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Jang e Jamal aur Jang e Safeen Tareekh Urdu Pdf Free Download Jang e Jamal aur Jang e Safeen Tareekh Urdu presented and compiled by Saeed Khan. Mola Ali (AS) is always in right any one fight against Him He was Kafir becuase in Jang Khadaq Nabi Akram Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa sw said aj Kul-e-Eman. Jang e Jamal aur Jang e Safeen Tareekhi Haqaiq in Urdu Pdf Free Download.

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Some Facts About Jang E Jamal In Urdu مسلمانوں میں اختلاف کی ابتدا وفات پیغمبر اکرم کے بعد مسئلہ خلافت پر اختلاف کی وجہ سے حالات جو. Jang e Jamal aur Jang e Safeen Tareekh Urdu presented and compiled by Saeed Khan. This book is a historical literature which contains full history of Jang e Jamal and Jang e Safeen in Urdu language extracted from the authentic books of Islamic history. Visit the below mentioned. Jang-E-Jamal Or Haqeeqat Full History in Urdu - IslamGhar.

Aur iss article main mandarjazail umoor per roshni daali gai hai.. Aama hazraat ne jahan aur itney dhair saarey kazaab ki taqleed main shia per bebuniyaad or khudsaakhta ilzamaat aayid keeay unhee main se awam-un-naas k zehno main ye zeher bhi bhar diya gaya hai ke shia umhaa-tul-Momineen k dushman hain unko nahin maantey aur iss zaman main motaber ahadees ko bhi rad kartey hain aur quran ke atal faislon ke agey sar tasleem-e-kham nahi kartey tehkeek pasand doston se arz hai k in ilzamaat main zara baraber sachaai se kaam nahi liya gaya balkey sirf or sirf All-e-Muhammad a. A Jinnah road urdu bazaar Karachi Or hadis k zail main tirmazi ne likha hai k hai ye hadees Hassan,sahih,ghareeb hai or yeh kai sanadon se ibn-e-Abbas r. Umer bin khataab ne ibn e abbas r. Tirmazi ne khud kaha k yeh hadees Hassan,sahih,ghareeb hai or kai asnaad se ibn-e-Abbas r. Hazrat ayesha Bibi Khadija-tul-Kubra salam ullah alaiha se bughz rakhti thieen Ayesha ki apni zubaani Tirmazi ne Ayesha se riwayet ki hai or issey Hassan,Sahih qaraar diya hai Ayesha farmati hain k mujhey Nabi saw ki azwaaj main se siwaaey Khadija s. Aur iss hadis se qabl hadis no main Ayesha he farmaati hain k mujhey Khadjia s.


Everyone thought that the other party had committed breach of trust. Confusion prevailed throughout the night.

Talhah had left. On seeing this, Marwan who was manipulating everyone shot Talhah with a poisoned arrow [12] saying that he had disgraced his tribe by leaving the field. The rebels led by Aisha then gathered around her and about a dozen of her warriors were beheaded while holding the reins of her camel. However the warriors of Ali faced much casualties during their attempts to reach Aisha as dying corpses lay piled in heaps.

The battle only came to an end when Ali's troops as commanded attacked the camel from the rear and cut off the legs of the beast. Aisha fled from the arrow-pierced howdah and was captured by the forces of Ali. There was reconciliation between them and Ali pardoned her.

Jang-E-Jamal Or Haqeeqat Full History in Urdu - IslamGhar | Poetry | Full history, History, Islam

He then sent Aisha to Medina under military escort headed by her brother Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr , one of Ali's commanders. She subsequently retired to Medina with no more interference with the affairs of state.

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Hassan also accompanied Aisha part of the way back to Medina. Aisha started teaching in Medina and deeply resented Marwan. These rebels had gained much power after the killing of Uthman.

Urdu pdf in jang e jamal

It was difficult for Ali, the fourth Caliph, to instantly punish them for their role in the killing of Uthman, and this was the main reason which led to the difference of opinion between the two groups of Muslims. Some Muslims were of the opinion that they should be punished immediately, while Ali required time to punish them.

He himself says in Nahjul Balagha: "O my brothers! I am not ignorant of what you know, but how do I have the power for it while those who assaulted him are in the height of their power.

They have superiority over us, not we over them. But when both groups confronted each other at the place of Basrah, they started negotiating. When the rebels saw that the negotiations may lead to their punishment, they attacked both the armies and disrupted the peace process. According to Sunnis, Ali was the rightly guided Caliph, and hence his decision must have been obeyed.

Moreover, the hadith of Hawaab also proves that Ali's opponents were wrong in their stance. But since they also were sincere in their intentions to bring the killers of Uthman to justice, hence they must not be condemned for the violence. Both Ali and Aisha resented the outcome of the battle. Ali said after the battle, "I wish I had died two decades before this incident.

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Jung E Jamal

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