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Julie & Julia, the bestselling memoir that's irresistible. Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked. Editorial Reviews. Review. Julie & Julia is the story of Julie Powell's attempt to Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month?. download Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously on I realized before the mid point of the book, this is a person I would never want to call.

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With the humor of Bridget Jones and the vitality of Augusten Burroughs, Julie Powell recounts how she conquered every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and saved her soul! Julie Powell is years-old, living in a rundown apartment in Queens and working. Julie & Julia is a American comedy-drama film written and directed by Nora Ephron Powell's book was based on her blog The Julie/Julia Project, where she had started documenting online her daily experiences cooking each of the Julie & Julia, Julie Powell's account of her bid to make all the dishes in America's favourite cookbook, is rich fare, says Paul Levy, though its.

What do you do if you're a picky eater and failed actress, transplanted from your native Texas to Planet Arugula - the expensive, sophisticated world called New York? How do you cope with temping jobs that suck, until you get a permanent one doing something totally meaningless with the group that is sifting through the plans for renovating Ground Zero? How do you add some risk-taking to your getting-stale marriage to your high-school sweetheart, the only male non-family member you've ever known intimately, while you're a year-old with gynaecological issues that mean your biological clock is ticking at speed? You keep sane by embarking on a Project. You steal your mother's tattered copy of America's favourite but most difficult cookery book and attempt to make every recipe in it in one year - that's in the words of the subtitle ' days, recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen', and write a blog, a running account of your disasters and less often successes, posted daily on a website. It was first published in America in , and here as a Penguin paperback in

Julie and Julia: Days, Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen by Julie Powell

I had already read Julia Child's My Life in France, which was the inspiration for the Julia parts of the movie, so I decided that it only made sense to complete the experience and read Powell's book.

Powell wastes no time letting her readers know exactly what kind of monster she is.

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On page eight Eight! We're not even into the double-digit pages yet! Basically, Powell is waiting in the subway one day and witnesses: " The loon started smacking her forehead with the heel of her palm.

It was only once I was in the car, squeezed in shoulder to shoulder, the lot of us hanging by one hand from the overhead bar like slaughtered cows on the trundling train, that it came to me - as if some omnipotent God of City Dwellers were whispering the truth in my ear - that the only two reasons I hadn't joined right in with the loon with the gray crew cut, beating my head and screaming 'Fuck!

Performance anxiety and a dry-cleaning bill; those were the only things keeping me from stark raving lunacy.

Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen

How much of a selfish, raging narcissist do you have to become in order to watch what is clearly a mentally ill person having a disturbing episode, and your first response is, "Ugh, same"?! And then you record the scene in your memoir and frame it as some kind of profound breakthrough moment for you? The narrative also trots out various supporting cast members, mostly wacky single girlfriends of Julie's who share their heavenly-to-godawful experiences with men -- oooh, now that's what I call dish!

If this all sounds sort of sitcom-y, it's because Powell has clearly taken cues from "Sex and the City" and its chick-lit, chick-TV ilk, weaving strands of "Kimmy and I bitched mightily about our secretarial jobs" and "Isabel went ahead and married her punk-rock boyfriend" into her own journey of culinary self-actualization. When she's focused on the cooking itself, Powell shows signs of being one of our better, loopier culinary thinkers, more in the iconoclast mode of M.

Fisher than the rhapsodic, sun-dappled vein of Saveur magazine at its most-perfect-peach fetishizing.

How much more interior can you get, after all, than the interior of bones? It's the center of the center of things. If marrow were a geological formation, it would be magma roiling under the earth's mantle.

If it were a memory, it would be your first one, your most painful and repressed one, the one that has made you who you are. But while there enough passages like this to suggest that a great food-lit career is in the offing, "Julie and Julia" still has too much blog in its DNA: This last tic is actually part of a larger, troublesome trend among young memoirists, who seem to think that repeated references to their poor hygiene and the squalidness of their surroundings give texture and depth to their work.

'Julie and Julia': The Servantless American Cook

No, no, no! Being subjected over and over again to images of your piled-up dirty dishes and backed-up plumbing bodily and otherwise only makes me want to put down your book. Stop it!

Fussell's book is, if anything, even more fraught with personal revelations and domestic psychodrama. It's a caustic look back at her aspirational-housewife days, which, in Fussell's case, were the 60's, when "MtAoFC" was a new sensation and upper-middle-class wives the land over wielded balloon whisks and Le Creuset pots in their status-conscious battles of one-upmanship and husband-stealing.

It's not just the elegance of Fussell's prose that makes me prefer her book to Powell's; it's that she engaged and contextualized "MtAoFC," using Child's primer for the Francophile "servantless American cook" to explain what went down in 60's suburbia.

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