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Ar-Raheeq al-Makhtum, English translation of a biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). December 24, Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (THE SEALED NECTAR). Book Author: Saifur Rahman al-Mubarakpuri; Book Translator: Issam Diab Maktaba. Saifur Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: | Size: 3 MB A complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet.

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An Advisory Council to debar. Pilgrims from Muhammad's Call. Attempts made to check the Onward March of Islam. Persecutions. The House of Al-Arqum. A complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) by Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri. It was honored by the World. Your Brain on Food How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings Gary L. Wenk, PhD Departments of Psychology and Neur.

Ar-Raheeq-ul-Makhtum English 2. Description Details Versions. Ar-Raheeq-ul-Makhtum English is a free software application from the Reference Tools subcategory, part of the Education category. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on The program can be installed on Android.

Consecration of certain portions of food. Surprisingly enough. In mention of this. To this effect. The Hami was a male camel which produced ten progressive females. Ibn Ishaq. But those who disbelieve. Dedication of certain animals such as Bahira. Evil is the way they judge. What is in the bellies of such and such cattle milk or foetus is for our males alone. These are our intercessors with All? A soothsayer used to traffic in the business of foretelling future events and claim knowledge of private secrets and having jinn subordinates who would communicate the news to him.

If the arrow showed from you.

Al english pdf raheeq ar makhtum

Only the arrows would then decide the sort of relationship. Some days and months and particular animals were regarded as ominous. Some soothsayers claimed that they could uncover the unknown by means of a granted power. In cases of doubt in filiation they would resort to the idol of Hubal.

Other kinds of Azlam were cast for water. Superstition was rampant. They also believed that the soul of a murdered person would fly in the wilderness and would never rest at rest until revenge was taken.

The astrologer belonged to a third category who used to observe the stars and calculate their movements and orbits whereby he would foretell the future. Birr piety. So enter houses through their proper doors. Qur'an 7: Qur'an 2: They used to regard such behaviour as deeds of piety and god. Birr is the quality of the one who fears All? They also. They ordered pilgrims coming from outside Makkah to circumambulate Al. Take your adornment by wearing your clean clothes.

Magianism and Sabianism. This resulted in a tidal wave of Jewish migration into Hijaz. Judaism managed to play an important role in the pre. When Islam dawned on that land. He had gone to fight in Yathrib and there he embraced Judaism and then went back taking with him two rabbis from Bani Quraizah to instruct the people of Yemen in this new religion.

Judaism found a fertile soil there to propagate and gain adherents. Magianism was also popular among the Arabs living in the neighbourhood of Persia. Estimates say that between In the year B. With the advent of Judaism and Christianity. There he called people to Christianity. Some Yemenis are also reported to have professed Magianism during the Persian occupation. In some versions. When they refused. The second phase started with the Roman occupation of Palestine under the leadership of Roman Buts in 70 A.

Islam political life. After his death. Buruj zodiacal signs Chapter. As for Sabianism. Sabianism began to give way to the new religions. The principal tribes that embraced Christianity were Ghassan. The Abyssinian Ethiopian colonization forces in league with Christian missions entered Yemen as a retaliatory reaction for the iniquities of Dhu Nawas. The polytheists. The role that the religions prevalent played was so marginal. It exercised no bearing whatsoever on the souls of the Arabs who professed it simply because it was alien to their style of life and did not have the least relationship with their practical life.

They got involved in the practice of dictatorial subjection of people and calling their subordinates to account for the least word or idea. Judaism turned into abominable hypocrisy in league with hegemony. Rabbis turned into lords to the exclusion of the Lord. Christianity likewise opened its doors wide to polytheism. As a religious practice. People of other religions were similar to the polytheists with respect to their inclinations.

Their sole target turned into acquisition of wealth and power even if it were at the risk of losing their religion. They plunged into disobedience and ungodliness. Islamic Arabia: The first was similar to present. The status of the woman among the nobility recorded an advanced degree of esteem. She would say: On the other hand.

Raheeq english makhtum ar pdf al

It seemed that the greatest majority of pre. She was so highly cherished that blood would be easily shed in defence of her honour. The Book of marriage] Women always accompanied men in their wars. In the second. After conception her husband would. A third kind was that a group of less than ten men would have sexual intercourse with a woman. In fact. The winners would freely have sexual intercourse with such women.

They could marry two sisters at the same time. The Book of marriage] The obscenity of adultery prevailed almost among all social classes except few men and women whose self. These privileges notwithstanding. If this whore got pregnant and gave birth to a child. The man meant would have to accept. Islam Arabs did not Free women were in much better conditions than the female slaves who constituted the greatest calamity.

Divorce was to a very great extent in the power of the husband. She would not prevent anybody.

Raheeq pdf ar english al makhtum

The fourth kind was that a lot of men would have sexual intercourse with a certain woman a whore. Such women used to put a certain flag at their gates to invite in anyone who liked.

When Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] declared Islam in Arabia. They would come together to her house. The woman enjoyed a considerable portion of free will. If she conceived and gave birth to a child. Islam Arabs had no limited number of wives. Islamic affairs. In other cases. I had sexual intercourse with his mother in the pre. The Economic Situation A time. The child is to be attributed to the one on whose bed it was born. The practice of infanticide cannot.

Deep devotion to religious superstitions and some customs held in veneration. Whilst some Arabs held children dear to their hearts and cherished them greatly. Avarice for leadership.

English al ar raheeq pdf makhtum

Their undisputed motto was: A man stood up in front of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] and said: Hijjah functioned favourably and provided an opportunity for them to earn their living and coexist in peace.

In this regard. Chapter "The child is to the one on whose bed it was born] With respect to the pre. Bakr and Taghlib. We may sum up the social situation in Arabia by saying that the Arabs of the preIslamic period were groping about in the dark and ignorance. The doctrine of unity of blood as the principle that bound the Arabs into a social unity was formed and supported by tribal. The woman was a marketable commodity and regarded as a piece of inanimate property.

They would sacrifice their private sustenance to a cold or hungry guest. Almost all the Arabian women worked in yarn spinning but even this practice was continually threatened by wars. They would not hesitate to incur heavy blood. Mijannah and others.

Trade was the most common means of providing their needs of life. The great poets of that era never forgot to include their suspending odes the most ornate lines pregnant with boasting and praise of drinking orgies. In the context of hospitality. Sense of honour and repudiation of injustice: This attribute stemmed mainly from excess courage. The trade journeys could not be fulfilled unless security of caravan routes and inter.

Islam Arabs had such a large bulk of evils. Keeping a covenant: For the Arab. Industry was alien to the Arabian psychology. The Arabian ways of living would illustrate this phenomenon quite clearly. Inside Arabia there was some sort of farming and stock. Ethics We cannot deny that the pre. They used to emulate one another at hospitality and take utmost pride in it. He would never grudge the death of his children or destruction of his household just to uphold the deep.

Most of available industries of knitting and tannage in Arabia were done by people coming from Yemen. Islam Arabs. On the whole. Wine drinking was a genuine source of pride for the Arabs of the pre.

Heerah and the borders of Syria. Gambling was also another practice of theirs closely associated with generosity since the proceeds would always go to charity.

They were generous and hospitable on the point of fault. The literature of that period is rich in stories highlighting this merit. The Arab was always in revolt against the least allusion to humiliation or Islamic period was rich in other countless virtues we do not need to enumerate for the time being.

Firm will and determination: An Arab would never desist an avenue conducive to an object of pride or a standing of honour. Such priceless ethics coupled with a favourable geographical position of Arabia were in fact the factors that lay behind selecting the Arabs to undertake the burden of communicating the Message of Islam and leading mankind down a new course of life.

Pure and simple bedouin life. He would never hesitate to sacrifice himself to maintain his ever alert sense of self. The Arab regarded these traits with great admiration. The most priceless ethics. As we have previously mentioned. Siyar p. He was the first to offer the pilgrims sopped bread in broth.

In Madinah. It was reported that he went to Syria as a merchant. Hashim was wealthy and honest. The second is subject to controversies and doubt.

Muttalib who was called Shaiba bin Hashim. Muttalib and named him Shaiba for the white hair in Dar compromised on dividing the charges between them. Talqeeh Fuhoom Ahl Al. After this rapid review. The third version. Khulasat As. Let us now speak a little about Hashim and his descendants: The first part: He died in Ghazza in Palestine in A.

He spent some time with her in Madinah then he left for Syria again while she was pregnant. He managed to convince her saying: Muttalib witnessed two important events in his lifetime.

Muttalib received an order in his dream to dig Zamzam well in a particular place. None of his family in Makkah learned of his birth. We have already known that after the death of Hashim. Ruqyah and Jannah. They went into An. He did that and found the things that Jurhum men had buried therein when they were forced to evacuate Makkah.

We have more reasons to support him than you. Muttalib reached the age of boyhood. Muttalib they said: Muttalib asked her to send the boy with him to Makkah. Muttalib died.

Abu Saifi. It was an alliance that was later to constitute the main reason for the conquest of Makkah. The boy. His uncle. When he saw him. The gate of Al. Muttalib said: He found the swords. Hashim had four sons. Muttalib of his charges. Muttalib heard of him and went to Madinah to fetch him. I will kill you with this sword. Here we can recall Bukhtanassar in B. He had seen that the Arabs made their pilgrimage to Al.

Quraish made a claim to partnership in the enterprise. He continued marching until he reached a place called Al.

Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum in Roman Urdu

The Quraishites on their part had fled for their lives to the hillocks and mountain tops. He chose the biggest elephant for himself. Sabah Al. Abraha himself had an infection that had his fingertips amputated.

Muttalib refused their demands on grounds that All? These birds were very much like swallows and sparrows. News of the Elephant Event reached the most distant corners of the then civilized world. It could actually be regarded as a Divine auspicious precursor of the light to come and accompany the advent of the Prophet and his family. His army included nine or thirteen elephants.

A man from Kinana tribe understood this move. To settle the dispute. When Abraha knew of that. When he reached Muhassar Valley. Muttalib make a solemn vow to sacrifice one of his adult children to Al. It was a gift from All? Whenever they directed it northwards. When the enemy had been thus routed. The second event was that of Abraha As. Jerusalem had suffered under the yoke of the atrocities of All? By contrast. On their way. Abyssinia Ethiopia maintained strong ties with the Romans.

The father of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. Abu Talib. Her father was the chief of Bani Zahra to whom great honour was attributed. Muttalib had ten sons and they reached maturity. She thus. The arrows were shuffled and drawn. It had been ten camels. He was also the son whom the divination arrows pointed at to be slaughtered as a sacrifice to Al.

Their names were written on divination arrows and given to the guardian of their most beloved goddess. It followed then if any of its people claimed Prophethood.

At this point the arrow showed the camels. Abu Lahab. The operation was thus repeated until the number of the camels amounted to one hundred. The slaughtered camels were left for anyone to eat from.

His mother was Fatimah. This incident produced a change in the amount of blood. Muttalib had ten sons. He then sought their advice as regards his vow. They were married in Makkah. Safar and Al. He was buried They suggested that he summon a she. Muttalib chose Amina. He also had six daughters. In another version. Muttalib then took the boy to Al.

Another thing closely relevant to the above issue goes to the effect that the Prophet [pbuh] once said: Arwa and Omaima. Hakim — the only white one. Most historians state that his death was two months before the birth of Muhammad [pbuh]. Talqeeh Fahoom Ahl. Nabigha Al. He was twenty. Seerah p. Fiqh As. Athar p. Mukhtasar Seerat ArRasool p. Muttalib of the happy event. He circumcised him on his seventh day as was the custom of the Arabs. Hudhafah or Judhamah bint Al.

Asad Al. Muttalib called the baby Muhammad. Muhadarat Tareekh Al. Mukhtasar Seerat. Ghazali didn't approve it. Aneesah bint Al. Zad Al. Her husband was Al.

Muhammad [pbuh] had several foster brothers and sisters. Happily he came to her. She said: It was a year of drought and famine and we had nothing to eat. I said to my husband: My husband then went to the she. The next morning. We used to constantly pray for rain and immediate relief. Ibn Ishaq states that Haleemah narrated that she along with her husband and a suckling babe. The donkey that she rode when she came to Makkah was lean and almost foundered. When I lifted him in my arms and returned to my place I put him on my breast and to my great surprise.

Muhammad [pbuh] stayed with Haleemah for two years until he was weaned as Haleemah said: We then took him back to his mother requesting her earnestly to have him stay with us and benefit by the good fortune and blessings he had brought us. The barren land sprouted forth luxuriant grass and beasts came back to them satisfied and full of milk. I hope so. Every woman who came with me got a suckling and when we were about to depart.

We also had with us an old she. He milked it and we drank to our fill. By All? An orphan! What are his grandfather and mother likely to do?

So we spurned him because of that. There was not enough milk in my breast and even the she. As soon as they were told that he was an orphan. Not even a single woman amongst us accepted the Messenger of All? We could not have a wink of sleep during the night for the child kept crying on account of hunger. I rode on a brown she. At length we reached Makkah looking for children to suckle.

We persisted in our request which we substantiated by our anxiety over the child catching a certain infection peculiar to Makkah. I should go to that orphan and I must take him. He then extracted a blood. I do not like to go back along with the other women without any baby. Gabriel came down and ripped his chest open and took out the heart. I found enough milk in it.

His relations with the others were determined in the light of the treatment they showed to the Prophet [pbuh]. He put him with his children and preferred him to them.

Abu Talib and the boy stood by the wall of Al. Muttalib was present. After that the heart was joined together and restored to its place. She spent a month there and then took her way back to Makkah. He had warm passions towards the boy. On the way. His children used to sit around that mattress in honour to their father. She set out to cover a journey of kilometers with her orphan boy.

The boys and playmates came running to his mother. Amina decided to visit his grave in Yathrib Madinah. He never left the boy a prey to loneliness.

His uncles would take him back. Muttalib passed away in Makkah. Haleemah was worried about the boy and returned him to his mother with whom he stayed until he was six. Abu Talib remained for forty years cherishing his nephew and extending all possible protection and support to him. I swear by All? Muhammad [pbuh] has been murdered. The charge of the Prophet [pbuh] was now passed on to his uncle Abu Talib. He singled the boy out with great respect and high esteem.

Ibn Hisham reported: A mattress was put in the shade of Al. Muttalib was more passionate with his grandson than with his own children. Muttalib brought the boy to Makkah. Immediately clouds from all directions gathered and rain fell heavily Abu Talib took the charge of his nephew in the best way. Talqeeh Fuhroom Ahl. It was thus called because the inviolables were made violable. Za'd Al. Abu Talib obeyed and sent him back to Makkah with some of his men servants.

His efforts were confined to picking up the arrows of the enemy as they fell. He readily enough recognized the Prophet [pbuh] and said while taking his hand: Qalb Jazeerat Al-Arab p. In one of those battles. Islamic tribal. Harb bin Omaiyah. When they reached Busra which was a part of Syria. Banu Al. I can recognize him also by the seal of Prophethood which is below his shoulder.

The Messenger of All? He had never been in the habit of receiving or entertaining them before. We have got to learn this from our books. The story that led to its Even now in the period of Islam I would respond positively to attending such a meeting if I were invited.

Taimy to enter into a confederacy that would provide for the above. Representatives of Banu Hashim. It was more appealing to me than herds of cattle. Umm Kulthum.

Many prominent men had asked for her hand in marriage but she always spurned their advances. All his sons died in their childhood and all the daughters except Fatimah died during his lifetime. The latter by hook or by crook tried to evade paying for the goods. She was. She used to employ men to do her business for a certain percentage of the profits.

Quraish people were mostly tradespeople. She realized that she homed at her target. That was because it was a low building of white stones no more than 6. He did not get married to any other until she had died. She disclosed her wish to her friend Nafisa.

He then resorted to a mountain top and began. She offered him money to go to Syria and do her business. The salesman sought help from the different clans in Quraish but they paid no heed to his earnest pleas. All his daughters witnessed Islam.

He agreed and went with her servant to Syria for trade. The marriage contract was witnessed by Bani Hashim and the heads of Mudar. Khadijah noticed. She would also send her hireling. She was the first woman whom the Messenger of All? At the age of Fath Al. He gave her twenty camels as dowry. It was also roofless and that gave the thieves Fatimah died six months after his death. Muttalib heard of him and made inquiries into the matter.

Ibn Ishaq reported that Khadijah. When they started rebuilding its walls. Daggers were on the point of being drawn and great bloodshed seemed imminent.

The Sealed Nectar ( Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum) - Arabic - Saifur Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri

Ameen the trustworthy has come. Muhammad [pbuh] laid it in the proper position with his own hands. He said: He was favoured with intelligence. Mukhzumi started the work. Quraish was obliged to rebuild it to safeguard its holiness and position.

A building structure of 0. When the structure was fifteen yards high they erected the roof which rested on six columns. This is how a very tense situation was eased and a grave danger averted by the wisdom of the Prophet [pbuh].

The door was two metres high from the level ground. The work went on in harmony till the time came to put the sacred Black Stone in its proper place. They were. He asked for a mantle which he spread on the ground and placed the stone in its centre. Quraish ran short of the licit money. He then asked the representatives of the different clans among them. The chiefs of Quraish decided to use only licit money in rebuilding Al. The two other sides were twelve metres long each.

When it had reached the proper place. The side with the Black Stone and the one opposite were ten metres long each. We are content to abide by his decision. Muhammad [pbuh] received the commission and at once resolved upon an expedient which was to conciliate them all.

Each tribe was responsible for rebuilding a part of it. When the building of Al. Seeing that no harm had happened to him. His long silence helped favourably in his habit of The man who laid the stones was a Roman mason called Baqum. He was an exemplary man of weighty mind and faultless insight.

Hijr or Al. Then strife broke out among the chiefs. The Black Stone was 1. It was called Ash. They raised its door two metres from the level ground to let in only the people whom they desired. Waleed bin Al. The tribes collected stones and started work. Mugheerah Al. Makhzumi made a proposal which was accepted by all. Five years before Prophethood. On seeing him. It was also exposed to the wearing factors of nature — because it was built a long time ago — that weakened and cracked its walls.

The Mother of believers. I was awakened by the heat of the sun. Lat and Al.

Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum pdf

He shunned superstitious practices but took an active part in constructive and useful dealings. Later on he woke up and shouted: Once I told my fellow. The Building of Al. He was the most gentle. He was the most obliging to his compatriots.

I entered and asked: Atheer reported Muhammad [pbuh] as saying: I wanted to go down to Makkah and entertain myself as the young men did. He was the most truthful and the best to keep covenant. His vivid mind and pure nature were helpfully instrumental in assimilating and comprehending ways of life and people.

He could never tolerate someone swearing by Al. He unites uterine relations. He kept himself aloof from drinking wine. He held the idols in extreme aversion and most abhorrence. Every time All? He proved himself to be the ideal of manhood. I went down to the first house of Makkah where I heard music. Ibn Al. I have never tried it again. Even when he tried to obey his instinct to enjoy some life pleasures or follow some irrespectable traditions. His fellow. Khadijah [R].. I went back to my fellow.

This meditative temperament helped to widen the mental gap between him and his compatriots. This solitude attended with this sort of contemplative approach must be understood in its Divine perspective. It was only two miles from Makkah. He used to provide himself with Sawiq barley porridge and water and then directly head for the hills and ravines in the neighbourhood of Makkah.

He would always go there and invite wayfarers to share him his modest provision. Gabriel brings All? When the shades of puzzle receded. Gabriel would appear before him and say: You are indeed All?

It was a preliminary stage to the period of grave responsibilities that he was to shoulder very soon. He was also certain that what had come to him was no more than Fi Zilal Al. He used to devote most of his time. To say that it lasted for three and a half years. His heart was restless about the moral evils and idolatry that were rampant among his people.

Whenever the period of the coming of the Revelation used to become long. It was a rich period of privacy which lasted for three years and ushered in a new era. Bukhari reported: The Divine inspiration paused for a while and the Prophet [pbuh] became so sad. His waiting and longing for the coming of the revelation constituted a good reason for his steadfastness and self. I went home saying: I was very afraid of him and knelt on the ground.

I heard a voice from the sky. What All? The period of true vision. This would enable him to fully understand what the angel said. I looked up. If the Prophet [pbuh] was on his camel. Arise and warn! And your Lord All? And your garments purify! And keep away from Ar. The angel used to visit the Messenger of All? Zaid felt the pressure had almost injured his thigh. Rujz the idols! The Book of Tafseer.

He was sitting on a chair between the earth and the sky. Once the Messenger of All? It was the starting point of the Revelation to the Messenger of All? The Fourth: The angel came to him like the toll of a bell and this was the most difficult form because the angel used to seize him tightly and sweat would stream from his forehead even on the coldest day.

Never get so impatient to the verge of disobedience of All? Chapter The Seventh: Some religious scholars added a controversial eighth stage in which they state that All? The ultimate objective of warning is to make sure that no one breaching the pleasures of All?

This issue remains however unconfirmed. It was a privilege granted to Moses? The angel would reveal to him what All? The Sixth: Himself revealed to him in heaven i. Rujz the idols. Najm Chapter The Star.

And give not a thing in order to have more or consider not your deeds of All? The angel communicated to him a manifest Message saying: Only through this avenue can the soul of the Prophet [pbuh] reach an ideal status and become eligible to enjoy the shady mercy of All?

And be patient for the sake of your Lord i. The Prophet [pbuh] saw the angel in his actual form. Muhammad S is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him, are severe raheeq the disbelievers, and merciful among themselves. This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat Everyone should read this book. Biography of the Prophet.

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