go-bye . The labour laws derive their origin, authority and strength from the provisions of the Constitution of India. as the basic material and must be read alongwith the original Bare Acts, Application and Major Provisions of Payment of Bonus Act.

Meaning thereby, whether the judgment was pronounced by single bench or division bench or the full bench as the case may be , the selection can be done by the user by narrowing it to the extent of specific subject and by further doing the free text search. The requisite steps are given as under: A. Step 1 C. Step 3 A. Step 1 Screen-Shot 1 Till now search option was restricted to selection of Court and Bench with an additional option of name. Now, one can search by choosing the subject.

Maternity and Family Leave Rights 4.

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A female employee must, in order to qualify for a grant of maternity leave, be employed for at least 12 months by the employer from whom she requests such leave and is not entitled to maternity pay by the same employer more than once every three years. It should be emphasised that this is the minimum standard and the employee can always negotiate better terms and conditions of employment. The National Insurance programme was established December 12, with the signing into law of the National Insurance Act The National Insurance Board NIB , the organisation charged with administering the social security programme, opened its doors officially on October 7, As always the principles of freedom of contract apply so it is always an option to have such a provision in an employment contract but there is no such obligation on the employer.

There are no other parental leave rights which employers must observe. Business Sales 5. How does a business sale affect collective agreements? So long as the criteria under Section 71 1 of the Employment Act , are met, all employee rights transfer on the sale of a business and continue to accrue. A propos collective agreements, so long as the same is registered in accordance with Section 46 of the Industrial Relations Act , it will have effect pursuant to Section 50 of the Industrial Relations Act How long does the process typically take and what are the sanctions for failing to inform and consult?

Bare Acts And Articles On Each Labour Act - PDF Download

Employees may be dismissed in connection with a business sale, however, if an employee is not being summarily dismissed for cause, there is an obligation on the employer to properly and fairly compensate the employee upon termination. It is always open to an employer to change the terms and conditions of an employment contract whether or not there is a business sale but it must be mutually agreed between the employer and employee.

Normally, if an employer wishes to change the terms and conditions of employment and it adversely affects an employee, the employer would terminate the employee pursuant to the terms and conditions of the old contract or in accordance with the Employment Act and thereafter rehire the employee, if so desired, under a new contract of employment.

Termination of Employment 6. How is the notice period determined?

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Yes, an employee must be given notice of termination of their employment. The minimum notice period is provided by the Employment Act In The Bahamas there is no such term as garden leave.

During the notice period, an employer has every right to insist that the employee not attend work and to stay away from the work premises.

In what circumstances is an employee treated as being dismissed? Is consent from a third party required before an employer can dismiss? As regards an employer obtaining consent from a third party in order to dismiss an employee, there are instances where an employer must, pursuant to the terms and conditions of a trade agreement, consult with a lawfully recognised trade union as bargaining agent for employees before lawfully dismissing an employee. Are employees entitled to compensation on dismissal and if so how is compensation calculated?

List of Acts of the Parliament of India

In essence, an employer may dismiss an employee in two ways. The first is to summarily dismiss an employee for cause and in such an instance the employer only has to pay the employee for accrued vacation not taken and for any time actually worked.

In order to summarily dismiss an employee, an employer must prove that he honestly and reasonably believed on a balance of probability that the employee committed the misconduct in question and that the employer had conducted a reasonable investigation of such misconduct except where such investigation is unwarranted. What are the remedies for a successful claim?

Step 1 Screen-Shot 1 Till now search option was restricted to selection of Court and Bench with an additional option of name.

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Now, one can search by choosing the subject. Step 3 Screen-Shot 3 Desired result appears on the site. Searching latest Notifications and Circulars now made faster Notifications and Circulars for year are now available in a separate node under the section of Notification and Circular section on the site.

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A separate node for the year also enables you to search through the latest notifications alone. The caselaws appear under the sub-node Insurance Cases. All the amendments are given by way of a footnote, which gives its prior history for reference. State Governments fix different minimum wages for various scheduled employments. Further, even within a particular scheduled employment, different minimum wages are notified for different categories of employees.

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Thus, employers would have to carry out an assessment of the applicable wage rates for different categories of employees in order to calculate the statutory bonus payable. This issue would be even more significant for employers having offices in multiple States since the minimum wages for the same scheduled employment also vary from one State to another, and the variation can sometimes be quite significant.

For instance, the monthly minimum wage for a skilled employee in a shop or commercial establishment in Delhi is INR 11, while the monthly minimum wage for a skilled employee in a shop or commercial establishment in Maharashtra is INR 8, Another consequence of including this reference to minimum wages is that it creates an additional level of unpredictability in the calculation of the bonus amount.

A lot of companies especially MNCs currently follow a practice of calculating the maximum statutory bonus i. However, since there is now a reference to the minimum wages under the MW Act and since the minimum wages are updated on a periodic basis i. Employers in India usually follow a financial year from 1 April to 31 March and close their books of accounts accordingly. Therefore, most companies would have already determined the allocable surplus for the financial year - 15 i.