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Learning Outcomes or Enduring Understandings. • Kindergarten: Social Studies: Cluster 1 and Cluster 2. • Grade 1: Social Studies: Cluster 1: Personal Identity. Download here And Tango Makes Three Read online: http://best. Language: English. This books (And Tango Makes Three [READ]) Made by Justin Tango Makes Three [READ] PDF files, Download Online And Tango Makes.

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And Tango Makes Three for Baby Gorillas. by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell itlustrated by Henry Cole the middle of New York City there is a great big park [== Central Park. Documents Similar To And Tango Makes Three. And Tango Makes Three is a true story about two male chinstrap penguins, Roy and Silo, who fall in love and by the grace of their keeper, Mr. Gramzay become. And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell & Justin Richardson. This is a true story of two male penguins at New York's Central Park Zoo who were given an egg.

OverDrive Kindle. Click here for access and availability. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. Finding libraries that hold this item Funny, tender, and true, the story of Tango will delight young readers and open their minds. You may have already requested this item. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway.

The rest is just reporting their behavior: And when they were given an egg that needed to be cared for, they successfully took care of it until it hatched. Yes, there is clearly an agenda here. The story shows that this family was just like every other family in the penguin house or in the zoo or in the city, like it says at the end of the book. And it's a lovely, sweet and special story that I think should be told as often as possible, for many reasons.

But if some people disagree then they just shouldn't read it, let their kids read it, or should even tell people they know why they won't read it. But they should not try to take actions that would prevent me from reading it. Banning books must never be an option in a free society. View all 6 comments. Apr 28, Kathryn rated it really liked it Shelves: It's popularity and controversy made me tentative before--not due to the subject, but because I thought it might have been a platform book meant to push an agenda, rather than simply tell a good story.

Upon reading, I have come to the decision that it is both. This is the very sweet true story of two penguins from the Central Park Zoo who happen to be male, happen to adore one another, and happen to want to sit on a nest and hatch a chick. Only, of course, they can't quite lay an egg like the male-female penguin pairings do.

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But when their zookeeper notices their tenacity, he decides to let them lay on a fertilized egg that was an unwanted "twin" from another nest. Thus, the penguins become dads!

The illustrations are darling and I found myself pulling for the penguin duo, feeling for them on in their initial struggles at trying to hatch a rock! Now, for the "gay penguin" aspect: I wondered if this was the author's intent, or simply the perceptions of certain readers projected into the story.

However, the reason I think it has an "agenda" is, first of all, the author is a psychologist I don't remember the exact degree and has written some books about sexuality--no problem with that, but I'm just saying this is in contrast to, say, an author of children's books or an animal behaviorist or zoological author who might be more interested in this being a cute animal story. Secondly, some of the word choices indicate "gay penguin" vs "male penguins who hang out together.

The other one that seemed pretty obvious, the zookeeper notices their behavior and says, "They must be in love! Personally, I am delighted that there is a well-written, sweet and adorable animal story out there that could fill a gap albeit, I'm hoping, a narrowing one for children with gay parents--or, frankly, ANY children to able to be exposed to just one of the wide array of ways that families are created.

However, it is a shame that, in the few cases as mentioned above, the author had to take it a bit too far into "gay penguin" territory and thus alienate a huge readership from this very sweet and TRUE animal story. I think, had he left those things out, the story could have appealed equally to a wide variety of readerships, each bringing to the story what they wanted to see.

View all 8 comments. I chose this for Banned Books Week but I couldn't wait any longer to read it. Disappointingly my library copy came with a warning slapped on the cover. What's to be frightened about with 'same sex families'? Based on a real life story, two male penguins pair up and want what comes naturally to all other animals. They want to to procreate. And every morning Roy and Silo woke up together. But one day Roy and Silo saw that the other couples could do something they could not.

Roy and Silo had no egg to sit on and keep warm.

They had no baby chick to feed and cuddle and love. Their nest was nice, but it was a little empty. Is someone chopping onions? My eyes are leaking.

They found a rock and tried to hatch it, mimicking the other penguins by taking turns to sit on it to keep it warm. And of course, nothing happened. Until a zookeeper gave them a real egg. Then finally they were 'just like all the other penguin families' as loving and nurturing parents to their offspring. And Tango Makes Three is a beautiful story and a lovely way to introduce children to homosexuality in a normalized fashion. Here's the human equivalent. Another family like any other, yet the first photo sparked a deluge of racist and homophobic comments.

You can read more about them in their book Picture Perfect? I think the most unconventional family I've come across was in a documentary about a couple who were gay female-to-male transgendered.

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One of them had undergone gender reassignment surgery and the other used his uterus to have babies via a sperm donor. They had three or four children and were loving parents. Love is love, and family is what you make it. If any child in a neglectful or abusive situation were to be offered a loving home with a gay couple, I'm sure they'd jump at the chance.

As long as the children are loved, who really cares if their parents are gay, straight or transgendered? Ask for a show of hands by anyone who knows adults who have made a family together in one of those ways. Say, in your own words: Families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some families have one parent; some have two or more. Some families have two mommies or two daddies. Some families don't have any children. Sometimes one person is a family on their own.

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