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Hell's Foundations Quiver: A Novel in the Safehold Series (Safehold series) by David Weber. Read online, or download in DRM-free EPUB format. Feb 13, More Info => Download Hell's Foundations Quiver by David Weber Ebook #ebook #full #read. Apr 18, David Weber - Safehold: Hell's Foundations Quiver 8 download ebook EPUB, FB2, PDF. "Hell's Foundations.

A tiny population of human beings fled to distant Safehold. Centuries later, their descendants have forgotten their history; for them, life has been an eternal Middle Ages, ruled by the Church of God Awaiting, whose secret purpose is to prevent the re-emergence of industrial civilization. But not all of Safehold's founders were on board with this plan. Those dissidents left behind their own secret legacies. One of those is Merlyn Athrawes, cybernetic avatar of one of Earth's long-dead defenders, now reawakened after a thousand years to restart human progress and reclaim our place in the universe.

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Hell's Foundations Quiver

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Treecat Wars. Those dissidents left behind their own secret legacies. One of those is Merlyn Athrawes, cybernetic avatar of one of Earth's long-dead defenders, now reawakened after a thousand years to restart human progress and reclaim our place in the universe.

Merlyn has intervened in the small Safeholdian realm of Charis, seeding it with ideas and innovations and helping it to rise to challenge the hegemony of the Church. It's been a long and bloody fight, but aided by a stream of inventions--breech-loading rifles, signal rockets, claymore mines, new approaches to manufacturing and supply-Charis and its few allies seem to have finally gained the upper hand. Now major realms have begun to consider switching sides. To all these ends, Merlyn Athrawes has been everywhere, under multiple disguises and wielding hidden powers.

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The secret of who and what he is has been closely held. But a new player has arrived, one who knows many secrets-including Merlyn's own. On a distant planet, humans built a religion around antitechnology beliefs to protect themselves from discovery by more advanced aliens. Centuries later, Merlin Athrawes and Nimue Chwaeriau, two copies of a long-dormant android, continue the push to revive high technology, providing leadership to those in the Empire of Charis who are fighting against the repressive Mother Church.

The Imperial Charisian Army is triumphing over the Army of God on all fronts, though the naval battles are not so one-sided. These setbacks begin to disrupt the unity of the church-ruling Group of Four. The battles and intrigue keep things moving, but Weber does slow the pace considerably every time he inserts lengthy passages on military engineering.

I hope book 8 of the Safehold series is better because this isn't the first time in recent memory that David. You have to Login for download or view attachment s.