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Every coach can use one place with the basics of the game! Check out the "Basic Volleyball Rules and Terminology" as a quick refresh!. Edited and modified for Canadian volleyball. Volleyball Canada would like to thank all those who have collaborated in the revision of the rule book. Every few years the FIVB looks over the sanctioned rules they have established in order to keep the sport of volleyball fair and safe. Approved.

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OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES. 1. OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES Approved by the 33rd FIVB Congress Home · FIVB · Volleyball · Beach Volleyball · Snow Volleyball · Development · Refereeing/Rules · Technical/Coach · Medical · Media. Rules of the Game. Lausanne, Switzerland, January 18, – The Official Volleyball Rules and Official Beach Volleyball Rules and the Referees'.

They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented. Karissa L. The vacant position is in center back. The players in right back and left back switch positions before serve to put their stronger passer in left back to receive serve. The second referee signals illegal alignment. The right back and left back cannot break alignment of the vacant center back position.

FIVB - Rules of the Game

The second referee recognizes the sbustitution with a whistle and signal. The second referee signals unnecessary delay administrative yellow for first offense , then allows the substitution to be completed.

Rule book volleyball

The substitute is still on the bench removing warm-up shirt and tying shoes when the outgoing player and the second referee are ready to complete the substitution. In an attempt to avoid a delay, Team R's coach withdraws the substitution. An unnecessary delay is charged to Team R. The unnecessary delay is assessed to Team R. No substitutions may take place after the delay is assessed. Schools are strongly encourage to use adults in these positions.

The line judges are considered game personnel under NFHS Volleyball Rule along with the official scorer, libero tracker and timer. By state association adoption, each school shall be responsible for providing one line judge to officiate all levels of volleyball matches.

Book volleyball rule

Line judges may use flags. The modification should be specified in the game contract, the officials' contract and agreed upon prior to the match. All NFHS volleyball match playing rules must be followed.

Book volleyball rule

The modification should be specified in the game contract, the officials' contract and agreed upon by both schools prior to the date of the match.

Since freshman and junior varsity matches must use the 2-out-of-3 format, players that see no varsity time would still have a daily set limit of FOUR.

A player may participate in a maximum number of sets for the season that equals four times the number of dual matches excluding tourament matche played by the higher team on which the individual plays plus the corresponding legal number of tournaments schedule by the higher team on which the individual plays.

The match format used does not affect the calculation or the maximum. The higher team's schedule is used for the calculation for players that split time between two levels.

IHSAA Volleyball

The libero shall not set the ball using an overhead finger pass while in front of the attack line extended for an attack above the height of the net. The use of the libero is a coaching strategy and its use in a particular game is optional. Schools should attempt to secure neutral officials, which are satisfactory to both parties and agreed upon in advance. Beginning a game with an official constitutes agreement.

2017-2020 Official Rules available for download

In non-district and district matches, a minimum of 2 TAPPS approved officials referee and umpire are required. In all play-off games, a minimum of 4 approved officials are required referees, umpire and 2 line judges.

Unless mutually agreed otherwise, the game shall be played at the site indicated in Section If a neutral site is chosen, a coin toss may be used to determine which team will be designated the home team.

All arrangements for the bi-district games shall be according to instructions in Section The home team shall furnish the game ball. TAPPS approved officials shall be used. Schools should attempt to secure neutral officials, which are satisfactory to both parties and agreed upon in advance beginning a game with an official constitutes agreement.

Local and district passes are not acceptable. Spirit Squads in uniform shall be admitted free.

The winning coach shall report playoff scores in TAPPSter as soon as possible after the conclusion of the contest. Coach shall enter the next playoff contest information in TAPPSter as soon as game information is concerned.

Winning coach shall check the current year bracket for the next game. Shorts, t-shirts, warm-ups and the like are not considered appropriate for the Final Four games.

Book volleyball rule

High- heeled shoes should not be worn at the regional and state level of competitions at the request of our hosting venues. Local and district passes are not valid for playoff contests.