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MARKET LEADER. Banking and Finance. ONE. BUSINESS ENGLISH. Christine Johnson. Longman. FINANCIAL TIMES. World business newspaper. Audio English for Banking & Finance 2 => —. Lg English for Banking and Finance МБ. Lg English for Banking and Finance МБ. Aims and Objectives. In this unit you will learn and practise vocabulary related to finance and banking. You will practise the following skills and functions.

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English for Banking & Finance combines a strong grammar syllabus with the specialist vocabulary students need to succeed in this area. It contains topics that reflect the latest developments in the field making it immediately relevant to students’ needs. The CD-ROM accompanying. Start by marking “English for Banking & Finance 1” as Want to Read: English for Banking and Finance is part of the Pearson Longman Vocational English series. It is designed for students in vocational education and for company employees in training at work. Business & ESP / ESP Bank / Banking & Financial Services / Vocabulary of banking & finance/Teacher's Notes. Vocabulary of banking and finance.

Next Edition: 5 ed. Latest Edition 5 ed. This accessible guide is a perfect source of reference for all those with an interest in finance. Invaluable for students and professionals in the fields of finance and banking, it is also ideal for private investors and readers of the financial pages. This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary of finance available.

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A credit card is a card that allows you to spend more money than you have, but then you have to pay interest.

Market Leader. Business English. Banking and Finance

The word credit can also be used in a general sense: When you give someone credit, you acknowledge their efforts or worth. Debit This is money taken out of your bank account or money you owe. A debit card allows you to use the money in your account by paying in stores or online.

In addition, you can use this word as a verb: To debit money means to take out money from an account. Balance Your balance is the money you have in an account.

English for Banking Finance 2

This is the difference between what you spend debits and what you receive credits. Loan A loan is money you borrow from a bank or another institution or person.

The bank lends gives you the money, and you borrow receive it.

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The bank is the lender, and you are the borrower. Student Loan Student loans are loans that are used by borrowers to pay for education fees. Students loans are supposed to be paid back once the borrower finishes studying and starts working. Some lenders offer student loans at lower interest rates see below.

You can also use the word in a general way: If you are in debt to someone, it can mean you owe them a favor or are grateful for something. The amount of interest is decided by an interest rate, which is calculated for a given period of time. If you have a savings account, the bank will pay you interest for being able to use your money over a certain period of time.

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To Withdraw To withdraw money is to remove money from an account. To Overdraw To overdraw is to try to withdraw more money than you have in your account.

Johnson Christine. Market Leader: Cambridge University Press Providing at least 50 hours of classroom material, this course builds financial language and teaches students about key financial concepts.

English for Banking & Finance 1 by Rosemary Richey

It also focuses on the communication skills necessary for working effectively within the industry. It covers a wide range of financial topics, including retail and investment banking, accounting, trade finance, Sara Helm.

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