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obscurity to become canonical figures in their disciplines. Hermann Samuel. Reimarus ( – ) does not quite fit either model: he was a. Over the course of thirty years, Hermann Samuel Reimarus () secretly drafted what would become the Download PDF ( MB) · View PDF Flyer. Hermann Samuel Reimarus (–), philologist, Bible critic, and phi- 1 Hermann Samuel Reimarus, Apologie oder Schutzschrift für die vernünftigen.

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Hermann Samuel Reimarus (22 December , Hamburg – 1 March , Hamburg), was a . Passing of the Israelites Through the Red Sea · Metaphor and Boundary: H. S. Reimarus' Vernunftlehre as Kant's Source by Serena Feloj ( PDF). Fragments from Reimarus. by: Hermann Samuel Reimarus, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Charles Voysey. Collection: americana. Digitizing. Fragments from Reimarus: consisting of brief critical remarks on the object of by: Reimarus, Hermann Samuel, ; Lessing, Gotthold.

He married twice, the second time to Sophia, sister of August Adolph von Hennings. His achievements include introducing smallpox vaccination to Hamburg and introducing continental Europe to the British-born idea of the lightning rod. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in German. February Click [show] for important translation instructions. View a machine-translated version of the German article. Machine translation like Deepl or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality.

Philosophy and theology, however, became with his advancing years the chief subjects of pursuit. From to he had in hand the theological work from which Lessing published the notorious Fragments in Reimarus was held by his contemporaries in the highest esteem as a scholar, a thinker, an author, and a man. His house was the centre of the highest culture of Hamburg, and a monument of his influence in that city still remains in the Haus der patriotischen Gesellschaft, where the learned and artistic societies partly founded by him still meet.

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His wife bore him seven children, three only of whom lived to grow up, namely his only surviving son — the distinguished physician Johann Albrecht Heinrich — and two daughters, one of them being Elise, Lessing's friend and correspondent. Ten days before his death he invited a select number of friends to dine with him, and, with his wonted cheerfulness and amiability, declared to them solemnly that this was his farewell meal with them.

Three days after he was taken seriously ill, and died March 1, Reimarus's reputation as a classical and historical scholar rests on the valuable edition of Dio Cassius which he prepared from the materials collected by his father-in-law, J. In the department of philosophy he published a work on logic Vernunftlehre als Anweisung zum richtigen Gebrauche der Vernunft, , fifth edition , and two very popular books bearing on the great religious questions of the day.

In these works he appears as a powerful opponent of French materialism and Spinoza's pantheism, a zealous teleologist and able wielder of the argument from design. His philosophical position is essentially that of Christian Wolff. But it is the work carefully kept back during his lifetime, strangely enough from which Lessing published certain chapters after the author's death with which his name is most widely associated.

Lessing's relation to this work has been stated in the article Lessing. If a difficulty arises in regard to the Holy Scripture and we cannot solve it, we must just let it alone. The daughter of Jairus was therefore raised from the dead several times; on one occasion Jesus allowed the devils whom He cast out of a single demoniac to enter into a herd of swine, on another occasion, those whom He cast out of two demoniacs; there were two cleansings of the Temple, and so forth.

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The correct view of the Synoptic Gospels as being interdependent was first formulated by Griesbach. Thus there had been nothing to prepare the world for a work of such power as that of Reimarus.

Hermann Samuel Reimarus (1694-1768)

It is true, there had appeared earlier, in , a Life of Jesus by Johann Jakob Hess , written from the standpoint of the older rationalism, but it retains so much supernaturalism and follows so much the lines of a paraphrase of the Gospels, that there was nothing to indicate to the world what a master-stroke the spirit of the time was preparing.

Not much is known about Reimarus. For his contemporaries he had no existence, and it was [David Friedrich] Strauss who first made his name known in literature. He was born in Hamburg on the 22nd of December, , and spent his life there as a professor of Oriental Languages.

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He died in In Lessing began to publish the most important portions of it, and up to had published seven fragments, thereby involving himself in a quarrel with Goetze, the Chief Pastor of Hamburg. The manuscript of the whole, which runs to pages, is preserved in the Hamburg municipal library. It exposes all the impossibilities of the narrative in the Priestly Codex. This essay is not only one of the greatest events in the history of criticism, it is also a masterpiece of general literature.

Hermann Samuel Reimarus

At times, however, it rises to heights of passionate feeling, and then it is as though the fires of a volcano were painting lurid pictures upon dark clouds. Seldom has there been a hate so eloquent, so lofty a scorn; but then it is seldom that a work has been written in the just consciousness of so absolute a superiority to contemporary opinion. This was the first time that a really historical mind, thoroughly conversant with the sources, had undertaken the criticism of the tradition.

He recognised that the introduction of the historical element would transform and deepen rationalism.

Reimarus takes as his starting-point the question regarding the content of the preaching of Jesus. According to Matt. Evidently, therefore, His purpose did not embrace them. Had it been otherwise, the hesitation of Peter in Acts x. This view still has currency within modern scholarship. Reimarus also considered Christianity to be a fabrication. The original manuscript is in the Hamburg town library.

In addition to the seven fragments published by Lessing, a second portion of the work was issued in by C. The complete work has been published as edited by Gerhard Alexander 2 vols, Frankfurt am Main: Insel, Strauss has given an exhaustive analysis of the whole work in his book on Reimarus. The standpoint of the Apologie is that of pure naturalistic deism.

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Miracles and mysteries are denied and natural religion is put forward as the absolute contradiction of revealed religion. The essential truths of the former are the existence of a wise and good Creator and the immortality of the soul. These truths are discoverable by reason, and can constitute the basis of a universal religion.

A revealed religion could never obtain universality, as it could never be intelligible and credible to all men. However, the Bible does not present such a revelation. It abounds in error as to matters of fact, contradicts human experience, reason and morals, and is one tissue of folly, deceit, enthusiasm, selfishness and crime. Moreover, it is not a doctrinal compendium, or catechism, which a revelation would have to be.