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In abrasive jet machining, a focused stream of abrasive particles, carried by high In AJM the abrasive is much finer and the process parameters and cutting. ABSTACT: Abrasive water jet machine tools are suddenly being a hit in the market since they are quick to program and could make money on short runs. Abrasive jet machining (AJM) removes material through the action of a focused stream of abrasive-laden gas. • AJM can be used to cut hard, brittle materials.

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Abrasive Jet Micro Machining (AJMM) is a relatively new approach to the fabrication of micro structures. AJMM is a promising technique to three- dimensional. Abrasive Jet Machining Babu(SC11B),, PalthyaVinodh(SC11B), Pawan Kumar(SC11B), Ram(SC11B ). PDF | Abrasive jet machining is one of the unconventional machining processes which, using various operations such as deburring, polishing.

Abstract: Abrasive jet machining is a micromachining process ,where material is removed from the work piece by the erosion effect of a high speed stream of abrasive particles carried in a gas medium , which are emerging from a nozzle. This process is very useful in deburring radius forming and finishing of hard materials. Abrasive jet machining loose abrasive machining; erosion rate; nozzle tip distance; material removal rate; process Abrasive jet machining is similar to sand blasting, parameters. Abbrevation: a properly designed nozzle and impinged on a work piece. Many experiments and studies NTD-Nozzle tip distance ; on this process has been conducted and there is still MRR-Material removal rate scope for research and development. Introduction: radius automatically.

Hopper: Hopper is used for feeding the abrasive powder. Pressure gauges and flow regulators: They are used to control the pressure and regulate the flow rate of abrasive jet. Vibrator: It is provided below the mixing chamber.

Abrasive jet machining

It controls the abrasive powder feed rate in the mixing chamber. Nozzle: It forces the abrasive jet over the workpiece. Nozzle is made of hard and resistant material like tungsten carbide. Working: Dry air or gas is filtered and compressed by passing it through the filter and compressor. Thus for highest precision it is necessary to control the acceleration as well as feed rate. Nozzle Focus: Some nozzles produce more taper than others. Longer nozzles usually produce less taper. Holding the nozzle close to the work piece produces less taper as well.

Speed of cutting: The slower the cutting, the higher the tolerance. This is because as the cutting is Fig. Active taper compensation: Some newer machines now have the option of tilting the cutting A Obtainable tolerances - You need a machine with head against the taper.

This can be used to virtually good precision to get precision parts, but there are many eliminate the taper, or to purposely add taper into a other factors that are just as important. A precise machine part.

The big advantage to active taper compensation starts with a precise table, but it is the control of the jet that is that taper can be reduced without having to slow brings the precision to the part. B Material to machine - Harder materials typically 8. Kerf width: It is the width of the cutting beam, exhibit less taper, and taper is a big factor in determining determines how sharp of an inside corner you can what kind of tolerances you can hold.

It is possible to make.

Consistency of Pump Pressure: Variations in tilting the cutting head opposite of the taper direction. It is important that the pump pressure vary as becomes more difficult to control the behavior of the jet as little as possible while machining is in progress to it exits out the bottom.

(PDF) Abrasive Jet Machining | Pawan Ballyan -

This will cause blow-out in the prevent these. Cutting speeds: Ideally, we want to make the D Accuracy of table - Obviously, the more precise is the most precise part possible in the least amount of positioning the jet, the more precise will be the machine time, and for the least amount of money also. Cutting speeds are a function of the material to cut, E Stability of table - Vibrations between the motion the geometry of the part, the power and efficiency of system and the material, poor velocity control, and other the pump making the pressure, and a few other sudden variances in conditions can cause blemishes in the factors such as the abrasive used.

If the cutting head vibrates relative to the part, the part will be ugly.

Pdf abrasive jet machining

Factor affecting cutting speed: Generally speaking, harder materials cut component to be machined. However, there are a lot of exceptions to this.

Jet machining pdf abrasive

For example, granite, which is quite VII. This is because the granite easily breaks up because it We take the opportunity to express our gratitude to is brittle. It is also interesting to note that hardened tool all of them who in some or the other way help us to b. The thicker the material, the slower the accomplish this report. A pressure gauge and a flow regulator are used to control the pressure and regulate the flow rate of the compressed air.

Compressed air is then passed into the mixing chamber.

Abrasive jet machining

In the mixing chamber, abrasive powder is fed. A vibrator is used to control the feed of the abrasive powder. The abrasive powder and the compressed air are thoroughly mixed in the chamber. The pressure of this mixture is regulated and sent to nozzle.

Pdf abrasive jet machining

The nozzle increases the velocity of the mixture at the expense of its pressure.