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An Online Comic: Dragon Ball Multiverse based on DBZ. Dragon Ball Multiverse: The Novelization . Chap. Universe 8: Get the Dragon Balls back. Dragon Ball Multiverse. By Valeria. Introduction. The world of Dragon Ball, a place of mystical energies, epic battles, aliens, demons, gods and more. In Age Page 0 - Dragon Ball Multiverse; A really strange tournament! - Page 1 - Dragon Ball Multiverse.

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Dragonball Multiverse - Volume 1. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Popular Pages. p. 1. [close]. p. 2. [close]. p. 3. [close]. p. 4. [close]. p. 5. [close]. p. 6. Disclaimer:** I do not take any credit for this work. The download link(s) are only meant to be for people who are wanting a more convenient. High definition DBM pages for download! Here is a selection of DBM pages in H.D., for you to color, or make a parody, or anything you want. Don't forget to credit.

The manga is made by Salagir and Gogeta Jr. Salagir is the author and co-creator of the Dragon Ball Multiverse fan comic. Gogeta Jr. The strongest of each are invited to participate in a unique one time event, being a tournament which would be held in Universe 0 , where there is apparently no life at all so it is okay for all competitors to use their true full power. Each universe can really be viewed as an alternate timeline, known as Multiverse Theory.

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Manga News: Toriko has come to an end; but be sure to swing by and share your favourite moments from the series! Check out the new Manhwa and Manhua shout-out March Event News: One Piece Awards has concluded.

Dragon Ball Multiverse

Check the results Here! Gintama by kewl , One Piece by cnet Original title: Dragon Ball Multiverse Demographics: Shounen Chapters at MH: Ongoing Writer s: Salagir Artist s: Serialized in: No Magazine Listed Published by: No Publisher Listed Year: Official Site: Let us know!

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Uub and Buu get the honors! Chapter 4: Two universes in bad luck. Chapter 5: Two giants face-to-face.

Chapter 6: Pan's first fight to the death! The Lunch break we've all waited for!

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The first meeting with the Legendary Saiyan! The terrifying power of the Legendary Super Saiyan!!

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Universe Trunks's new friend, created by his most hated enemy! Chapter Vegetto's last resources.

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The return of the Legendary Saiyan!! What's left of a cyborg without humanity?

Univers Vegetto's heiresses Double trouble Cell's fearful victory The taste of revenge Universe 6: Bojack gang's victory Hidden characters and shapes! Universe 3: The Saiyans' rebellion Saiyans, Nameks and other Demons Universe 7: The last Namek A good night's sleep Deus Ex Machina Off to the second round!


The end of humankind The warrior who used to run amok Two great heroes Puppet monster against puppet warriors The Turtle and the Golem! The dwarf against the giant! Universes 12, 14, 15 - The Future Majin attack XXI The Birth of Vegetto The invincible gag manga!!

The fight of the fathers Universe 8: Quest on Namek, without Vegeta!