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Feb 20, This Pin was discovered by Pdf Album. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Easy Virtue is a three-act play by Noël Coward. He wrote it in when he was 25 years old, .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Fashion in Film: Easy Virtue - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. fashion analysis of the film Easy Virtue.

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6 EASY VIRTUE Colonel Why not leave the poor girl alone? . EASY VIRTUE 17 Marion Sarah doesn't matter — it might be a good thing for her to be here — in. Easy Virtue (Virtue #1) - Mia Asher - dokument [*.pdf] Table of Contents Title Page Inwardly, I smile because who knew it was so easy to make men desire me. EASY VIRTUE, the lavish adaptation of Noel Coward's play, was EASY VIRTUE stars American actress Jessica Biel (The Illusionist, I Now.

Finally, the Easy Virtue script is here for all you fans of the Jessica Biel movie. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. At least you'll have some Easy Virtue quotes or even a monologue or two to annoy your coworkers with in the meantime, right? And swing on back to Drew's Script-O-Rama afterwards -- because reading is good for your noodle. Better than Farmville, anyway. Easy Virtue Script Man Good evening.

It still glistens. Confusion, shock, and pleasure reflect in those brown eyes. His eyes immediately flare with lust. If it bothers you, then for- get it happened. I will have the last word. Not him. Not anyone. This is my life. This is my decision. Without giving myself a chance to doubt my next words, I turn to look at him in all his naked beauty, the gold wedding ring on his finger catching my attention.

I was the lonely child who talked to her animals and dolls. With time, and after many tears shed and unheard prayers to a deaf God, absence made my heart grow bit- ter and hard. It froze me from the inside out. My parents gave me gifts, not love Maybe those things were just substitutes for their love and their presence. I hungered for the love of my parents.

Coward Plays: 1

For a motherly caress or a sweet pat on the shoulder as they told me that they were proud of me. I longed for a tender em- brace in my darkest hours … But I had nothing.

I was nothing. That chubby girl who cried herself to sleep every night … the same girl who kneeled by her bed and prayed to the skies above for a happy family—for someone to see her … That chubby girl is gone forever. And in her stead is me—beautiful, shiny, empty Blaire. Attention-loving Blaire. As long as they follow me whenever I step into a room. Walking away from the tall mahogany dresser, I make my way to the bed where my phone is lying amongst a pile of yellow fluffy pillows.

Weisberg reviews Easy Virtue: Prostitution in French Art –

Throwing myself on the bed, I feel the mat- tress bounce underneath me and smile when I see the name of the caller. Just because I feel like fucking around with his mind, I wait to answer for a couple more rings. Can you sneak out of school during your lunch hour? My schedule cleared up for the afternoon, and I want to see you again. I picture us back in the same seedy motel room with its dirty yellow-colored cur- tains and avocado furniture, and the memory alone makes the smells of his sweat and the moldy rug fill my nose once more.

It would be nice to meet at a respectable hotel in town instead of our usual place, but keeping our affair anonymous is paramount for him. Besides, I bought you something that I think you might like. What did you get me?

Please tell me! His words sink in my head, the real meaning hidden between the lines. I can al- most picture him sitting in his office chair behind the desk looking pristine in his silvery-grey suit, waiting to jerk off to any- thing I send him. I open the camera application on my phone and lift an arm in the air so I can take a pic- ture of myself lying on the bed.

I can feel some loose wisps of hair tick- ling my chin as I lower my hand and place it inside my underwear. My heartbeat acceler- ates in anticipation and my breath shortens as I begin to rub myself slowly, imagining the soft, wet caress of his tongue inside me, lick- ing, lapping … fucking me.

My cheeks burn a rosy pink as I feel my lips swell. Much closer. Callahan at the same time my body floats high on ecstasy and bright colors twirl in my head. There … that should do. Not a minute goes by before I receive a text message from him.

When the image has fully loaded, a tarnished smile touches my lips as I stare at the ice- blue box wrapped in an elaborate white bow. I am selling my soul. Growing up in a home with no siblings and self-absorbed parents was a lonely way to live life for a child.

However, loneliness taught me to be comfortable being alone … or maybe it just hardened me? It was the same way in school, too—it still is.

I have no friends. It all goes back to the day I found out the reason no one wanted to be friends with me. We were only nine years old. It was lunchtime on a cool spring day.

Pdf easy virtue

The sun was warm on my skin, but the air still sent a chill running through my body. I was making my way to an empty bench far away from the playground when I saw Paige and her posse approaching me. It was too late to avoid them. I wonder if she eats in her sleep. My mom told me to never be friends with her because her mom steals daddies, and her dad is al- ways drunk. With each word, they killed me a little bit more.

She also said that her dad came to a meeting with scratches all over his neck and face and smelling like alcohol. It all made sense after that.

Easy Virtue

Hearing them talk had brought back memories of all the crying, fighting and yelling. The tears streamed down her face, and her voice shook with pain. I understood why my mother, who was the prettiest amongst all the moms, had no friends. A man who, when left with nothing, battled ghosts with the only weapons available to him—hatred and alcohol. It was an emotion that not many had the luxury of feeling without any pain attached to it.

Many say that love will set you free, but I disagree … love is a cage, a very painful one; its gilded bars made with yearning, heartache, and unfulfilled dreams. No one would have the power to hurt me again. That realization set me free. If love had been enough, the love I had given my parents would have been enough for them. Enough for them to want to love me back. She is with her religiously zealous daughter Marion and her husband, Colonel Whittaker, "A grey haired man of about fifty—his expression is generally resigned.

The younger daughter, Hilda, enters "nineteen and completely commonplace" with news that their only son John Whittaker has married while holidaying in the south of France—he and his new bride will arrive soon.

Mrs Whittaker is thrown into despair over the news, while the Colonel is sanguine; "He had to marry someone, she's probably a very interesting woman.

John soon arrives with his new wife, Larita, "She is tall, exquisitely made-up and very beautiful. Her clothes, because of their simplicity, are obviously violently expensive. John is not perturbed by his sister's shock; "He was an absolute Devil. Sarah is disappointed John has married, but welcomes Larita warmly as they all go in to lunch. Three months later. It is now the height of summer. Larita is reading Proust's Sodom and Gomorrah on the sofa.

Everyone is very concerned that she does not want to play tennis. She is bored and miserable. Her only sympathetic friend is the Colonel, who kindly plays bezique , a card game, with her. He also reveals that he speaks French. Into this scene comes Mrs Whittaker, and later Marion—preparing for a party Mrs Whittaker is throwing that evening.

Much consideration is being put into the display of "Japanese Lanterns". Larita and the Colonel exit.

Welcome to life at Durrants

Marion and Mrs Whittaker are both shocked by Larita's choice of reading material. Marion offers to have a "straight talk" with Larita, but Mrs Whittaker advises against it. She feels that John will soon tire of his wife and the marriage will end in divorce. Sarah has come to play tennis along with her brother Philip, on whom Hilda has a crush. Philip, however, is infatuated with Larita—something which Hilda misunderstands.

In a fit of jealous pique, she accuses Larita of making "sheep's eyes" at Philip. John's affection for Larita seems to be waning as he bemoans his wife's shortcomings to Sarah who in return defends her new friend.

Larita arrives at the end of the conversation as Sarah leaves to prepare for the evening's festivities. John attempts to talk to his wife, but his impatience and immaturity only cause them both irritation. Larita mentions her ex-husband and John's jealousy flares.

A secondary argument ensues about the nature of love and trust. John resolves the argument by declaring that he "trusts Larita absolutely" and then exits to "freshen up" after tennis. Marion leaves, and Philip arrives to ask Larita to reserve a dance for him—a request which is picked up on by an increasingly jealous Hilda. At afternoon tea John is not present , Hilda delivers a newspaper cutting revealing that Larita was involved in a court case regarding a man's suicide, as well as list of many of her lovers.

Larita reacts coolly, and even quips, "Only two of the people on that list really loved me. The Colonel takes Larita's side, but Mrs Whittaker is not mollified. Larita refuses to be cowed and proceeds to rip apart everyone's moral pretensions and hypocrisy. Marion storms out of the room and Mrs Whittaker tries to send Larita to her room, telling her not to come to the party.

Hilda recognizes that she has been malicious, but it is too late. Larita throws her book in frustration, accidentally and unregrettably breaking a plaster copy of the Venus de Milo in the process.

Pdf easy virtue

At the party, gossip about the family fight and Larita's past has spread. There is an air of titillated excitement, but Mrs Whittaker has told everyone that her daughter-in-law has a migraine, and will not be down.

However, that is not the case as Larita makes a spectacular entrance wearing a striking white dress along with diamonds and rubies.

John is annoyed by her outlandish costume, and will not dance with her. She dances with Philip instead. Mrs Whittaker takes this as a personal affront—as it may well have been intended. Sarah has arrived with her friend Charles.

They discuss Larita and guess at what has gone on. Larita has a moment with Charles, and explains why she married John: She hopes that Sarah will forgive her, and take John back.