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Be the first to ask a question about Absolute Boyfriend, Vol. 2 .. This very enjoyable rom-com manga from Yuu Watase continues in volume two. Riiko and her. you can't probably find download sites because you typed the english title TRY the japanese title of absolute boyfriend! it's called Zettai. Download Absolute Boyfriend English Manga Translation PDF Batch, Download Comic Absolute Boyfriend Free, Read Manga Absolute.

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The very next day a cute naked guy is delivered to her door, and he wants to be her boyfriend! Has Riiko died and gone to heaven? The cute. Download or read Absolute Boyfriend, Vol. 4. Absolute Boyfriend (絶対彼氏。, Zettai Kareshi?) is a six volume manga series by Yuu Watase, first serialized in. Absolute Boyfriend is complete with 6 high school student Riko Izawa aches for a boyfriend but guys just won't look her way. Then one day s.

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Feb 21, Leila Anani rated it really liked it Shelves: Another exciting episode Mika really shows her true colours in this one. And I still can't call it - while I think Riika and Soshi are made for each other Night's just so adorable Can't wait for volume 3. Sep 26, Mika rated it liked it Shelves: Not as fun as volume one, I remember why I quit the series years ago, haha.

Still a fun one though. Dec 02, jirasol rated it really liked it. Nov 17, Mariana Moreno rated it it was amazing. Me encantan Night y Shoiku.

Absolute Boyfriend, Vol. 2

Aug 22, Victoria rated it it was amazing. It is a great book to read. Mar 13, Taylor Morris rated it really liked it. Wow that was a step up. We got backstabbing besties, the boy next door finally admits his feelings at least that wasn't a subplot that didn't get resolved until almost the full way through and Riiko possibly losing her artificial boyfriend to glitch in his programing but it might be possible he is evolving to be an actual person.

Feb 12, Michelle. This is a review for the overall series. I give the overall series 5 stars! You know why? Because it was awesome! The first thing I want to talk about is the ending. Oh, how tragic it was. Oh, how it made my sad. Oh, how it made me cry. Night is "dead". I wish he weren't dead. He just didn't deserve to die. I wish so bad that he weren't dead. He was funny, charming and good looking. He should be alive and with Riiko. T He was so lively.

Good at co OMG!!!! Good at cooking, sports, academics. He loved Riiko SO much. He loved Riiko and getting naked. T I wish he were still alive And he was so sweet to leave send that note to Soushi and and and I wish he were still alive She loved Night very much.

He sadly died in the end and she kept kissing him to bring him back, but sadly, he didn't wake up She was clumsy and very dense but is very kind and sweet and smart.

Soushi is taking care of her now She still loves Night though, even though he's dead. Riiko is a good character. I love her face and who cares if she is flat-chested. Soushi was always in love with Riiko. But never had the guts to say it to her until she was taken. He still loves her and accepts that she loves Night.

I felt sad when he was leaving for Spain but then he came back because Night asked him to take care of Riiko. That note he recieved from Night. T There were many events in the story that made me laugh because they were so darn funny; like all those times when Night gets naked.

There were many events that made me sad; like when Night died T. There were many events that made me go "Awwwwww! There were many amazing events in the book. I still remember most of them in my head now. I don't think it coukd be any better than it already is. I had a great time reading it and hope that many other people will read it an enjoy it too.

I recommend this manga to everyone, including boys. Who cares if it's a shojo manga? It was freaking great! So go out there and read this manga called "Absolute boyfriend".

Sep 06, Em Mirra rated it liked it Shelves: This series follows the main character, Riiko Izawa, a girl who just wants to find the ultimate boyfriend. After a series of many rejections, Riiko hits a low point and signs up for a 3-day free trial for a mysterious company called Kronos Heaven, who sells "lover figures" basically a mix between a robot and mannequin. Riiko naively orders a figure, picking out qualities or "personality features", that she considers to make for an ideal boyfriend.

When the order arrives, Riiko's skept Summary: When the order arrives, Riiko's skepticism evaporates when she meets the figure, Night, who turns out to be everything she ordered and wants in a boyfriend. The books consist of Riiko's interactions with Night, the "lover figure" she ordered from Kronos Heaven who considers himself Riiko's boyfriend, her neighbor Soshi - a boy who has known Riiko since they were little and has a huge crush on her, and the employees of Kronos Heaven who inform Riiko that no one can know that Night is a figure.

Young Adult Reader Ages Rating 3 out of 5 stars for: The artist has a very defined, unique style that sets her drawing apart from others you can easily pick out her drawings out of a selection of artists. Not my favorite style of art, as the characters are rather sexualized and stereotypical of gender this is a personal preference- I like less sexualized characters , but one could make an argument that the artist captures anatomy exceptionally well.

The story's pacing is straight-forward and plot development is consistent. The areas of weakness are the characters- a lot of them don't have much depth from lack of backstories except maybe one side character and can appear as superficial or shallow. There is also the cliched love triangle that exists in teen romance novels but adds for plenty of dramatic tension!

The writer gets excellent points however, for her sense of humor! Many scenes will have you laughing out loud and she does a fantastic job of using absurd, weird, unrealistic manga humor. Recommended to mostly older teens who enjoy reading teen romantic-comedy manga. Apr 15, Sarah Hayes rated it it was ok Shelves: I wish I loved this volume as much as everyone else did, but.

I can't stand Riiko's naive eternally forgiving dense attitude towards everything. I hate that Watase's female characters are either blushing klutzy paragons of virtue or conniving hate-filled backstabbers and 'bitches' who exist merely to ruin the main protagonist's life and make the MC look like saints in comparison.

Girl, you need to deal with all that internalized misogyny that you've had since Fushigi Yuugi and Ceres. I I wish I loved this volume as much as everyone else did, but. I am getting real tired of Soshi's crush on Riiko, since it makes him do stupid things. Human beings are not psychic! Riiko can't read his mind! If Soshi won't say it out loud, he can't expect her to get the hint through lovesick looks and vague expressions of emotions.

The entire "if another person kisses Night, they'll become Night's owner! Especially when you add the condition of sex equally a 'fully imprint', meaning that their relationship is a sham unless it's been consummated. Which wow, so problematic on so many levels, but I've never labored under the delusion that Watase is some great social commentator.

I'm not touching the fact that the owner of the Vietnamese restaurant doesn't look human like everyone else. Because that's too questionable to think about. The sad thing is, I'm still reading this series. It made me laugh a few times, and I actually want to see how it ends. Plus, Night's antics as he figures out how human beings work amuse me. But I won't be making a huge effort to get my hands on book 3 any time soon. Mar 08, Meepelous rated it it was ok Shelves: Once again, I'm not sure that my two stars might come across as a bit harsh.

This story is fulfilling everything that it's set out to do, the art is nice and it did make me laugh a couple times. Despite the presence of some annoying and sexist cliches namely girls fighting other girls and nothing happens that isn't about the love interests somehow the author is not doing so out of malice but rather because she is doing what comes naturally to her.

In the author's note she talks about how the c Once again, I'm not sure that my two stars might come across as a bit harsh. In the author's note she talks about how the characters are drawn from girls she knew in high school. So, considering the lightness and fantasy quality of the manga in general plus I'm still learning about more eastern ideas I'm not going to lower it to the "I hated it" 1 star, but I can't raise it to 3 stars either.

We shall see if I can ever get over my initial suspicion and shame over admitting I read such "silly" things as romance stories. Once again, I am barely holding onto this series by a thread. Damn you! I want to know what happens next. Unlike in most male gaze heavy comics I do feel like Knight's character is really developing and despite the fact that he isn't the view point character he really is at the center of this series. Something I really need to keep in mind if and when I make a video discussing objectification of men vs women.

Nov 23, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: This volume throws one surprise after another at you which is great. But even worse, all the boys that have rejected Riiko in the past because once Mika found out who Riika liked she moved in and stole them from her!

Therefore I loved the part where Night rejects Mika in favour of Riiko. While working as an escort Night is accidentally kissed by one of the customers and due to his programming that means he is now her boyfriend. This really upsets Riiko, but also confuses her because Soshi finally makes his move and kisses Riiko to show her how he really feels. One thing I did find was that in the black and white images it can sometimes be difficult to tell the characters apart as Riiko and Mika and Soshi and Night look very similar.

Gaku is always easy to spot with his hat and tattoo though, I found it funny that everyone keeps calling him a cosplayer. Jun 24, Emy rated it really liked it Shelves: Fed up with rejection, heart-broken Riiko signs up for a free trial of the Nightly Lover 'figure'. The next day, a cute naked guy is delievered to her apartment. Riiko finally has a boyfriend - one who will cost her a million dollars if she fails to return him on time.

After the setting up of last volume, this volume feels a lot deeper and engaging. It's a little less silly, and a little more serious though the silliness is still there in places. There is a lot more drama in this volume, and the Fed up with rejection, heart-broken Riiko signs up for a free trial of the Nightly Lover 'figure'.

There is a lot more drama in this volume, and the cliffhanger at the end of this is the absolute worst.

This is shoujo manga, though, so that's kind of inevitable, haha. For once, though, it's actually pretty tough to pick between the two guys. The characters especially Night grow and develop in this volume, though Riiko is still dense and a little annoying. Hopefully she'll grow as the series progresses.

Then again, it is only six volumes, so perhaps she won't. I can't actually remember how this plays out I read it years ago , so I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes next. Sep 19, Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: When you want a boyfriend none are around, that is just how Riiko feels.

On the path of desperation she signs up for a free trial for a robotic boyfriend. What can go wrong right? Nope, wrong! Riiko receives the extravagant Night, a hot and sexy man that only wants to please her.

Seriously this is one of the best manga I have ever read! It is filled with romance and comedy and enjoyable characters. I fell in love with every aspect of this series right from the beginning. There is an interesting l When you want a boyfriend none are around, that is just how Riiko feels. There is an interesting love triangle that also develops, I had a hard time choosing which guy I would end up picking, you will have to see for yourself.

Riiko is just a doll! No, not literally, but cute nonetheless. She is always looking on the bright side of things and is protective of the ones she loves. Night is the epitome of every girls dream guy. He is so adorable when he is learning all of the different emotions and things Riiko is trying to teach him. Night is really cute when he starts becoming overprotective of Riiko.

I really wish they would make it into an anime!!! View 1 comment. Review of Absolute Boyfriend volumes For some unknown reason I'm not a fan of Watase's manga. This is a sad thing because it's hard to find a manga author so prolific as to write so many different series' to like, love, or something in between.

I have read volumes of her Alice 19th,and Ceres and in each series there is something I can't define it really, but it feels like if the book had a head, legs, or arms it would be missing one of them. Watase has written a lot, and I wish so m Review of Absolute Boyfriend volumes Watase has written a lot, and I wish so much that I could find some lilliputian amount of redeeming value in Absolute Boyfriend but I just can't.

Zettai Kareshi (TV series) - Wikipedia

It's insulting, anti-feminist, and all around not a functional form of entertainment for me. There's so much stupidity in the plot it's painful, and the girl protagonist is a train wreck that sullies female self confidence, independence, and social standing in relation to men.

All of this sort of sealed that I wouldn't appreciate this series, but I know for sure it's beloved by many others. Jul 21, Angela rated it really liked it. Riiko and Night go to an overnight school trip, when Riiko's "bestfriend" turns her back against her and tries to go after Night. Riiko gets badly beaten by the girl group that are all inlove with Night. Soshi, Riiko's friend from grade school, comes to her rescue. Rikko got a job that just so happened to be the same place that Soshi was woking at, which is where he confessed his love for her.

Night ended up getting a job too, which turned out to be a male esscort club, and he ended up kissing a Riiko and Night go to an overnight school trip, when Riiko's "bestfriend" turns her back against her and tries to go after Night. Night ended up getting a job too, which turned out to be a male esscort club, and he ended up kissing another woman, which had made Riiko into his ex and the person he kissed his most current girlfriend.

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About Yuu Watase. Yuu Watase. A Japanse shoujo manga-ka. She likes all music, except heavy metal and old traditional music. A stereotypical Japanese salesman, he speaks with a heavy Kansai dialect and tends to interject Spanish words in his conversations. Gaku's family owns a business of selling takoyaki ; at the end of the series, Gaku quits his job at Kronos Heaven to inherit his family business. Gaku is the one whom Night trusts to give his letter asking Soushi to return for Riiko once the latter has calmed down from her grief of losing Night.

Live-action In the Japanese drama, Namikiri is the creator of Nightly 01, and he decides to sell his 01 to Riiko to prove that his robot is ready for mass production. Like everyone in the series, Namikiri is depicted to be quite older than in the manga. Contrary to with his fellow employees' ideas at Kronos Heaven, he believes that Night developing humanlike emotions is a good thing and tries to defend him from being scrapped.

At the end of the series, he stores the now-shut down Night while praising the latter for what he had done in his short life. In the special episode, Gaku expresses surprise when Night comes to function without his authorization.

He later reluctantly scraps Night, as per the latter's wishes. In the Taiwanese version, Lei Wuwu Namikiri is more similar to the original character in the manga. He shows off his flamboyant cosplay-like fashion style and pops up wherever Xiaofei and Night are together. A beautiful and charming girl, she attracts the attention of many boys, whom she occasionally dates, if only briefly.

She offers support and reassurance when Riiko feels miserable after being rejected by Ishizeki. However, later on, it is shown that she is the reason why boys always reject Riiko after she asks them out, as she has been spreading rumors around school that Riiko is slutty and goes out with boys for their money.

Mika has been dating Ishizeki ever since Riiko takes interest in him and quickly breaks up with him once he has rejected Riiko's confession, as she is only interested in things that belong to other people. Later on, Mika sets Night's violent fanclub on Riiko and tries to make Night break up with Riiko and date her instead.

Pdf manga zettai kareshi

In the end, her scheme backfires, and she stops being friends with Riiko. Live-action In the Japanese drama, Mika, as in the manga, starts out as Riiko's understanding friend who offers support for Riiko's love life. However, she is secretly jealous of Riiko's popularity and charm to attract many men. She has been trying her hardest to ruin Riiko's life, first by dating with Ishizeki when the latter is still being pursued by Riiko, and later by seducing Night with a kiss, which temporarily switches his allegiance to Mika until Riiko manages to kiss him back.

She also secretly sends Natsumi, Riiko's competitor in a pastry competition, recipes that allow her to win. When her schemes are discovered, Mika is humiliated and quits her job at the office.

She later reconciles with Riiko and helps to protect Night's secret. In the Taiwanese version, Meijia Mika is a frenemy of Xiaofei who constantly plots to make her miserable since Xiaofei unwillingly uncovered her faults at work. Unlike the Japanese version, Meijia and Xiaofei do not maintain their friendship after Miejia expresses her hatred.

Due to her antisocial attitude, Riiko and other students find Miyabe "weird". However, Miyabe is actually very kind and sometimes offers her deadpan advice about love for Riiko.

She is the first to learn that Riiko has been lured to be humiliated by Night's crazed fanclub led by Mika during an outdoor trip; while she claims that it is not her problem, Miyabe tells Mika that her actions will yield consequences. Riiko later finds out that Miyabe is very rich due to having worked as a stock trader, which she has interest to take part on to pay Night's maintenance bills.

Kareshi pdf zettai manga

Miyabe becomes the second person, after Soushi, to know that Night is in fact a robot, during her borrowing of a miniature Night. She reveals to Night that ever since her parents' deaths, she has lost her will to fall in love with anyone, although she is able to be convinced by Night to fall in love again. Fujiko is a bartender of the bar adjoining the Asamoto office building who smokes and is quite close to Riiko.

Kareshi manga pdf zettai

Like Miyabe, Fujiko offers advice to Riiko about her troubled love life and is also the second person in the office, after Soushi, to discover that Night is a robot.

In the Taiwanese version, Zhixi Miyabe is Xiaofei's colleague at the office. Like the manga, she herself feels that she has a robotic personality, and she is unable to find love. With Night's encouragement she eventually musters up courage to start a relationship with Sky, who has a crush on her. Unlike the Japanese series she does not find out about Night's true nature.

He at first pretends to be Toshiki's younger brother who knocks out Night by whispering a code to his ear so Toshiki can have a chance to seduce Riiko. He drops his disguise just before Night's inevitable fight with Toshiki, stating that whichever model that successfully sleeps with Riiko will be the finished product, while the failure one will be disposed.

After Night wins the fight, Yuki shuts down Toshiki so it can be reprogrammed. However, when Night runs away from Kronos Heaven during his maintenance period, Yuki is sent alongside Gaku by his superiors to capture him, due to Night's possible danger as a doll with humanlike emotions. Despite his attempts to capture him, including sending another model of Nightly 01, he fails and is convinced by Gaku to give up the act. He is the creator of the perfect lover robots.

A child prodigy, he along with the founder of Kronos Heaven, created Nightly 01 based on the founder's son which Xiaofei met briefly when she was young who died in his twenties. He eventually helps Lei Wuwu help Zongshi in repairing Night. He carries a high resemblance to Night in facial features, body structure, and even wears the same jewelry, although he is much stronger and has better reflexes than him. During Night and Riiko's stay at a hotel, Toshiki manages to knock out Riiko upon kissing her, then claims that he had fun with her the next morning; while the two have not in fact slept together, Riiko believes so, and this temporarily creates a strain between her and Night.

Toshiki uses the opportunity to seduce Riiko, but he is stopped by Night, who tears his arm after a brutal fight. Toshiki is then shut down by Yuki and taken away for testing and reprogramming. Later, he becomes the boyfriend of a wealthy girl and establishes a friendship with Riiko and Night. Live-action In the Japanese drama, Riiko encounters Toshiki sitting at a bench on the riverside when she is let down.

Toshiki simply tries to get along with her staying at Riiko's landlady's house and starting working as a janitor as Night at her company. He locks Night up in a room to go out with Riiko, but his plan fails as Night escapes and confronts him at the parking lot.

In the competition between Nightly 01 and 02, Toshiki loses as he calculates too much for his sake when Riiko is at the risk of a car accident while Night saves her without thinking of his own safety. As a result, Toshiki is disposed permanently and Night 01 is chosen for mass production. In the Taiwanese drama, Junshu Toshiki dupes Xiaofei in a similar way as in the original manga. He causes more troubles to the relationship between Night and Xiaofei than in the Japanese version.

He gets wounded seriously after a confrontation at a factory with Night and Kronos Heaven's COO Baiqi, who is also the creator of Nightly 02, admits that Nightly 01 is superior to Junshu is mentioned to have resigned from the office and never reappeared.

Like Soushi, Masaki is also a childhood friend of Riiko. He strongly supports his brother to date Riiko, much to Soushi's embarrassment. At the end of the series, alongside Soushi, Masaki moves to Spain to rejoin with his father and stays there permanently while Soushi decides to return back to Japan six months later.

Absolute Boyfriend

Live-action In the Japanese series, Masaki, who is renamed as Masashi, is Soushi's older brother and takes up the characteristics of Soushi in the manga having black hair, wearing glasses, etc.

Serious and no-nonsense, he constantly criticizes and laments Soushi's immaturity and indifference when handling the family pastry business, of which he takes up the seat of vice-chairman.

He also looks down on Riiko because of the latter's low social standing and general unprofessionalism in the job. As the series goes on, however, Masashi begins to admit that Soushi is able to take care of the business in his own ways, and at the end of the series, he approves of Soushi's appointment for Riiko to accompany him to France.