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Free Essay: Chapter Asuna plopped down naked on the sofa and glared defiantly at me. “ Kirito, hurry up and take your clothes off,” she. [ITA] Kon'nichiwa a tutti ragazzi qui è HiDe e ben venuti sul mio canale riguardante Anime. 《☆》《☆》《☆》《☆》《☆》《☆》 Anime Citati: ☆SWORD. Includes chapter Watch This Video Sword Art Online Volume 1 - Aincrad + Chapter

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Yes, this is the real chapter written by the Author of Sword Art Online. This is the literal fanfiction that he wrote himself. Hope you all enjoy ;). Sword Art Online Download as TXT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Ho wever, it seemed that everyone in SAO, including her, viewed me as. Sword Art Online Alicization Exploding - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Sword Art Online Light Novel

Great East Gate. The humongous structure, built at the hands of gods, that isolated the Human Empire and Dark Empire for over three hundred years started crumbling away this very moment. Tremors thundered throughout the world like roars from some immense beast in the Great Gates death throes, the last of its effectively infinite Life dripping away, while the five thousand in the Human Empire Defense Army and fifty thousand in the invading army watched on without a word. Those crossed from the Human Empires central capital, Centoria, in the east to the land of darknesss imperial capital, Obsidia, in the west as distant, ominous thunder, prompting all in the Underworld to peer up towards the skies. Seconds passed. A crack streaked through the core of the over three hundred mel tall Great Gate.

Ah, aahh No!! Ya no lo soporto!! Pero en otro sentido, yo tambin estaba en mi lmite. Quera ver cada parte de Asuna con tantas ganas que la empuj en la cama, apoderndome de sus piernas y separndolas. Ah Qu!? Asuna sali de un estado vagante y dio algunas sacudidas con su cuerpo para escapar, al darse cuenta que estaba en una posicin extremadamente vergonzosa, pero no haba ninguna forma de que yo aflojara el agarre ahora.

Qu, qu, Kirito, no mires tan de cerca!! Asuna Levant mi cabeza y mir a Asuna fijamente a los ojos. Deberamos prender la luz? Asuna neg mi peticin vigorosamente mientras sacuda su rostro completamente rojo. Dndome por vencido, me dediqu a examinar el lugar escondido de Asuna. Su suave pubis era de un blanco puro y liso, sin ningn cabello creciendo all.

Esto era, por as decirlo, ms que una preferencia de los desarrolladores, una limitacin del sistema. Los objetos de tipo pelo eran extremadamente difciles de crear. Por consiguiente, aparte del cabello en la cabeza y la barba, no haba nada de cabello en ninguna otra parte de los jugadores de SAO. En medio de los dos llanos montculos haba una hendidura, y entre ellos haba pliegues claros. De tiempo en tiempo un lquido claro goteaba y flua hasta el ano de Asuna antes de convertirse en cuencas de luz y desaparecer.

Haya sido por la vergenza o por la prdida de fuerza, Asuna haba dejado de forcejear, as que retir mi mano de su pie derecho y abr la hendidura por completo. Mhaa Los ojos de Asuna se perdieron en el vaco mientras gema suavemente. Dentro de la apertura, comparado con la informacin que haba recibido de la red en el mundo real, haba un diseo inusualmente simple de lo que pens que era con una membrana color durazno que se extenda llanamente en el interior y por el fondo.

La apertura vaginal, la cual produca incesantemente un lquido claro palpitaba bastante, y en la parte superior donde la apertura se juntaba, una pequea protuberancia haca aparicin. Dentro de SAO, los jugadores masculinos deban haberse calentado por lo menos una o dos veces la cabeza preguntndose como lucira esa parte de las jugadoras femeninas, pero yo experimentaba cierta clase de emocin al haber encontrado recin la respuesta a esa pregunta.

Por supuesto que en mi propia mitad inferior tambin haba cierta cosa, la cual, habindose hinchado hasta su lmite, buscaba poder liberarse. Pero esta era la primera vez, desde que haba iniciado sesin en SAO, que sta se pona as. Hay una historia de alguna forma interesante sobre todo esto Me disculpo por divagar, pero Cuando SAO se estaba desarrollando, la compaa Argas tuvo una fase Alfa exclusiva de prueba durante la cual, ellos pensaron que debido a que los jugadores no tendran ningn uso de sus genitales, no sera necesario tomarlos en cuenta.

Sin embargo, en realidad se encontraron con que la mayora de los probadores masculinos experimentaban cierta cantidad de ansiedad severa. No obstante, no haba ningn problema al jugar por varias horas.

Sword Art Online 16.5

Cuando realizaron pruebas consecutivas en un periodo de 48 horas, vieron que la mayor parte de los probadores masculinos que haban asistido a este periodo de ensayo no haban sido capaces de soportar la idea de no tener sus genitales y tiraban la toalla.

Parece que esta tambin era parte de la razn por la cual los jugadores de SAO no tenan permitido cambiar el sexo de su personaje. Pero, incluso teniendo las partes genitales, la interrogante que tena desde antes del comienzo oficial del juego o sea, antes del incidente era si habra o no ansiedad ante la falta de una funcin adecuada.

Yo mismo haba agonizado repetidamente en mltiples ocasiones por ser incapaz de liberar mi energa reprimida, pero ahora que vi que si el cdigo tico o lo que sea, estuviera desactivado, probablemente incluso la eyaculacin era posible.

Senta que haba perdido mucho al no saber todo esto hasta ahora. Aunque en este momento, me enfrento a una nueva pregunta. Al tener la funcin de liberacin del cdigo tico, significaba bsicamente que el sexo virtual en lnea haba sido planeado junto con el lanzamiento del juego. SAO tena tantos jugadores menores de edad como yo, as que sin importa cmo lo piense, esta funcin de seguro iba a provocar mucha protesta social.

Sorry, and thanks. I should be the one thanking you. I received a lot of help from you. Thanks a lot, Kirito. Be seeing ya. That was the point where Aincrad, or Sword Art Online, stopped being just some fun game for me. Cline stepped back a bit and put his right index finger and thumb together and pulled downwards. Straight afterwards, there was a ringing sound and a shining purple rectangle appeared. I moved a bit and sat on a rock and opened my menu too.

No way, look a bit closer. The swordsman opened his eyes wide beneath the bandana and pushed his head closer to the menu. The rectangle, which was longer sideways than high, had a bunch of buttons on the left and a silhouette showing what equipment you had on on the right. As I was turning my head to the item list that listed the items that I had gained over hours of fighting, Cline started speaking in an unusually high voice.

You take a look Kirito. The inventory window on the right closed and it went back to the main screen. At the left of the silhouette, which still had quite a lot of empty spaces, there was a long row of buttons. I moved my hand down in a movement that had almost become a habit and— My body froze. Cline smiled and started rubbing his thick chin. My anchovy pizza and ginger ale-! They might cut you off from their side. Hey, Kirito! I felt a groundless fear send a chill down my back.

To get out of this virtual reality and back to my room, I have to open the main menu, press the log out button and press yes on the window that popped up on the right. It was pretty simple. Log out! There were no voice commands on SAO of that description. After shouting this and that and even jumping, I spoke to Cline. I totally agreed with him. This was impossible. It was complete nonsense.

But it was indisputably the truth. We both stood speechless for a while, each lost in thought. To attain the FullDive state, the Nerve Gear blocks the signals that our brain sends down our spines and changes them so that we can control our avatars in this world. I silently signaled my agreement. H-How old is your sister? I pushed his head away. In the area beneath the bandana, which covered a little bit of his sharp nose, intelligence sparkled in his eyes. If something goes wrong now they might put down regulations for the genre itself.

I looked up, sucking in the virtual air, taking a deep, cold breath. It was just past 5: Despite the situation I was in, seeing the endless plains painted gold with the light of the evening sun, I found myself speechless in front of the beauty of this virtual world. Right after that. The world changed forever. Both Cline and I were immersed in a clear blue pillar of light.

Past the blue veil, the plains in my vision blurred steadily. I've experienced this a few times during beta testing. I didn't have the prerequisite item nor did I shout the proper command. Did the operators initiate a forced teleport?

Can someone give me a link to SAO Chapter 16.5?

If so, why didn't they even inform us? As my thoughts raced, the light around me pulsed stronger and darkness overtook me. As the blue light faded, my surroundings became clear again. However, this wasn't the plains lit with the sunset anymore.

A large road paved with stone. Medieval streets surrounded by street-lamps and the huge palace radiating a dark light a fair distance away up ahead. I looked at Cline who had his mouth wide open next to me. Then at the bustling layers of people that surrounded the two of us.

Looking at the bunch of stunningly beautiful people with a variety of equipment and different hair colors, they were no doubt other players like me.

There were about a few thousand—ten thousand people here. It was likely that everyone who was logged on right now had been forcefully transported to the central plaza. For a few seconds, everyone just looked around without a word. Then a few mumbles and mutters could be heard here and there; it started to get louder. Then suddenly. Somebody raised his voice above all these comments and shouted. There, a strange sight greeted us.

The bottom surface of the second floor, one hundred meters up in the air, was checkered in red.

Art 16.5 sword pdf online

When I looked closely, I could make out that they were made up of two phrases crisscrossing each other. The word that was written in red was [Warning] and the other [System Announcement].

16.5 online pdf art sword

I was surprised for a moment but then thought Oh, the operator's going to begin informing us now and loosened my shoulders a little bit.

The chatter died down in the plaza and you could feel everyone waiting to hear what was going to be said. However, what happened next wasn't what I had expected. From the middle of the pattern, a liquid similar to blood started oozing down slowly. It came down at a rate that almost emphasized how viscid it was; but it didn't fall down; instead, it started morphing into another shape. What appeared was a twenty meter tall man with a hooded robe draped around him. No, that wasn't exactly right.

From where we were looking, we could easily see into the hood—there was no face. It was absolutely empty. We could clearly see the inner cloth and the green embroidery inside of the hood. It was the same inside the robe; all we could see inside the rim were shadows.

It was the clothes that the Agas employees who had been working as GMs during the beta test had always worn. But then the male GMs had had a face like an old sorcerer with a long beard and the females had had an avatar of a bespectacled girl. They might have used the robe due to lack of time to prepare a proper avatar, but the empty space beneath the hood gave me an unexplainable feeling of anxiety. The countless players around me must have felt the same.

Then the right hand of the huge robe moved as if to silence them. A pure white glove appeared from the folds of the long sleeve. But this sleeve, like the rest of the robe, wasn't connected to any sort of body. Then the left arm slowly lifted upwards, too. Then with its two empty gloves spread out in front of ten thousand players, the faceless person opened his mouth—no, it felt like it did.

Then a low and calm voice of a male resonated from high up in the air. If that red robe was a GM, it certainly had godlike powers in this world, enabling him to change the world at will, but why was he pointing that out now? Cline and I looked at each other dumbfounded.

The anonymous red robe lowered its two arms and continued talking. Right now, I am the only person who can control this world. I knew that name. There was no way I didn't. As a hardcore gamer, I respected Kayaba deeply. I bought all the mags that featured him and had read his few interviews until I almost knew them all by heart. I could almost see him in the white overalls he always wore by just hearing his voice.

But he had always stood behind the scenes, refusing to be exposed to the media; he had never even been a GM—so why was he doing something like this? I forced my mind to start moving again in order to make sense of the situation. But the words that came out of the empty hood almost seemed to mock my efforts to understand.

The announcement continued in its low voice as if to cover the sound. I couldn't understand this phrase at first. Then the next thing that Kayaba said blew my confusion away. If these things are attempted The silence of ten thousand people was overwhelming. The next words came slowly. It was as if my mind was refusing to believe what had just been said. But Kayaba's short statement pierced through my body with a ferocity that was both hard and dense.

Destroy our brains. In other words, kill us. That is what Kayaba had just stated. People in the crowd started muttering, but there was no one shouting or panicking. It was either that everyone, like me, couldn't understand it yet, or refused to. Cline raised his right hand slowly and tried to grasp the headgear that would be situated there in the real world.

As he did this, he let out a dry laugh and started talking. That man, has he gone nuts? He's not making any sense.

The Nerve Gear It's just a game. Destroy our brain How is he going to do that? Right Kirito? Cline stared at me hard, but I couldn't nod in agreement. The infinite signal sensors in the Nerve Gear's helmet emitted small electronic pulses to send virtual signals to the brain.

SAO: Chapter 16,5, a sword art online/ソードアート・オンライン fanfic | FanFiction

They might call this the newest ultra technology, but the basic theory was the same as a certain household appliance that's been used for over 40 years in Japan—the microwave. If there was sufficient output, it was possible that the Nerve Gear would vibrate the water particles in our brains and fry it with the heat from the friction.

Because if we pull the plug on the Nerve Gear, there's no way it can emit that sort of a strong pulse. Unless there's some form of battery with a huge storage capability What if there was a sudden power outage or something!? If any of these conditions are met, the brain destruction sequence will start.

These conditions have been made known to the government and the public through mass-media in the outside world. On that note, there have been several cases where the relatives or friends have ignored the warnings and tried to forcefully get rid of the Nerve Gear.

The result—' The metallic voice took a short breath here. But most of the players couldn't believe it, or refused to believe what they had been told and just stood there slack-jawed, or with a wry smile on their faces.

My head tried to reject what Kayaba had just said. But my body betrayed it and my knees started shaking violently.

I stumbled back a few paces on my weak knees and managed to keep myself from falling. Cline fell on his backside; his expression lifeless. This phrase replayed over and over again in my head. If what Kayaba said was true-over people have already died up to now? Among them, there would have been beta testers such as me. I might have even known some of their character names and avatars.

These people had had their brains burnt and I don't believe it. How would he do such a thing? Stop kidding around and let us out. We don't have time to play along to your sick opening ceremony. An opening show, right?

But as if to dismiss our hopes, Kayaba's businesslike voice restarted its explanation. As of this moment, all TV, radio, and internet media are all repeatedly reporting this situation, including the fact that there have been numerous deaths.

The danger of having your Nerve Gear taken off has already all but disappeared. In a moment, using the two hours I have given, all of you will be transported to hospitals or similar institutes and be given the best treatment. So you can relax Beat the game!? You want us to play around in a situation like this!?

It is a second reality The moment that your HP reaches 0, your avatar will be gone forever, and at the same time—' I could guess what he was going to say all too clearly. I drove it down.

A long horizontal line was shining at the top left corner of my vision. Hit points. My life-force. The moment it reaches zero, I will die—the electromagnetic waves will fry my brain, killing me instantaneously. This is what Kayaba had said.

This is without a doubt a game, a game with your life at stake. In other words, a death game. I must have died at least times during the two months of beta testing. That was what an RPG was, a sort of game where you keep dying and learning and leveling up.

But now you can't? Once you die, you'll lose your life? And in addition—you can't even stop playing? Who in their right mind would go out onto the field with those conditions?

Of course everyone would just stay inside the city where it was safe. Then as if reading my, and maybe all the other players', mind, the next message was given. As I have said before, you must get to the top of Aincrad, the one hundredth floor, and defeat the final boss that resides there.

All players still alive at that time will be immediately logged out of the game. I give you all my word. He was talking about Aincrad itself. He got up quickly and raised a fist up to the sky. I heard that getting up was crazy hard even during the beta testing! During the two months of beta testing, the one thousand players that had taken part had only managed to get to the sixth floor. Even if ten thousand people had dived right now, how long would it take to get through all floors?

Most players who had been forced here would have been asking this answer-less question. The strained silence eventually gave way to low murmuring. But there was no sign of fear or despair. Everything Kayaba had said was so horrifying that it felt unreal. I craned my head back to look at the empty robe and tried to force my mind to accept this situation. I can no longer log out, ever. I can't go back to my room, my life. The only way that I would get them back was when somebody defeated the boss on the highest floor of this floating castle.

If my HP reached zero even once during that time—I would die. I would die a real death and I would be gone forever. However much I tried to accept these as facts, it was impossible. Just five or six hours ago, I had eaten the dinner that my mom had made, shared a short conversation with my sister, then walked up the floors of my house. Now I can't go back to all that? And this is now the real reality? Then, the red robe that had always been one step ahead of us swept its right glove and started speaking with a voice void of all emotion.

In your inventories, there will be a gift from me. Please confirm this. All the players did likewise and the plaza was filled with the ringing sound of bells. Even as I wondered, I tapped on the name and pressed the "make into object" button. Immediately afterward, there was a twinkling sound effect and a small rectangular mirror appeared. I grabbed it hesitantly but nothing happened.

All that it showed was the face of the avatar that I had gone through a lot of trouble to make. I cocked my head and looked at Cline. The samurai was also looking at the mirror in his hand with a blank expression on his face.

Suddenly Cline and the avatars around us were engulfed in white light. As soon as I took this in, I was surrounded too and all I could see was white. Almost 2, 3 seconds later, the surroundings reappeared just as they had been The face in front of me wasn't the one I'd gotten used to. The armor made of metal plates sewn together, the bandana, and the spiky red hair were all the same.

But the face had changed into another shape altogether. His long, sharp eyes had become sunken and shone brighter. His delicate and high nose had become hooked, and a slight beard now appeared on his cheeks and chin. If the avatar had been a young and carefree samurai, this one was a fallen warrior—or maybe a bandit. I forgot about the situation for a moment and muttered. I raised the mirror in a rush, and the face stared back at me.

Black hair that lay neatly over the head, two weak looking eyes that could be seen beneath the slightly long hair, and a delicate face that made people mistake me for a girl even now when I go out in casual clothes with my sister.

The face that was in the mirror— Was my actual face that I had tried so hard to escape from. We both looked at each other and shouted at the same time. But we didn't have time to spare on things like that. The mirrors fell from our hands and hit the ground, then were destroyed with a quiet smashing sound.

When I looked around again, the crowd was no longer filled with people who looked like characters from a fantasy game. A bunch of normal looking young people had now taken their place. It was like something you'd see if you gathered a bunch of people in real life at a game show venue and dressed them up in armor. Distressingly, even the sex ratio had changed greatly. How on earth was this possible?

Cline and I, and most probably all the players around us, had changed from the avatars that we'd made from nothing, to our real selves. Of course, the texture itself still seemed like a polygon model and it still felt slightly strange, but it was almost frighteningly accurate.

It was as if the gear had a full body scanner on it. So it can tell not only how our brains look, but our faces too Like how tall we are? I—and most probably Cline too—had set the height to equal that of my height in the real world to prevent my extra height from hindering my movements, but most players had seemed to made themselves taller by about ten to twenty centimeters.

That wasn't all. The actual build and the horizontal length of the players had become larger too. There was no way that the Nerve Gear would have been able to know all this. The person who answered this question was Cline. I bought the Nerve Gear just yesterday so I remember, but there was a part of the set-up Well anyway, during that bit it touched your body here and there, maybe it was that?

This was done to reproduce the sense of feel accurately within the game. So to say, it was almost as if the Nerve Gear had data about our exact figures saved inside itself. The purpose of this was also almost too clear now. That this polygon avatar In order to make us believe this, he's produced a perfect copy of us Why the hell's he doing something like this? Most probably, he'll answer that in a bit anyway.

A few seconds later a voice, sounding almost solemn, sounded from the blood red sky.

Is this a sort of terrorist attack? Is he doing this to ransom us? Not only that, but now for me, there is no longer a reason or a purpose in doing this. The reason is because And now, everything has been realized. Players—I wish you luck.

The huge robe rose soundlessly, and started sinking, hood first, into the system message that covered the sky, as if melting. Its shoulders, then its chest, then its two arms and legs merged into in the red surface, and then a final red stain spread briefly. Right afterward, the system message that had covered the sky disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Then—at last. The crowd of ten thousand players gave a proper reaction. In other words, countless voices started to resound loudly through the plaza.

The hell is this? It's a joke right!? Let me out! Let me out of here! You can't! I've got to meet someone soon! I'm gonna go home! I want to go home!!!!!! And screaming.

The people that had changed from game players to prisoners in a matter of minutes crouched clutching their heads, waved their arms about, grasped each other or started to swear loudly.

In the midst of all this noise, strangely my mind became cool again. This, is reality. What Kayaba Akihiko had declared was all true.

If this was the case, this was all to be expected. It'd be strange not to. This genius was one side of Kayaba that made him alluringly attractive. Now I can't return to reality for a while—perhaps a few months or maybe more than that. During this time, I can't see my mother or sister, nor talk to them.

It was possible that I would never get the chance. If I died here— I died in reality. The Nerve Gear, that was once a game machine, is a lock to this prison and a tool of death that will fry my brain.

I breathed slowly in, then out, and opened my mouth. We made it out of it quite quickly, maybe because we were near the edge. We entered one of the many streets that led out of the plaza in a radial pattern and I jumped into the shadow behind an unmoving carriage.

Cline," I called his name again. He still had a somewhat blank expression on his face. I continued talking, trying my best to sound serious. I'm going to get out of this city and head over to the next village.

Come with me. I kept talking in a low voice, forcing the words out. Only the people who can acquire the most money and experience can get stronger. You'll have to wait forever for the monsters to regenerate.

Going to the next village right now would be better. I know the way and all the dangerous spots, so I can get there, even if I'm only level one. Then a few seconds later his face scrunched up. I said before that I stood in line for ages with my friends to download this game.

Art 16.5 sword pdf online

They would have logged in and most likely they'd be in the plaza even now. I can't I could understand all too well what Cline was trying to tell me through his nervous gaze. He—was bright and was easy to get along with, and he most probably took care of other people pretty well. He was most definitely hoping that I'd take all his friends with him.

But I just couldn't nod. If it was just Cline, I could get to the next village while protecting us from aggressive monsters. But if there was even two more—no, even one more person coming along it would be dangerous. If somebody died along the way, they'd die as Kayaba had announced. To bear such a heavy burden, I could never do that. It was just simply impossible. A smile appeared on his slightly bearded cheek and he shook his head.

I can't keep relying on you. I was a guild master in the game I used to play. It'll be fine. I'll just make do with the techniques that you've taught me till now.

So don't worry about us and go to the village. Then I chose the words that would gnaw at me for two years. If anything comes up, send me a message. I waved once and turned northwest—the direction of the village that I'd use as my next base. When I had taken about five steps, a voice called out from behind me again. You look pretty good in real life! You're quite my style! After I had run through the winding alleyways for a few minutes, I looked back again.

Of course, there was nobody there. I ignored the odd feeling of my chest being restricted and ran. I ran desperately to the northwest gate of the Starting City and then past the large plains and the deep forest, then a small village located past all this—then past that to an endless, lonely game of survival. The hope that outside help would come had been crushed; not even a message had gotten through.

There were people crying and others wailing, and some even tried to dig up the ground of the city saying that they were going to destroy this world. Of course, all buildings were non-destructible objects, so this attempt failed without any results to show for it. They say that it took days for the players to accept the situation and think of what to do afterward.

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The players were split into four big groups. I understood what they were thinking painfully well. Their real bodies would be lying on a bed or sitting on a chair fast asleep. And outside, the company who ran the game, Agas, would be trying harder than anyone to save the players—if they could just wait, they might be able to open their eyes, have a teary reunion with their family and then return to school or work and this would all have been just something to talk about—.

I think I was hoping for the same thing deep inside. So the five thousand players would have had sufficient room to live in. On some days, the sky outside was not a crystal blue but covered with grey clouds.

The second group consisted of about thirty percent, or three thousand players. It was a group where all the players in it worked together. The leader of it was the admin of the largest online game info site. The players who had gathered under this group were split into several groups and shared all of their gains, collected information on the game and set out to explore the labyrinth area where the stairs were.

The third group was made of, at an estimate, a thousand players. As a side-note, there were two basic bodily needs that existed in SAO.