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download The Wizard of Venus: Read 4 Kindle Store Reviews - The Wizard of Venus is a novella by Edgar Rice Burroughs, as well as the title of a collection in which it was later published together with an unrelated story. Wizard Of Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs, December 1, , Ace edition, in English.

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The Wizard of Venus (Carson #5) and Amtor, his fictional name for Venus), lost islands, and into the interior of the hollow earth in his Proofreaders Canada, we pride ourselves on producing the best ebooks you can find. This eBook was produced by: Stephen Hutcheson & the online Distributed The Wizard of Venus came storming across the clearing with his. Read "The Wizard of Venus" by Edgar Rice Burroughs available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. The fifth and final.

Shelves: fantasy I like ERB's Barsoom series better than his Venus series, but these are fine and enjoyable adventures. The first, "The Wizard of Venus" is a final episode in the author's Venus series, starring Carson Napier; perhaps other episodes would have been added to it to make up another full length Venus novel had ERB lived longer. The second, "Pirate Blood", was written in , probably as a first draft, and laid aside for unknown reasons. It is the story of Johnny Lafitte, a descendant of the real life French pirate Jean Lafitte of Battle of New Orleans fame who has a respectable middle class upbringing but ends up a motorcycle cop in southern California. A sometime childhood friend turned bank embezzler attempts to flee on a dirigible across the Pacific Ocean and in trying to stop and arrest him Johnny ends up becoming stranded on a remote South Pacific isle where he becomes involved with a pirate outfit. One idea shaping the story is that traits such as being prone to piracy are at least somewhat inherited - thus being Jean Lafitte's descendant makes him prone to becoming a pirate, given the opportunity. One of his sometime love interests is named Daisy Juke - a descendant of the notorious Juke s family google "Jukes family" for more info.

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The Wizard of Venus

Warlord Of Mars Mobi Classics. Morgas keeps the locals in fear with his power to turn their kidnapped relatives into zaldars the Amtorian version of pigs.

The two heroes set out to rescue a woman named Vanaja from Morgas so they can retrieve the anotar and their weapons from her family, who seized them when they landed. Carson fights back with his own mental abilities to rescue not only Vanaja, but all the people who live in fear of the false wizard. If Burroughs had completed the other novellas in this intended book with the same flair, this might have been one of the high points of the Amtor adventures. The writing and pacing are strong, the situations fun, and the flashes of satire effective without excess.


Best of all, the funny Edgar Rice Burroughs has returned! I have never known. Carson engages in sharp banter with his adversaries, and not in the smug jerk fashion of Escape on Venus. He seems like a real hero at last when he seizes the initiative with old-fashioned chivalry.

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He makes the direct comparison between him and Ero Shan and Arthurian knights. Carson at last uses his telepathic abilities within a story. This failure to use a major power for any reason except sending the fictional Edgar Rice Burroughs information for a new book has always rankled with me. But at last, Carson pulls out the mind mojo where it counts: saving his life and the lives of others.

The Wizard of Venus (Venus, #5) by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Morgas is a fun villain for a novella. The powerless villains of Escape on Venus were just blowhards, but Morgas is a funny blowhard, and well-written, and that makes all the difference. Ero San has a good buddy relationship with Carson. Not another forced landing in a strange new country suffering under a tyranny!

He uses his mental power to facilely manipulate events until he has saved everyone. A dark tale apparently drafted at a time when the science of genetics was in its infancy and the theories of eugenics dominated the field. Following the standard ERB formula, our hero John Lafitte, distant relative of Jean Lafitte, the famous French pirate is snatched from his normal world a motorcycle cop in Southern California and forced to accompany a friend turned embezzler during an escape via airship over the Pacific Ocean a mode of transportation frequently in the news in the late 's and early 's -i.

Moving from one near-deadly adventure after another, John reaches back to his ancestor's pirate blood to find the means for survival.

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He finds it easy to discard civilized behavior which he believes is merely a veneer masking his true nature. It is easy to cheer him on, thinking he will demonstrate a better nature but he rarely does so.

Overall, this slim volume demonstrates ERB's skill and why he remains popular. By itself, I'd rate Pirate Blood 3 stars but the Wizard story holds it to 2. But it makes the first 4 books flimsy even for ERB.