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Broken Pieces - Kindle edition by Riley Hart. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Riley Hart I think it would make the reading experience better and help you .. was so much more than I expected when meeting his character in Broken Pieces. I have a Kobo and need it in Epub format. Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander Full Circle by Riley Hart Outing the Quarterback by Tara Bound by Law by S.E. Jakes Broken Pieces by Riley Hart The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cárdenas.

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Can three broken pieces make a whole? Josiah Evans is the orphan who lost both his parents. He's sweet, shy, and all heart. He wants nothing. Broken Pieces (Broken Pieces, #1) by Riley KB. Full Circle ( Broken Pieces, #2) by Riley KB. Losing Control (Broken Pieces, # 3). Download PDF/ Epub Full Circle (Broken Pieces, #2) by Riley Hart. Book [ Bestsellers]. Full Circle (Broken Pieces, #2) by Riley Hart Book. DOWNLOAD / READ.

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All he does is drink, work out and visit BDSM clubs looking for the thing that will finally give him the oblivion he is looking for. And when none of these work he goes looking for a fight that will leave him incapable of thinking anything besides the pain. Insert Dante to the equotion. He is in control, bossy and completely closed off. And he is instantly attracted to Ben and the pain he sees in his eyes because if Dante can't resist one thing, it is the role of the savior.

Dante however has already tried that role once before and failed at it. Although he insists he can't save Ben he still tries and the only way Dante knows of nudging Ben out of his self-destructive moods is by taking control away from him in the bedroom.

The surprising thing is how much that works for Ben even though he doesn't want it to. To be honest, Ben's relationship with Dante felt one-dimensional and one-sided but that could have been due to the lack of Dante's POV.

It mostly felt like Ben found a new drug of choice in Dante and Dante encouraged his addiction. View all 42 comments. Jul 27, Dia rated it it was amazing Shelves: The first book in this series, Broken Pieces was my first MM book and it kept me up at night. I read it at the beginning of this year. While reading Full Circle I realized I missed these wonderful men.

I remembered so many details, and that makes a story a great one. When you can remember so many things even if you read hundreds between them. Josiah, Tristan and Teo - 3 broken men. And they fit together perfectly! The first one is still my favorite, but it was nice reading again about these awesome men.

You get to feel their worries and their success. It was not easy for them to be together, being so different, but it was worth it. The third book in this series is about Ben and I am thrilled we get to read his story too.

View all 14 comments. Jan 21, Lyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Two words "audio crack" Story - 4 stars It's been almost 2 years since I read book 1. I loved it so much, I jumped on book 2 right away. The "refresher" was "repetitive". It felt like I was reading book 1 all over again. Well, the almost 2 year gap had me appreciating book 2 a heck of a lot more. Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan still had a lot relationship issues to work on, the angst was high, but their love for one another was undeniable.

I loved Riley Hart's writing in this series. I think I would read a lot more of her books if she wrote this way consistently. View all 10 comments.

Jul 18, Marte - Thunderella rated it liked it Shelves: But I didn't. It had some good moments, but I didn't exactly love 1 Broken Pieces either. My main problem with Broken Pieces was the time span, not the story in particular. I gave Broken Pieces 3 stars.

I need to differentiate between them, so that's why Full Circle gets 2,5 stars. Full Circle wasn't bad per se, it just didn't work for me. I mean, I'm usually easily moved to tears, but I only got teary not cry, but teary once in this book okay. It was when view spoiler [Josiah got the pictures Mateo made, of the queen and the bird which he could hang in his coffee shop hide spoiler ]. That tells me that I'm not quite feeling the characters. It's sad, but it's true.

I've read several reviews before writing this, and I always end up thinking "that's exactly how I felt! But when I try to write myself I feel like I can't express myself the way I want. Dani's review and Momo's review hit the nail for me. I agree with what they said. I've taken the liberty to quote them: Quote from Dani's: Quote from Momo's: I didn't necessarily need anything earth-shattering to take place, but I needed more than the author telling me that Mateo felt he didn't belong, more than telling me Tristan felt the need to protect, more than just saying over and over how they'd do anything for Josiah, anything to keep everyone safe and happy.

I just felt like I was told a lot. And often. I had a realization when reading Full Circle. I realized what bothers me, or why the story doesn't work for me. Hang on, I'll just brace myself first, okay, because maybe I'll get yelled at for saying this, but I'm saying it anyway, because honest review and stuff..

First though, understand where I'm coming from. When I started reading romances, I read MF books. After a while it got boring, repetitive and irritating. All the women were the same!

They where all just "perfect", but didn't know or believe it themselves. So when they got attention from a hot hunky man, they just couldn't believe it, you know? They were all "I'm not pretty enough, I'm not thin enough, I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy, why does he even like me? And fireworks! And all kinds of rainbows and unicorns and crap. Anyway, I digress. A lot. So I tried MFM. Surely adding a bit more testosterone would balance out the whining? This time I got tired of both men doting on the woman.

Like all the time. I kept thinking "Don't the men have a mind of their own? Come on guys, can't you at least admit that you're having sex for you own sakes, as well as hers? So I tried MMF. Everyone gets some, not just the woman!

And I finally scored! The focus was suddenly on all the characters, not just the woman. The characters felt more equal, they shared between each other both outside and in the bedroom. Reading MMF was enjoyable, but I noticed I liked the interaction between the men more than with the woman. In the end I kicked out the woman of the stories.

Because I am one, I don't need to read about one. Which leads to Full Circle. Ha, I got to the point in the end! Here it is: And before you yell at me, I am NOT saying Josiah or any of the others is a woman or feminine or something okay! I'm saying their relationship reminds me of the countless MFM stories I've read in the past where the dynamic is unequal in my opinion.

Mateo and Tristan are both doting on Josiah too much for me to feel they are all equals the three of them in their relationship. I cannot feel the love between Mateo and Tristan no matter how many times the author tells me they love each other. That's my view and review of Full Circle.

My favorite character is still Mateo. Oh and btw , I really don't think you need view spoiler [DP hide spoiler ] to feel complete or full, okay. Well, you probably would feel full , I give you that. If you want to include it, please do it with a bit more prep, would you?

Because, I'm thinking: All I'm saying is, Full Circle wasn't bad per se, it just wasn't that good for me. I still want to read Ben's story, though. No matter how much I may rant, I'm not anything but optimistic.

View all 21 comments. So I already feel like an asshole writing this review which at this point, in this sentence I haven't even technically written yet. Let me first say that I love Riley Hart and I have loved all her works thus far In fact, my did not love-ness borders on plain dislike. This book was redundant to the point that I felt like a pony at a fair giving kiddies circle rides. Slow circle rides. Not only that but so much of the book's "conflict" too So I already feel like an asshole writing this review which at this point, in this sentence I haven't even technically written yet.

And frankly, I hate those kind of story lines Simply put, I got tired of listening to them all talk themselves down in their heads and wax poetic about how they weren't good enough for "their men.

Loved it. And I loved Josiah, Tristan, and Mateo. And I still do. I just didn't like this book. View all 11 comments.

So could this be a case of expectations set too high Josiah, Tristan and Mateo are beginning their lives together. They each must now find their footing in the relationship. Each person is a piece to their completed puzzle, and if just one of those edges becomes the slightest bit jagged, the whole dynamic is thrown off kilter. For a relationship such as these three share, that makes sense right? Of course it does. However, we are reminded of that bit of information over and over and over and over again.

And this is one of my primary issues. Watching these three men struggle with not only their own identity, but of what they bring to the relationship was enough to drive the point home for me. I could see it and feel it. The things we all share together. He pushed Mateo and Tristan to see beyond their fears and insecurities. To allow them to use his love as a guide out of the darkness. After a while, it became too much for me. Mateo and Tristan have the longest path to travel.

Their journey up until this point has been filled with heartbreak, loss and an unyielding sense of failure.

Full Circle (Broken Pieces, #2) by Riley Hart

Mateo saw his role as the guardian. He wanted to protect all those he loves, while Tristan is battling his need to save those closest to him. He needs to make up for his failure in saving his mom.

This need to be better brings Mateo and Tristan closer together in this book. Which I absolutely loved! Watching these two grow was beautiful. His breakthrough felt rushed, especially when he finally opens up to Josiah about his past. But I am happy that we have some closure for our boys. There's a lot to be told there and I can't wait to get his story!

View all 15 comments. So now I need to do this for you. Having you is enough. View all 4 comments. Jun 26, Eva rated it liked it Shelves: Is there hope? View all 17 comments.

Aug 27, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked this one better than the first. Where Broken Pieces concentrated on showing us how broken Mateo, Josiah and Tristan were, Full Circle concentrated on fitting all of the pieces together. To make the three of them a full circle.

How they fitted together as a perfect whole. In Broken Pieces I tried to warm up to Tristan, but never really did. I loved him in this book. I was happy that the three of them were together.

I adored the first sex scene between Mateo and Tristan. They deserved it. We see a lot of hurt in this book. Tristan struggles with his trust issues, Josiah with his need to fix his two men and Mateo with his past. But now it is Tristan who wants to fix this. For the first half of this book I was very intrigued as to how the three of them were trying to make it all work.

In the middle I was waiting for something to happen, but the end felt rushed. The entire book had such a slow pace, I loved it, but at the end everything happened all at once and everything is solved at once. But, I loved these three men anyway. Riley hart is a very skilled author. I felt their pain, I felt their joy.

View all 9 comments.

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