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Looking for a pdf version of “Java Puzzlers” by Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter? In this post, you can find links for Java Puzzlers pdf Download. Java Puzzlers - Traps, Pitfalls and Corner Cases Author: Joshua Bloch | Neal Gafter More Java Pitfalls: 50 New Time-Saving Solutions and Workarounds. Effective Java & Java Puzzlers ii. It's your turn. ▫ Solve some puzzles Java Puzzlers. ▫by Joshua Bloch and. Neal Gafter. ▫95 puzzles on

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Java Puzzlers. Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases. Joshua Bloch. Neal Gafter. Upper Saddle River, NJ • Boston • Indianapolis • San Francisco. New York • Toronto. 1. A Java Puzzlers Sampler. This sampler contains one puzzle from each chapter of Java Puzzlers by Joshua. Bloch and Neal Gafter (Addison Wesley, ). This lively book reveals oddities of the Java programming language through entertaining and thought-provoking programming puzzles." Disqus - Java Puzzlers Ebook Pdf Free Download. Formats and Editions of Java puzzlers traps, pitfalls, and corner cases [].

Manage your account and access personalized content. Sign up for an Oracle Account. Access your cloud dashboard, manage orders, and more. Sign up for a free trial. Java Puzzlers, a new book by Joshua Bloch, Google's chief Java architect, and Neal Gafter, Google software engineer and Java technology evangelist, contains some 95 "puzzlers" and is designed to amuse, tantalize, challenge, and educate Java developers.

This books will determine your programming skills in Java and the core knowledge of the language. The best way to use this book is by solving the puzzles given in the book, and then only looking at the solutions provided. The book is divided into 10 chapters all of which are related with puzzlers. So, the book is all about puzzles about Java.

Java Puzzlers will be a boon for you if you are looking forward to strengthening your knowledge in the core aspects of Java. A catalog of traps and pitfalls and notes on illusions are provided at the end of the book.

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Copyright issues: Introduction 2. Expressive Puzzlers 3. Puzzlers with Character 4. Loopy Puzzlers 5. Exceptional Puzzlers 6.

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Classy Puzzlers 7. Library Puzzlers 8. Classier Puzzlers 9. More Library Puzzlers Advanced Puzzlers A. Catalog of Traps and Pitfalls B.

Java Puzzlers, a new book by Joshua Bloch, Google's chief Java architect, and Neal Gafter, Google software engineer and Java technology evangelist, contains some 95 "puzzlers" and is designed to amuse, tantalize, challenge, and educate Java developers. Bloch and Gafter model puzzlers on optical illusions: In each puzzler, initial appearances are deceiving, and things are not what they seem.

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He holds a Ph. We met with him recently to get a better grasp of the pleasures and benefits of Java code puzzlers.

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You call the book Java Puzzlers. Is it all fun and games? Neal and I hope that readers find the book entertaining, but it's designed to educate as it entertains.

There's a lot of useful information in this book that isn't available elsewhere. How does working on Java programming puzzlers help developers discover their hidden assumptions? Most of the puzzles confront the reader with a simple program, and the reader has to figure out what it does. It's usually pretty obvious what the program does but for one minor detail: None of the programs actually do what you expect them to. If you can't figure out what might be wrong with a program, you run it and find out what it actually does.

All the programs can be downloaded from the book's web site.

Seeing Shouldn't Be Believing: Solving Java Puzzlers With Google's Joshua Bloch

If you're lucky -- or very smart -- you have an "Aha! Either way, you turn the page, and we explain the whole thing to you. Hopefully, the lesson sinks in, and you never make that incorrect assumption again.

In this way, working through puzzles can "inoculate" you against the traps and pitfalls of the Java platform. Why is the book illustrated with optical illusions? One day, Neal and I were on the phone with our editor, Greg Doench, trying to figure out what to put on the cover of the book, and Neal had one of those "Aha!

He said, "Do you realize that these puzzles are optical illusions? But when you run them, they do something entirely different. This is exactly how optical illusions work. They appear to have some property, and the longer you stare at them, the more they appear to have that property.

But if you try to confirm it with a ruler -- or mask, for some illusions -- you find that they don't have that property at all. For example, these letters appear to tilt, with alternating letters tilting in opposite directions:. But if you color the letters yellow, you can see that they aren't tilted at all. The "candy stripes" inside the letters fool you into thinking the letters are tilted:.

Java Puzzlers pdf – Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter

How does recognizing that initial appearances can be deceiving help people to become better developers? Vision scientists study optical illusions to gain deep insights into the human visual system.

In the same way, studying code illusions yields deep insights into the Java platform. But there is one key difference: Even if you understand why an optical illusion works, it doesn't stop working. If you understand how a code illusion works, you can stop making that mistake, and you can spot it in code that you're reviewing.

Bloch Joshua, Gafter Neal. Java Puzzlers: Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases

Has working on the puzzlers helped some developers to confront other programming problems? It caused him to go back to a library that he was working on and change the way a constant was defined.

The other day, I stumbled on a web page where the GCJ folks found a bug in their compiler using one of our puzzles Puzzle 45, "Exhausting Workout". And just yesterday, a coworker came to me with a bug that turned out to be the same one in "Reflection Infection" Puzzle You've focused a lot on what you call the "traps, pitfalls, and corner cases" of the Java platform.

What did you learn?

Java Puzzlers - Traps, Pitfalls and Corner Cases - PDF Free Download

The key insight is that nothing is perfect: Even the best programming languages have traps waiting to snare the hapless programmer. But that doesn't mean the situation is hopeless. We came to realize that there are a few key principles underlying many traps and pitfalls.

If you learn these principles and act accordingly, you can avoid whole classes of problems. For example, the puzzles in Chapter 8 "Classier Puzzles" all involve name reuse: If you keep name reuse to a minimum, you avoid many problems.

One thing that surprised us was just how many traps and pitfalls are amenable to static analysis. If you run the puzzles in our book through Bill Pugh and David Hovemeyer's excellent FindBugs tool, it will spot many of the problems.

But don't do that!